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The Effects of Artificial Intelligence Technology on People

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Wordcount: 1734 words Published: 23rd Sep 2019

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The Effects of Artificial Intelligence Technology on People


  1. Introduction

A. Lead

B. Background

C. Thesis statement: People often use AI to improve the quality of life, and it is replacing many parts of their life. However, AI has not only advantages but also disadvantages.

II. Advantages

  A. Education

  1. Effectiveness for study
  2. Usefulness for analysis grade
  3. Improvement in curriculum

 B. Business

  1. Decreasing burden for work
  2. Enhancing productivity
  3. Satisfying customer and company needs

III.  Disadvantages

 A. Deprivation of employment

 B. Singularity

 C. Use of AI in a bad way

IV. Conclusion


 Many kinds of technology are developing now. Among them, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is developing conspicuously. AI is software or system that imitates the intellectual work that the human brain is doing with a computer. Concretely, a computer program that understands natural languages used by humans perform logical reasoning, learns from experience, and the like. At that time, this technology was not unfamiliar with people. This technology surprisingly has a long history. It can be divided into three parts. First, this technology was named in the Dartmouth Conference of 1956. However, the first boom of AI was converged. People thought that this technology has limitations. After 20 years, the AI boom was revived because people understood more and more about AI. People believed that they could use as a specialist in the field of medical and law, but in reality, people needed to put enormous information whichever they needed, and they could not put because of at that time technology. Thus, AI boom was converged again. The last boom of AI happened in the 2000s. This boom happened thanks to two technologies which were machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning needs a lot of information for the study. Recently, digital equipment is rapidly spreading, and people can get much information which is called “ big data”. By gathering and assessing the amount of data that is amazing more than past, AI can work well. On the other hand, deep learning is indicated to a mechanism that AI can get knowledge to find data itself that data was already found by humans. For that, AI can understand new idea itself, and can make answer even if it is an unexpected one. Also, people can use a high performance computer easily, and that is a fact to support the recent AI boom. Now, people often use it to improve the quality of life, and it is replacing many parts of their life. For example, self drivings that are operating without humans are developing now. AI can support safety driving. Many car companies sells the car that has some functions. Collision avoidance system and Self-parking are famous functions. Collision avoidance system is used to protect conspicuous mistakes. Self-parking is useful as well. People sometimes feel bad to park their car because of their skill. AI can do instead of them. Actually, This technology helps a lot for people. However, AI has not only advantages but also some risks.


AI is effective for study. Now, teachers need to understand their students. It is hard work for them to know about students, and they have to make a plan for students. Also, it has to be accurate. It is difficult even if teachers have enough experiences. AI can solve this problem easily. AI is able to work for standard jobs, such as checking turnout, scoring homework, and making test questions. Particularly, teachers can red to concentrate on their teaching. AI can correct a large amount of information and gather information from many different sources. Basically, if humans want to correct information for student’s grade, they need to do hard work. For example, each teacher has 40 students generally. If teachers try to correct their student’s weak points from each of them, it takes so long time, and their work burden can be rising. Also, they need to find a goal for each student. However, AI can reach the goal in the shortest way. AI can study for achieving the goal, and if AI is received same questions again, it will answer in the best way. Humans often make a mistake. However, AI will never make a wrong answer because of their ability that is able to save in their storage. Also, it is an effective tool for making a curriculum. As said, it can run fast and can decide the best way out of a large amount of information. AI can memorize each student’s information.,AI can judge immediately what students need to do (Joyce and Laurie).



Also, AI can work for business. It can be like an extra worker. Before AI developed, people had to do a lot of work for their customer. There were many companies around the world. Each company was making an effort in order to become the good one. They needed to work hard more than other company. They did not have enough time to work for that. They had an overtime work. It was so tough job for them. However, after AI developed, they can use AI for work. AI does not feel tired. It can work for a long time. It is becoming an alternative to humans. According to Frey & Osborne (2013), “ In health care, diagnostics tasks are already being computerised. Oncologists at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center are, for example, using IBM’s Watson computer to provide chronic care and cancer treatment diagnostics. “ This computer memorize 600,000 medical research paper and patient’s information a lot. This computer can diagnosis by searching correct information from a lot of information, and it can find out the best treatment to use information which is already memorized. This technology is spreading to some places such as legal and financial. Moreover, the legal office depends on computers which are able to overlook abundance of law brief, and it helps to decide criterion for a lawyer.

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Enhancing productivity is another advantage. Productivity is how much effect can acquire for the material used. Productivity has three parts, labor productivity, capital productivity, and total factors in productivity. Labor productivity symbolizes production effectiveness one hour of employees. Capital productivity shows the efficiency of used fund, and total factors in productivity is the proportion of output such a these productivity. Enhancing productivity represents to enhance effect on all of these productivity. People need to enhance all productivity, and AI can support in several ways. First, AI can reduce loss by making a operation manual. This manual based on the past production data. AI can understand information about employees, and how they change for better to work effectively. Second, AI can control management staffing besides each employee’s adjustment. It is the best way to enhance productivity. In Suntory company, people use Automation Anywhere. It is a system to put information into computer. AI can arrangement operation data automatically. People can use their time for another work and improving their skill.

Artificial intelligence is great technology. However, it has some disadvantages to use. Deprivation of employment is a big problem for humans. According to Frey. & Osborne. (2013), “ about 47 percent of total US employment is at risk.” Until today, the department store needs the salesperson. However, people tend to buy online such as Amazon. In the US, electronic commerce is making a huge money. This statistics shows that US’s electronic commerce made 46 billion dollar in 2018. This number is expected to increase more and more in the future. Technology is always growing. There is no chance to enter this business. Moreover, some job which needed humans are selected by AI. People consider their job, and they should realize how AI deprive their job. This picture was painted by William Hogarth (1751) in the United Kingdom. It is called Gin Lane. In this picture, people drink low quality gin. In 18th century, the industrial revolution happened. This picture is a caricature to describe how industrial revolution affects people in UK. From the picture, people try to find a job, and they move to the city from the countryside. However, there were a lot of people who have a same purpose in the city so they could not get a job. This situation is called “ frictional unemployment”.





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