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Vinpearl Resort and Spa with 485 rooms with beautiful architecture, the resort can satisfy the objects visitors by bringing them the comfort, privacy and convenience and perfect service. Natural beaches best 700m long Nha Trang, fine sand, blue sea make visitors just want to enjoy the waves in the region. System of modern outdoor swimming pool with an area of over 5700 m2 largest Southeast Asia, are arranged between coconut garden, lawn, garden trees. Services of health care, beauty and spa in entertainment programs, sports travel combined for many ages. Restaurants diversity here to satisfy all your culinary needs of your specific style to the style of Vietnam Asia, Europe. Guests will also meet health and fun shopping at Vinpearl Street shopping, recreation park, water park Vinpearl, Music Theater of packs or explore the beautiful ocean Water supply Vinpearl splendid. To meet the demand for MICE tourism as well as organizing events, Vinpearl Land also has a full conference room system, the center of Event 1500-seat theater and outdoor undercover seating 5000. After we analysis of Vinpearland we summary strength and weakness :

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Yasaka Saigon Resort Hotel & Spa is located convenient to everything Nha Trang has to offer, and only 35 km (21 miles) from Nha Trang airport. There are 201 rooms in this resort, all equipped with modern equipment. All rooms have Non Smoking Rooms, Air Conditioning, Desk, Hair Dryer, Internet Access (wireless), in room safe, TV, bathtub and other amenities. In addition, hotels in Nha Trang also has 24 hour room service, shops, elevators, cafes, bars and restaurants wine. The hotel has facilities for recreation and leisure available include massage, Jacuzzi, exercise equipment, steam bath, sauna, tennis court. Some summary strength and weakness:

As you know Bai Dai in Cam Ranh town is the best known resort and town in Viet Nam, located half hours away from Nha Trang and about 12Km from Cam Ranh airport. As planned, the future area beaches will become a key tourist area south of Khanh Hoa province with total area of 200 ha will be use. Here will form the tourist areas 4, 5 star resort with the most beautiful in Asia.

Bai Dai combines numerous resorts and near the city is considered a touristic place, with this large rank of activities Nha Trang City is able to keep everyone occupied. Furthermore Nha Trang City has many different categories of hotels and resort that is why the competition of the Long island resort in Bai Dai is large compared to other resort in Nha Trang.

The strengths of the Long island resort are the best architecture and a lot of facility are composed, convenient location as the resort is close to airport, seaside and only a short distance from the main shopping center, it’s one of the biggest resort in the town that have the most guest rooms. Another way the size of the rooms and the comfort of the rooms are another strengths that Long island resort has.

And another strength of the Long island resort is the price of the rooms that is really low compared to the other hotels and resort at Nha Trang. For example at Vinpearl land resort the price will be 200 Usd/nights, or Ana yasaka sai gon nha trang resort and spa the price will be 150 Usd/per nights.

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Main areas of resort will be open 24 hours operating time it can help guest easy to find information. The outside space layout and the High- quality gastronomy that all the F&B departments have inside the resort, it offers a prestigious and pleasant patio for all three meals. Restaurants have flexible opening hours throughout the day supported by well-presented food. It can increase quality services of resort. And also staff of Long island is very enthusiastic and young.

The weakness of Long island resort will be not concentrate conference facilities because we build our resort concentrate spa and heath. And another weakness od our resort are reputation and market share compare with other resort, because our reort is new so we don’t have good reputation and market share. Last point weakness of our resort are computation not hight and low market share because our are new resort so we will be not good for computation and market share is low.

Our oppurtunity of resort are: a lot of tour group during of the year it mean in Vietnam as we know during of the year we got a lot of tour group during season tourists from January to August especially from June to August that is season we a have a lot of tourists from oversea and another reason will be almost primary, high school, and university they finish study to get free time to relax after finish study course they really want to have relax after finish study in tired. Another oppurtunity will be business traveller spend more time and stay longer because as we know nowadays Vietnam has a lot of investor to come to Vietnam for many reason for example they come to Vietnam for business normaly if they stay long time for working their parent will be going Vietnam to visit or travel. After working sometime investors business feel so stress so they want to go another place to relax. So when they come to travel normally they will be choose a good place to stay. So when we build our resort as we mention before strength of our resort are spa and health so that we can take care them feel more comfortable and we also can bring them more and more interested in our resort. Last point of our oppurtunity is local even, in Vietnam we have many even during the years for example: traditional happy new year, international woman, normally they will bring our parent, employee to go to another place for travel, so we choose this is the point when we do oppurtunity.


In our summary about threat can influence to our resort, that are unpredictable market trends caused by natural disasters, it is not really directly to come our location but as we know climate of Vietnam have many change especially centre part of Vietnam have some nature disaster so sometime it can influence to our location because location of our resort nearly centre part of Vietnam. Another reason of threat are all competitors have a stable market share because our resort is new resort and another resort have very good reputation because they alredy have a good market share. Last point in our summary about threat is goverment policy and tax because in Vietnam goverment will be control everything about policy and tax, they give for us very high tax, so sometime investors can scare about policy of goverment, because when they investment at Vietnam it mean so long time they can take back budget.

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