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The Justification By Faith

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Justification is Gods divine intervention in the life of his children. To be justified simply means to be forgiven and out of the line of fire of Gods wrath against us due to sin. We all have some areas in our lives that we need God’s grace to come in and not cover, but to forgive. God has a planned purpose for all of His people no matter what one’s past transgressions are. God’s aim is to have one to be in right relationship with Him and justification is the way that He accomplishes that. This is not to excuse one’s self to self-righteous nature, but it ushers in the utter importance of dependence upon Christ and forever keeping in mind his atoning sacrifice on our behalf. Jesus death burial and resurrection is the basis in which this is accomplished.

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As we embark upon the endeavor of wrapping our minds around the notion of not having to walk around burdened down by our sins burdensome guilt stain, we begin to live a life of one who is free. We have to learn how to lay aside the weight and sin that has kept us in bondage for years. Justification bridges the gap between our old nature to the new nature and identity that one has in Christ’s blood covering. No longer can we trade biblical standards for the ways of the world, for in doing so, we place ourselves back into our former mind state. A life in Christ is about forward progression and not a backwards digression. We have to learn how to persevere in the things of Christ without wavering. We have to show forth evidence that our mind has been renewed and our past no longer is a hindrance in our right now of life.

Without faith, justification would not be possible. Faith is the key that unlocks my identity in Christ’s planned will for our lives. It can be experienced by having faith and in submission to [1] salvation. One who has faith is one who’s actively tries to align their lives with the example of Christ. It allows one to come to see the destructive power of sin and turn from it through repentance. Faith causes one to seek out Christ on a much deeper level. Before one can understand faith, you have to understand the nature of God. As we are justified by faith, we experience a peace with God that is unexplainable. One who does not share in the justifiable faith brings about condemnation upon themselves.

We have neither the power nor the intellectual skill level in order to pronounce ourselves justified. Even at our very best, we still fall short when measured up against the standards of God. Without the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, the gospel of Jesus Christ has no merit upon our lives. One whose mind is deeply rooted in sin cannot possibly seek after nor comprehend the things of the spirit. The spirit seeks after things of the spirit while things that are of the flesh seek after fleshly things. Sin will cause one to deny their inner awareness of the existence of God. We have evidences all throughout the Bible, yet sin still blinds the eyes of those who choose to develop a cognitively distorted views of who God is.

Understanding justification is one of the most critical parts of the Christian faith. Once one comes to the realization of the true essence of justification, one can experience the joy of the gospels message. There has been a great divide amongst those who favor a false view of works as being the source of justification while its true essence is derived by faith alone. Justification is explicit in the process by which God makes salvation applicable in the life of an individual. After God calls the individual unto himself through the gospels effectual pull, regeneration begins to usher one towards repentance as well as faith. Justification follows faith and righteousness in the viewpoint of God belongs to us.

In the sight of God, we are declared just and have no penalty charged for our past, neither present, nor future sins. As we find our identity in God, the guilt charge of condemnation is not applicable in the believer’s life as we are covered once and for all by the sacrificial atonement of Jesus Christ. As we are enlightened on the subject of justification and how it correlates with the sacrifice of Jesus, we discover that this is the third observation of impartation. This righteousness that is freely given in Christ is what God sees when He looks upon his people. Our goal in this life ought not to be to have a righteousness of our own, but rather we must allow Christ to be our wisdom, our knowledge, and our guide. Our righteousness depends on our faith.

The most essential heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ is his perfection in the area of righteousness. He commands of us to be you holy as I am holy. This command is not an option, but one that is of great importance if one would like to experience the fullness of Christ. Without justification, we would have no assurance of our forgiveness with God, and no confidence in our heart where the fullness of faith’s instrumental cause. If we were to rely on our own strengths and were not forever mindful of our weaknesses, there would be no room for God’s grace and will leave no room for error as our faith would lays upon our imperfect self’s. Faith solely in self clouds and confuses one’s view of God’s grace and ultimately destroys the heart of the gospel. [2] 

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Justification by Grace Alone

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Since we are not morally competent enough to forgive ourselves or save ourselves from utter depravity, God institutes His grace and favor upon a dying world that has not the ability to redeem itself. Salvation is a free gift through the grace of God that stands apart from any works that we human beings may be able to perform. “For it is by the grace of God that we are saved through faith and not by works lest any man shall boast “(eph. 2; 8-9). Grace falls in direct contrast with our works and merit in such a way that grace is the only thing that saves us while justification is in direct sequence with our salvific experience.

Justification through Faith in Christ

In order to be justified, we have to have faith in Jesus Christ, and not works of any law of sorts. We are not justified by any inherent reason goodness of our faith as our faith earns no favor with God. Faith is the determining factor in which the obtaining of justification is possible. There is a reason why God chooses faith as the vehicle on the road to justification. Faith in the true and living God and the sacrifice of Christ is the one thing that will keep one from depending on oneself. When we come to Christ in a total dependency upon him, it is a total act of submission to the ways and the will of God. It is to say that one is totally and whole heartedly dependent upon God solely. Jesus gives one a righteous standing before God. Faith is the [3] opposite of self-reliance and is a declaration in the hearts and minds of those who are covered under grace. One has to have an attitude that is in alignment with thankful adoration for God’s unmerited favorable choice.

The doctrinal implication of justification by faith is of upmost importance to salvation. This not only gives one hope within them, but it is a testimony to others who may be at the cross roads of unbelief. Life in Christ has an eternal cognitive. One who ministers Christ to another must attest an accurate depiction of the total submission and reliance upon what a life of faith looks like from an eternal view. When you are justified, you don’t have to worry about God taking out vengeance out on one’s past sins. As we come before the Lord, we shall hear not guilty as a result of the devils accusations.

In conclusion, one has to be confident in God’s declaring a not guilty plea upon their lives. We are justified by faith in Christ’s unselfish sacrifice in which gives us a pardon from our past sins. “There is therefore no condemnation in those who are in Christ Jesus “(Romans 8:31). We can now live a life free of the guilt and stain of our sins. God’s unmerited favor is what allows us to be covered by the blood of Jesus. Christ made a sacrifice to justify.


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