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Mobil Block chain operator


In the development phases of businesses and organizations, telecom is a very important factor that plays a vital role in ensuring a consistent and long term growth for the business. With advancement of technologies and use of mobile devices, organizations have been able to offer their services and plans that are defined by specific time frames, for instance, 6 months, 12 months and so on. In this white paper, Mobil operator determines that in the future, customers and users of organizations’ mobile platforms will demand more features and services to be accorded to them. Not many technological developers have had the idea propagated by Mobil operator, and in this case, the operator sets to be a first in discovering the potential that lies beneath. The operator will act as a market place that will connect hundreds of thousands of people and customers thereby enabling efficient communication and reduced rates for tools provided. For the case of an organization, when the assets are tokenized, this move ensures a stable development and growth for the organization.


With historic basis, mobile communication was first experienced in 1973, with credits and appreciation to Cooper, for realizing the first mobile communication. Since then, there have been a number of developments and advancements as far as the mobile industry and technology is concerned. With time, the mobile platforms have attracted a lot of people, thereby laying a ready market for the developers. In statistical view, the year 2017 recorded a total of 4.9 billion mobile users. Due to this, traditional forms of mobile operation have proven not to be efficient in providing the necessary services needed by the customers. With this regard, most of the organizations have been at the forefront at ensuring that their mobile communication channels and platforms are block chain based.


Development of this block chain operator has been propagated by a number of issues and problems that have existed in the mobile communication sector.

Traditional operators

In the current age, most of the commonly used mobile operators restrict customers’ choices by offering fixed periods and plans for the contracts. For any customer to acquire a contract, the customer is always subjected to a set of procedures that are deemed at verifying the customer’s identification. In this process, the users unknowingly expose some of their secret and personal data. With the prevailing operator rules, customers are subjected to payments and fines in any case a rule is compromised (Suankaewmanee et al., 2018). It is also evident that in any case a customer wishes to default from the plan, for instance, due to poor network connectivity and coverage, the customer needs to pay.

Non- block chain operators

In time of operation, most business setups and operators often reward a chosen category of their customers. Currently, the mobile operators do not avail any reward programs and platforms for their customers. The operators also do not reveal or avail transparent rates to the customers for the calls made. The mobile operators also restrict the customers to using only one mobile operators and not multiple ones.


Each sector in an industry is always subjected to competition from similar organizations or even ones from way different industries. Mobil operator is no exception, as it also does experience immense competition from other organizations that wish to attain a similar goal to the organization.


Additional features

Mobil operator is an advanced form of mobile communication operator in that it offers new services and features, in a move at improving the efficiency and flexibility of the mobile service provision. While using the operator, the users and customers are not required to sign any form of contract. No personal and discrete data is needed to verify the identity of the customer. In the course of using the Mobil operator, the customers encounter points at which they are rewarded and given offers to do what they want (Lee & Deng, 2018). For the case of calls, the operator stipulates a constant rate that is to be used. The users also enjoy the freedom of using multiple numbers for a single SIM card and when one feels the operator is not to their benefit, they are free to quit without being subjected to any payment.

Business model

In order for ensuring reducing costs incurred on the organization, a proper business model is used. With the use of the operator, the number of staff members, purchases and branding costs are minimized. This generally cuts down on the amount of operation expenses by almost a third. Mobil operator uses token that are distinctive (Lee & Deng, 2018). All these work together to expand on the services being provided by the block chain advancement.


Technological advancements are real, and in order for organizations to increase their productivity and maintain their growth rates, the need to use well sophisticated systems and mechanisms. For the case of the mobile industry, there are problems of competition and outdated protocols which act as draw backs to service provision. Mobil operator comes in handy at solving most of the problems that exist. It suggests ways in which the issues can be addressed one at a time.


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