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The Importance Of The Holy Spirit Theology Religion Essay

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Wordcount: 1177 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The third Personality of the Godhead is referred to as the Holy Spirit. Accordingly, there is no specific name that is assigned to the Holy Spirit regarding Biblical knowledge, but the Holy Spirit is inseparable to the God the Father and the Son hence, in unison with Holy trinity.

Indeed, there are diverse referrals and works that the Holy Spirit is recognized at specific allusions in the Bible. These comprise; the Holy Ghost, Sprit of Truth, The Spirit of The LORD, The Spirit of Christ, The Comforter and many more that affirms the indivisibility of the Holy Trinity. This paper will critically analyze the works and significance of the Holy Spirit in relation to man.

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Individual relations to the Holy Spirit

There is need for every individual Christian to understand the importance of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. Many Christians view the Holy Spirit’s existence and works as just an occurrence that was left to the past and may not be present in contemporary world. Conversely, in the book of Acts, it is evidently presented that the Holy Spirit was initially granted to the disciples, later transferred to the early Jewish believers and ultimately to the Gentiles. It is in faith that all those who believe posses the Holy Spirit that reside in them. But not all those who believe grant the Spirit to shape their lives. Indeed, we are powered to be filled with the Spirit but this depends on how one live within God’s proper directions. Paul gives a precise case where a believer should not be drunk with alcohol. A sense of great peace is attained when one is filled with Holy Spirit and since the Holy Spirit is so imperative, we are informed to not “quench or grieve the Holy Spirit” (1 Thessalonians 5:19; Ephesians 4:30). For instance, when we intentionally sin, we cease walking with the Spirit and at the same time our conscience affirms that; we mislay the tranquility of moving with the Spirit. A case in point when losing peace is derived from David where he realized loss of peace in him. David sinned by committing infidelity with Bathsheba. He sensed and beseeched God to help him by not withdrawing the Holy Spirit away from him.

Actually, confessions affirm that if we have identified our sins and agreed to repent; this puts us back on track with the Holy Spirit through fellowship (Iverson: 4). Sin of any kind will diminish joy of the Holy Spirit and consequently, one will be enslaved to the sin. Being involved in spiritual endeavors like giving thanks to God, reciting Psalms, singing spiritual songs and hymns will enable one to be filled with the Spirit. Therefore, being filled entails setting our mentality on divine possessions (Deem Rich: 1).

The Importance of the Holy Spirit

Upon His daily teachings, Jesus at one time pointed out the utmost importance of the Holy Spirit. He said blasphemy against Him (Jesus) shall be forgiven but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, will never be absolved at present and in days to come (Matthew 12:3). The connotation of blasphemy could be “speaking ill” of something or personality that is far beyond your powers

Indeed, this has chilling moments to all believers and maybe few Christians who are talented could get the meaning and great importance of this fact. Accordingly, the Holy Spirit empowers Christians to carry out faithful acts that are far beyond any physical abilities. One may imagine that after all the guidance and help the Holy Spirit gives individuals, you turn against it and speak badly of the Spirit. Among the splendors of the Christian faith, is the prominence that the Bible puts on the extent of God’s exoneration. This is obvious to every man, but the forgiveness of God has a perimeter. And this actually is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Cheng: 1).

Empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Every teaching of Christ points great empowerments of the Holy Spirit to each Christian. The Lord said that “The gift of the Holy Spirit shall follow the believers wherever they go.” The significance of this directive points out the spiritual combat between God’s people and the Satan. The moment one becomes a Christian, the warfare begins with the satanic forces. Since Satan is the master of destruction, death sickness, deceit and tribulations, only the Blood of Christ triumphs upon these. The Empowerment of the Holy Spirit in unison with the Blood of Christ, makes every Christian feel protected and keeps the enemy at bay all the times so long as ones lives according to the God’s morals (Iverson: 18). Conversely, a lot has not been implicit in regards to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In Mark: 16, 16-20, it is clear that whoever is baptized is indeed saved and shall not receive condemnation. They shall not be hurt by deadly poisons; they shall touch the sick and will get well. Among these confirmations, God is proving to be present with every individual believer in the existence of the Holy Spirit.

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The power of the Holy Spirit is not a reserve for specific Christians; be it preachers, Church ministers, Evangelists, but it is for every believer that freely capitulates every minute in compliance and conformity to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has different gift to diverse individuals that may comprise, wisdom gift, Knowledge, prophecy, tongues among others (Iverson: 79). By fruits of the Holy Spirit and God’s power, we are facilitated to demonstrate love, joy peace, kindness, self-control among others that are associated with the goodness of the Holy Spirit (Flanders Fred:1).


The Holy Spirit as the universal teacher guides every Christian in their daily lives. Through baptism Christians are redeemed by the power of the Spirit. This is the Wisdom provider that warns of every bad path that one may get into. The Holy Spirit is the great protector from wickedness and the true partner that Jesus ever promised to believers. Indeed, the Holy Spirit is the omnipotent personality that lives within Christian believers and the factual director, provider that was promised to disciples and everyone else that believes. The Holy Spirit is ever present and every Christian should embrace the existence. There are moral values that a believer must possess and practice in daily life to sequentially abide by the norms of the Holy Spirit. Negative conducts that may not go well with the Holy Spirit are discouraged, since according to the scriptures our bodies act as the temple of Christ and at all times should be in sanctity.

God’s clemency is perpetually great. Accordingly, God never acquires any delight in the demise of the sinful. He favors sympathy to judgment, but when an individual hardens his heart continually against His will; disregarding the influence of his conscience, this person will attain a point of no coming back. And in regards to that, permanent spiritual desertion may occur, hence proclaiming God’s abandonment.


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