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About The Term Hospitality:

Hospitality refers to the support, warmth and help tourists look forward when visiting a country they are not familiar with. It’s a process in which the host country deals with their guests with good behavior offering them all the basic facilities and also exclusive offerings. This industry in the fruitful business explains the concept of accommodation, catering service, transportation, resorts and sometimes guides as well who help the tourists explore the sight seeing places of the host country (Lankford S.V, 1994).

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It explains how pleasantly the local community has accepted you and their behavior towards you because of which you feel comfortable and safe in a strange country. Hospitality is the dealings between the local people and visitors depending upon care, respect and sense of belongingness they put forward (Lankford S.V, 1994).

Different Hospitality Establishment in Discussion:

The three establishments selected to be thoroughly observed in this reports are:

Marriot International Corporation

Hilton Worldwide

Holiday Inn

These are three establishment founded in U.S and are known worldwide. The main categories this industry is classified are two that is commercial and non-commercial category. In this report we will discuss commercial category which is composed of variety of sectors that is food sector, accommodation sector, entertainment sector and transportation sector.


This assignment is divided into four different sections from section 1 to section 5. Section 1 would discuss the brief introduction about hospitality and names of the hospitality organization selected, section 2 would describe the three hospitality establishment thoroughly, section 3 would describe the service/facilities provided by them. Whereas section 4 will do the comparison between each establishment’s service provision and the conclusion recommending the better establishment among the three selected establishments.


C:Documents and Settingscomputer pointDesktopasgnments200px-Marriott_Logo.svg.png


It was formed in 1927 and worked as a single corporation till 1992.The founder of this corporation was Mr. J. Willard Marriot and his wife, but at that time it was a small food stand named as Hot Shoppes which later expanded into different small ventures, services and finally formed a proper company in 1967 names as Marriot Incorporation. However Marriot ended its single entity in 1993 and separated into two entities

Marriot International Corporation: Hotel business of the corporation and vacation tourist resorts.

Host Marriot Corporation: changed name for Marriot Corporation.

It has a accommodation service which has more than 3000 properties in United States and in service in more than 60 countries worldwide and include 10 brands. Some of the famous brands of Marriot Incorporation include names like

Residence INN

JW Marriott Hotels and Resorts

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Marriot Incorporation has its headquarter in United States and it has more than 140000 employees working for it all over the world. Among the world wide hospitality incorporations Marriot International is listed as top most. People with high standards such as celebrities, sportsmen, politicians and rich socialites are the common guests of Marriot Incorporation (Marriot Corporation Online)

C:Documents and Settingscomputer pointDesktopasgnments120px-Holiday_Inn_Logo.svg.png


It is one of the most prestigious and reputed service provided which offer comfort, value and pleasure to its customer proficiently. It is one of the brands of InterContinental Hotel Groups. Holiday Inn came into being in 1952 by Mr. Wilson in partnership with Mr. Wallace E. Johnson however the demise of Mr. Wallace, Wilson named the place as Holiday Inn which flourish spectacularly. The main slogan of Holiday Inn clean, friendliness and customer satisfaction was always taken care of and this is the main reason of its prosperity as it has always kept its customers satisfaction to the first priority (Holiday Inn Online).

Holiday Inn is categorized among two types that is well developed, full service hotels and comparatively less developed, full service hotels however both the types include basic facilities such as room service, swimming pools, restaurants etc. It contains more than 200,000 rooms total in 1300 hotels worldwide and has more than 90 million guests visiting annually (Hoiday Inn Online).

2.3) HILTON WORLDWIDE: C:Documents and Settingscomputer pointDesktopasgnments250px-Hilton_Worldwide_Logo.svg.png

Hilton worldwide formally known as Hilton International Corporation is owned by Blackstone Private Equity founded in Texas by Conrad Hilton in 1919. Hilton Worldwide own different brands including Hilton hotel & resorts, Embassy suites hotels and Conrad hotels. Among which Conrad hotels is a luxury hotel, Hilton hotel & resorts and embassy suites are full service hotel. It has 3000 hotels in more than 80 countries and has more than 130000 team of employees working for it worldwide in its every chain of hotels (Hilton Worldwide Online).

