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Europe is a continent which is bordered by the Arctic ocean to the north, to the west lies the Atlantic Ocean, the Caucasus mountains and the Caspian sea and Black sea forms the southeast boarders,the Ural mountains and the Ural River is positioned in east of Europe and to the south lies the Mediterranean Sea. Europe stands as the world’s second smallest continent in relation to its size .Population wise Europe is the second biggest continent after Asia. European history is very vast which begins from the Bronze Age with enormous cultural and economic achievements. Ancient Greeks marks the origin of western culture and the Roman Empire spanned the entire continent for several centuries. With the decline of the Roman Empire Europe entered a long period of stasis known as the Dark Ages, which came to end with the rise of Renaissance and New Monarchs, which began the period of exploration, discovery and increase in the scientific knowledge. A large colonial empire was built by the European nation at the 15th century, particularly France, Britain, Spain and Portugal with enormous holding in Asia, Africa and the Americas. With the rise of the Industrial Revolution in Europe at the 18th century, created greater general prosperity and equivalent increase in the population. With the end of World war two and till the end of cold war two major political and economical blocks divided the Europe which was the Capitalistic countries in the Western Europe and the Communist nations in the Eastern Europe. Presently geographic Europe comprises 45 countries.

The European climate remains temperate and mild, with cool summers and cold winters. Generally, if we compare different places on the same latitude with places on the same latitude in Europe, we would notice that places in Europe have a more favorable climate than places elsewhere in America, Asia or Africa. If we compare the average January temperatures of Berlin, Calgary and Irkutusk- lying in the Asian region of Russia, we would notice that the temperature in Berlin is about 8 and 22 degrees Celsius higher than temperatures in Calgary and Irkutusk respectively. The main reason for this climate winds from the Atlantic Ocean. Warm winds sweep the whole continent and keep the continent mildly warm. Ocean currents carrying warm waters from the Gulf of México have a major role in this natural phenomenon. Since there is not mountain barrier in Europe, which is large enough to stop these winds from sweeping across the continent, and since most of the continent is within the range of 300 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, these currents affect the climatic conditions of the whole continent. Therefore, Europe climate is quite the same throughout the continent. Northern Europe climate, naturally, has longer and cooler winters compared to the southern part of the continent. Winters are colder and longer in the East as compared to the west. Summers are shorter, but hotter in the East as we move towards the west.

As far as rainfall is concerned, most parts of Europe receive an annual rainfall of 20-60 inches, with the maximum of it happening towards the West of the mountains (around 80 inches in general). The areas receiving lighter rainfall include the Southern part of Spain, Kazakhstan and northern part of Scandinavia.

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It is for a reason that Europe fetches the maximum number of tourists in a year- its warm people and great natural beauty, coupled with aesthetic modernity. It is a well known fact that almost each and every country that comes under the European region has major tourist hubs, which attract customers from all over the world. Not only people from other continents, but people from within Europe also travel to the various tourist destinations in Europe.

The tourism industry also plays a major role in the economic stability of the European nations, and this is the sole reason as to why the governments have spent a massive amount of time and money in keeping various tourist places in Europe clean and updated. The climatic conditions and the exceptionally well connected airline services make traveling in Europe, a piece of cake. The ancient medieval history, coupled with some great historic monuments, palaces, churches and alleys have made tourist places in Europe a hot favorite among tourists of all age groups, backgrounds and nationalities.

France attracts most of the tourist influx in Europe. From the Louvre’ and the Eiffel tower to the Notre dam Cathedral and the Champs ET Lysée, almost every tourist spot in France, especially in Paris, has become a symbolic of the most visited places of the world. The Arc of Triumph, the Garnier Opera and the Gallo-Roman amphitheatre are some of the other places that can be termed as some of the best tourist places in Europe.

Germany and Rome follow France closely when it comes to some of the most visited tourist places in Europe. Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf attract tourists from all over the world. Business travelers and educational tourists also frequent these places. The Colloseum and the Palazzo Barberini are two of the most famous tourist places in Europe, belonging to Rome.

Apart from historic tourist places in Europe, great natural places are also hot favorites among tourists. Regions around the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific top the list of such places. Be it the open landscapes of Hungary, the great mountains in Switzerland or the beautiful beaches of Spain- Europe has everything to sooth a lover of nature.

Apart from some great tourist places, the people, food, culture and the festival of Europe beckon one and all to this land, offering a perfect mix of traditions and rebellion.

Europe has a great diversity of food reflecting its linguistic-cultural mosaic. In this age of globalisation we are brought to eat food from more and more countries.

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