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Factors That Affect Travel And Tourism

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18/04/17 Tourism Reference this

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Service providers such as restaurants, hotels, motels, inns are classified under the umbrella of the hospitality industry. The hospitality word come from a French word “hospice” meaning to provide care for travelers from distant countries to feel at home in the county they are visiting. Hospitality industry is growing by day and it span all over the world.

1.2) Advantages

Our country Malaysia will gain a lot of advantages from the hospitality industry as this industry will create job opportunities for the country and increases the revenue of the country through tourism. Taking for example the high level or the 4/5 stars hotel like Golden Sand Hotel, having to hire enough man power or part time workers to cater for the increase of tourist. Workers need will be at the Front Desk department and the Housekeeping Department. This not only benefits permanent staff but also those students who need extra income to finance their studies.

The hospitality industry is not the only industry which will profit when the numbers for tourist from other countries increases. Every industry players in the country also wants to gain some profit such as when tourist visit a country for a day or more they would have to search for a suitable place to stay. Looking for accommodation one has to assess the purpose of their visit and Traders Hotel is the best choice for business visits. If the tourist visiting a country to relax themselves, then budget hotels and above would be a better choice.

Food and Beverage Industry is the second industry which will benefit to earn a large amount of profit. Travellers visiting a country will travel around to find food when hungry. Malaysia food or our local cuisine will be their choice and with this income will be generated for the Food and Beverage Industry. In case any local wishing to operate a restaurant out station, tourist will have to the opportunity to try it and their food will be easily be accepted,

Tourist from countries like Gengland, Germany and Japan were impressed to see our beautiful beaches and our historical buildings. The tallest tower in Kuala Lumpur, the Twin Tower will be a great surprise to them as their country does not have such tall tower or structure. They will also tell their friend at home of the magnificence things that Malaysia has offered. Malaysia will create a name for herself when tourist visits Malaysia. With this the hospitality and tourism industry will bloom when the satisfied tourist return to visit. Malaysia “Visit Malaysia Year” promotion will be permitted to put up posters advertisement on the public transport.

Business and trade opportunities will flourish with visitors visiting Malaysia via the Hospitality Industry. They will be captivated by some of the resources that Malaysia can offer such as rubber and tin ore and in return the economy of Malaysia will improve. Science and Technology in countries like America, China and Japan are more advanced than Malaysia who is still slightly behind will gain better knowledge by learning from these advanced countries.

The professional and cons of everything. The benefits of the Hospitality Industry are that it will make Malaysia shine but at the same time it will also bring in some disadvantages to our country.

1.3) Disadvantages

The increase in crime rate is what we see as the most disadvantages that our country will face. It must be forgotten that al tourist from other countries that apply visa to visit our country comes with good intention. There may be some criminal from other countries coming to Malaysia to escape from the law of their own country. They might commit crimes in our country such as murder, robbery and other things associated with crime.

On the other hand, visiting tourist from other countries visiting Malaysia, they will stay in hotels and this in return bring in profits to the lodging Industry. This is good for our country. With the increase in arrival of tourist there might not be enough rooms to cater especially during the peak season. Three or four stars hotel normally does not have a lot of rooms unlike the five star hotels, so the question is where are these travelers going to stay?

These day, frequent raids have been conducted on night sport, entertainment outlets, bars and small shady hotel to wipe out foreigners who enter the country on tourist visa as many have exploited their visa by working illegally in the country especially in the night entertainment industry. This has caused a lot of home to break as the men would visit these places frequently, thus divorce rate might increase by 40%.

Another factor to be looked into is the policy of the government caught between the two sectors. They might be caught in between upgrading the airport or to build new factories. At times the choice made may not be correct. If upgrading the airport is their choice than the Hospitality and Tourism Industry will flourish and on the other hand they might ignore the development or manufacturing industry. At such the country’s growth will not be in balance.

Culture change and beliefs will be another factory that Malaysia needs to address due to the arrival of tourist whereby they will bring in such cultures and beliefs that may not benefit our country. One example is the dressing whereby our youngsters were influence to start wearing western dressing which is short and revealing. Due to all these our conservative nature, old tradition will phase off and soon forgotten.

In conclusion, Hospitality Industry needs to be upgraded so as to generate enough income for the country’s development. On the other hand our government needs to put in more effort to preserve the tradition of our country.


Find out the factors that affecting travel and tourism. Explain in detail.


It is the dream of every country to be listed as the first country one would like to visit for holidays or business. The popularity and so is the economy will be increased when having tourist from other countries. Hoping to draw in more tourists most countries are frequently into ways to develop or improve or upgrade their tourist spots. To further attract tourist promotions and advertisement have to be done often. There are several factors that can have negative effect on the Travel and Tourism Industry which cannot be avoided such as below.

Weather Conditions

One factor that can deter a tourist from visiting a country is weather which human do not have the capability to combat it since it is the product of nature. If a country encounters extreme bad weather such as a blizzard, heat wave or heavy snow fall off no tourist will want to make that visit. During certain times of the year some countries experience heavy rainfall resulting in floods and that will hamper the tourist to make visits as it will be very inconvenient to do shopping or sightseeing.

Natural Disasters

Earthquakes or tsunamis are act of god and cannot be controlled by human. During any earthquake occurrence loss of lives, serious damaged to properties and infrastructure will be badly damaged. Taking for example the recent earthquake that hit Japan. All tourists had their booking for the holidays either have their booking cancelled and some opted for change to a safer destination.

Disease Outbreaks or Plagues

A human brain works better compared to that of animals and that allows us to think logically. In case where there is an outbreak of disease and plague in a country, tourist will avoid making visits to that country. To persuade a tourist to visit a country down with such disaster is not easy especially those who do not want to take any chance of falling ill. No tourist would like to take chances or put their family in danger by going to such affected places no matter how much the visit means to them or for whatever reasons as some disease like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) would be fatal.

Countries at War

No tourist of sound mind would like to visit a war-torn country. People visiting this war-torn country are mostly journalist sent to cover news of the war and also some who would like to see the suffering of the people of that country. During such period the government of that country is more concern about winning the war and not attracting tourist. In short that very country will no longer have places of attraction or scenic beauty which is safe for tourist from other country to admire or enjoy as lives will be lost daily due to the unrest. Who would like to be caught in the crossfire of the two opposing forces in the country?


In times of economic recession people will be more careful in the way their money is spent. Saving money will be their main agenda and the money they will spend will be concentrated on food instead of other shopping. Even though there is a need to have a break they will go to a places nearer to home where they do not have to pay accommodation charges or other charges which were increased to cushion the inflation by staying in hotels for a day or two. Tourist will also be discouraged to travel until such time when the recession is over.


The kind of holidays and the climate suitable is the decision tourist takes in consideration when planning their holidays. Some tourists prefer to visit countries during winter to enjoy the snow and also winter sports. Older people prefer to go to countries to enjoy the sunshine because most of the older people dislike cold and freezing places. Family with children will definitely look towards holidays in places where they can share the fun with their children in theme parks like Sunway Lagoon and etc.

Insufficient Promotions or Advertisements

Tourist will not take chances to visit places that they are not well informed about the people, country and sceneries. They might not be able to visualize if the country they are visiting lives up to their expectation.

In conclusion, a country well maintained free from diseases, minimal crime rate, good economy and free from war is the most preferred destination a tourist would look forward to.

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