Vision & Mission: Hilton has a vision of spreading warmth, comfort and affection while its mission is to make itself world’s best hospitality organization and satisfying its customers with nothing lower than the best

Values: Hiltons values is hidden in its name Hospitality, Integrity, Loyalty, Teamwork, Ownership, Newness forming HILTON.

Hilton Worldwide manages it services very professionally as it pays attention to every minor detail including hotel management to supply chain management. They take care of your comfort as their own and provide you with the best and is increasing their satisfaction level annually by 10%. It is working to cater its mission statement by designing new buildings, improving operational efficiency and satisfying their customers by enhancing their experience. Moreover Hilton worldwide make sure they follow safety programs involving earth like reduction of energy consumption, waste by 20%, water consumption etc (Hilton Worldwide online).

3) Services Provided By All Three Establishments:

3.1) Services By Marriot:

Vacation Packages:

Marriot Incorporation offers various vacation packages to its customers depending on their affordability. Their packages usually include airfares and stay in their accommodation for few nights and also offer special discounts to its members. Out of all the 60 countries in which Marriot Incorporation is operating you can chose any place and can privilege yourself with the vacation packages they are offering. Marriot Incorporation is located at the worlds most preferable tourists spots having beautiful beaches, golf clubs, museums, restaurants while the accommodation service already being offered to you by Marriott making it and over all a promising trip with all the best facilities depending upon your selection (Marriot International Online).

Vacation Club Ownership:

This is an exclusive offer of Marriot which has a slogan of “Carefree, Memorable stay”. This package includes best facilities for the customer providing them with the finest option of villas comprising of one, two or three large bedrooms, fitted with all the necessary amenities like kitchen, dryer room, small projector. Some of them also include small swimming pools, fitness center, area for playing golf and kids activities center therefore, having facilities for every generation.

You have to purchase the ownership by collecting vacation club points which has three offering:

1500 points : This package is for 15500 and offers vacations in Las Vegas and Colorado with accommodation in studio apartment or 2 bedroom villas.

2500 points: You can get this offer for 25500 while the vacation destinations can be Florida and Palm Beach(Aruba) with accommodation in studio apartment or 2 bedroom villas.

3500 points: This package is for 35500 and offers vacations in Hawaii and California with accommodation in studio apartment or 3 bedroom villas.

Other exclusive Offerings By Marriot:

Dining: Marriot has the worlds top chef working for them, master in cooking all kind of cuisines for their customers like Italian food, Mexican, Chinese , Japanese, Thai Cuisine including the specialty of the particular country you have visited.

Spa: The Spa at Marriot include many varieties of Spa like stone massage, morocco bath, mil sword massage, herbal massage making your trip relaxing by all these offerings.

Pools, Exercise & Recreation: It has fitness centers which will not let you get idle by your trip, as it will provide you with best fitness facilities along with swimming pools (Marriot International Online).

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Wedding & Honeymoon At Marriot:

Marriot has certified experts and wedding planner to arrange your wedding in a dream wedding that is best to the last point. From decoration to food to music selection everything will be perfect at Marriot with the help of specialist working for you according to the customized wedding packages you have opt for. Later you can chose a honeymoon package as well making your wedding complete with Chocolate coated strawberries and banquet in bed ( Marriot International Online).

3.2) Services By Holiday Inn:

Family Vacation

Holiday Inn states to understand the need of spending time together by families and therefore there major offering are beneficial for families including special discount packages for kids. Kids under 19 years of age can share the room with their parents and stays for free while those who are under 12 can even enjoy free meals anytime at restaurant in Holiday Inn while their menu is composed of fruits, healthy and grilled items that is full of proteins so that you does not have to worry about their health and can easily plan and bring your family for enjoying vacations at Holiday Inn (Holiday Inn Online).

Reward Nights

A reward night in Holiday Inn is based on point systems. You have to collect points by purchasing some amount and your package will be entertained accordingly. There are 3 kinds of reward packages 10000 points, 15000 points and 25000 points. However the major drawback in this package is this that this deal does not offer you food or any other extra facilities, the charges are jut for accommodation and other basic room services while rest you have to pay again from your pocket. Despite of this fact reward rooms are over booked and reservation for it has to be made beforehand in order to get a room (Holiday Inn Online).

