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Google Chrome: Unified Experiences in Reliability and Usability

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In response to this week’s discussion, I preferably use Chrome mostly from having the convenience of one tightly integrated web platform, toward use with Google’s truly collaborative cloud solutions and services. For instance, Chrome is platform-independent and downloadable for Apple & Android smartphones, Linux based systems, Windows systems, and Mac OS systems.

I find that using Google Chrome and Google cloud services notably beneficial. E.g., the synchronization of each device to have the accessibility of autonomously supplied accounts/passwords in web entries, additionally having the ability to pick up on any recent browser tab and view all previous history.

I have a MacBook, a Windows desktop, an iPhone, and iPad; I use these devices daily, and my information, such as my contacts, email, calendar entries, photos, login information, and everything stored on Google Drive is readily available to me almost anywhere I can log in. Chrome comes outfitted with a built-in PDF viewer, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and Word processor, which has been useful for me in many work situations.

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Further, I feel that another reason I utilize Google Chrome is that it has the best overall UI and GUI from about every internet browser to choose from. (User Interface and Graphical User Interface). I feel that the interface design is streamlined and simplistic, creating a fast and straightforward application without performance issues. One major characteristic to point out, of course, is the clean, clutterless interface, the Omnibox, allowing a user to search from the URL address bar directly.

Account compartmentalization is another feature that Chrome possesses that contributes to my use, particularly at work. You can support multiple users with separate user sessions. You can have different settings for each user on the same PC with the ability to switch user accounts to keep all your accounts separate. For example, if you have a work account and a personal account, you can be signed into Chrome (in different windows) with each account, so you don’t get confused about which account you’re signed into, which account has a specific bookmark, etcetera. Remember, Chrome synchronizes your browsing history across all devices, so you may not want some of your personal browsing history syncing with your work account.

I also find Google Chrome more secure. Typically, I am going to have at least 5-10 open tabs on the browser. Well, while your browser tabs are increasing in number, the probability of a browser crash is rising. Various open tabs crash and data becomes lost in a browser crash. Chrome’s durability lies within its sandboxing feature as well as its multi-process technology feature. Sandboxing prevents separate tabs from affecting what is happening in one browser tab by running each browser tab as a different process.

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Sandboxing is like dividing the browse tabs of the browser into applications that are unable to communicate with each other, allowing faster web page loading times than most other browsers. Assume one of the tabs in Firefox will become unresponsive, Firefox will malfunction, and all 5-10 tabs will crash, resulting in data loss. Also, Sandboxing helps prevent vulnerabilities from being installed, which is essential in avoiding access to your data by outside intruders.

Last but not least, Chrome has one of the largest libraries of plugins, add-ons, and built-in apps to improve specific web browser functionality. Chrome also has its private application marketplace, so you can download and access an app seamlessly from your chrome browser. There are thousands of download applications coming from distinct categories, including sports, social, educational, business, entertainment, including a large number of plugins available on the Web Store for the Google Chrome browser.

The seamlessly integrated and reactive Chrome interface paired with the individual need for Google Sync, the advantages of using multi-user abilities, personal experience with excellent performance, and reliability, collectively amidst all the unique Chrome Web Store extensions and applications, makes Google Chrome my number one preference.

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