Senior Discounts

On of the commendable facilities provided by Holiday Inn is their senior package. This package is for seniors of age 62 or above you can enjoy your retirement by spending splendid time at Holiday Inn in more than 100 countries. This discount offer is applied to even rooms which are not up for discounts (Holiday Inn Online).

Other Exclusive Facilities By Holiday Inn:

Internet Service: People out on vacations wants to stay connected with their loved ones and also likes to update them with latest photographs and details about their trip so here holiday inn is providing them with internet facilities in rooms which help the people stay connected. Moreover its also good for people staying for business.

Fitness Centers and Swimming Pools: These facilities allows you to enjoy yourself in the striking blue water forgetting all your worries and diving while also taking caring of your fitness away from your home and regular gym.

Basic Facilities leads to comfort: These basic comforts comprises of perfect beds, pillows and shower for you to sleep well and starts a fresh day.

3.3) Services By Hilton Worldwide:


Hilton has wide range of packages at your service

Advance purchase packages: This packages offers you 20% discount if you have registers in advance

Indulge package: This package has a special validity date and if you register within that date you will be able to benefited with special services excluding the charges of package.

Bed and breakfast package: As the name suggests this package offers you a breakfast for two excluding the accommodation charges.

Romance Package: Specially designed for the couples this package make sure that the couple is left undisturbed with complimentary beverages, breakfast served in room with special services like spa, swimming pools etc (Hilton Worldwide Online).

Other Exclusive Packages & Offerings:

Apart from the above mentioned packages Hilton Worldwide has other exclusive packages as wells like Romantic journey, Funny bone Package, Bed and Brunch, Stay and dine and give her the sun, moon and stars which has different kinds of offering for their consumers.

SPA: Hilton offers an exclusive range of Spa. It does not depend that whether you are at Hilton of Florida or Hawaii, all the chains of Hilton hotel has a spa located in its building promising you a relaxing experience (Hilton Worldwide Online).

Wedding At Hilton:

Hilton promises to meet your high expectations that you have thought about your wedding day. They have wedding planners which are expert in their work and their chefs will make the tongues of your guests tempt with delicious cuisines. You customize everything about your wedding in your own way and let the experts represent everything you have up till now fantasized about your wedding, from flower decoration to choice of music everything will be planned considering your wish and happiness (Hilton Worldwide Online).

4) Comparison:

By going through above collected data the following comparison can be concluded that each establishment organization is working hard and trying to stay ahead of each other by providing innovative services and packages to attract its customers.

Marriot and Hilton both offers Wedding Ceremonies package while Holiday Inn does not making it lack on this part. On the other hand Holiday Inn and Marriot both offer points system which is not the present in Hilton. Holiday Inn has this exclusive senior package offer along with special kids discounts making it a good and attractive selection for its customer while Hilton will easy win the hearts by its different, exclusive and unique kinds of packages. Both holiday Inn and Marriot has other activities offering like spa, fitness center helping it to make it at the top again therefore it was correct to state that these three establishments are updating themselves with nothing less than the best in order to stay and make its place in this competitive market.


The target market of all these three establishments is upper class economy on which they are focusing immensely by providing them with all the luxuries they wish for and charging them for every facility they offer. However at some reference you will also come to notice that target market of these establishments are considered to be middle class economy which is absolutely wrong or miss understood because the price per package offered by all three establishments are beyond the affordability of any middle class family. These establishments are design for upper class or business men and are providing them with best service any hospitality organization can offer.


From the data mentioned above and by discussing about the three hospitality establishment we can conclude that all three of them are providing their customers with the best service, brining new and innovative ideas in order to keep themselves ahead in hospitality industry. There packages are attractive and are economical for upper class however the one with the best offering in my opinion would be Marriot Corporation as it has all the facilities that the other two establishments have as well as other exclusive offerings as well making it superior than the other two. Second in the list would by Holiday Inn while the third position will be to Hilton among the three. However the basic facilities provided by all the three establishments are more or less same and the other exclusive offering on which we are ranking them, depends upon your affordability.


Hilton Worldwide online (

Holiday Inn Online (

Lankford, S. V. (1994). “Attitudes and perceptions toward hospitality and rural regional development. Journal of Travel Research, 31(3), 35-43

Marriot Corporation Online (

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