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Comparison of Social Media Use in Different Countries

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Evolution and history of social media:

Social media could be depicted as “types of electronic interchanges (Web sites for social systems administration and blogging) through which clients make online groups to impart data, plans, particular messages, and other substance (as features).” The same source characterizes organizing as “the trade of data or administrations around people, aggregations, or foundations; particularly: the growth of profitable connections for job or business.” (Edosomwan & Seymour, 2011)

There are numerous thoughts regarding the first event of social media. All around much of mankind’s history, people created innovations that make it less demanding for him to correspond with one another. In the late 1800s, the radio and phone were utilized for social connection, though restricted with the radio (Rimskii, 2011)

Social networks have developed through the years to the present day assortment which utilizes advanced media. Be that as it may, the social media isn’t that new. Furthermore, it didn’t begin with the workstation yet rather the phone. Throughout the 1950s, telephone phreaking, the term utilized for the rebel seeking of the phone system, started. This methodology was achieved through the utilization of custom made electronic gadgets that encouraged unapproved access to the phone framework to make free calls. Phreaks could discover phone organization test lines and gathering circuits to finish their assignment. Brett Borders expressed phreaks could hack into corporate unused voice post boxes to have the first websites and podcasts (Borders, 2009)

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The public, During the 1960s, saw the advent of email (Borders, 2009). Nonetheless, the web was not accessible to general society until 1991. Email was initially a system to trade messages starting with one PC then onto the next; however both Pcs were obliged to be on the web. Today, email servers will acknowledge and store messages which permit beneficiaries to get to the email whenever it seems best. In 1969, ARPANET, made by Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), a U.S. government organization, was created. ARPANET was an “early system of time-imparting machines that shaped the support of the web.” CompuServe, the third improvement of the 1960s, was likewise made in 1969 with a mission to give time-offering administrations by leasing time on its Pcs. With high charges, this administration was excessively unreasonable for some (Rimskii, 2011) (Ritholz)

Computer Technologies

Social media was further created throughout the 1970s. MUD, initially known as Multi-User Dungeon, Multi-User Dimension, or Multi-User Domain, was a constant virtual world with pretending recreations, intelligent fiction, and online talk. MUD is basically content based which obliges clients to sort summons utilizing a common dialect. BBS was made in 1978, that year as MUD. BBS is an equivalent word for release board framework. Clients log into the framework to transfer and download programming, read news, or trade messages with others. In the early years, release loads up were gotten to through a modem through a phone line by one man at once. At an early stage, notice sheets finished not have colour or design. Release sheets were the antecedents of the World Wide Web. Imagined in 1979 and secured in 1980, the Usenet is like a BBS. Usenet is a framework to post articles or news. The contrast from a BBS is that Usenet does not have a focal server or dedicated overseer messages are sent to different servers by means of news sustains (Ritholz)

Numerous social networking sites were made in the 1990s. A few illustrations incorporate Sixdegrees, Blackplanet, Asian Avenue, and Moveon. These are, or have been, online corner social locales where individuals can connect, including destinations for open approach promotion and a social system dependent upon a web of contacts model. Likewise, blogging administrations, for example, Blogger and Epinions were made. Epinions is a site where buyers can read or make audits of items. Thirdvoice and Napster were two product provisions made in the 90s that have since been evacuated from the business sector. Thirdvoice was a free module that permitted clients to post remarks on pages. Adversaries of the product contended that remarks were frequently obscene or offensive. Napster was a product provision that permitted shared record offering. Clients were permitted to impart music documents bypassing ordinary dispersion techniques, which at last was dead set to be a violation of copyright laws (Edosomwan & Seymour, 2011)

In 2000 social media accepted an incredible support with the seeing of numerous social networking sites springing up. This exceedingly supported and converted the cooperation of people and associations who offer basic enthusiasm toward music, training, films, and fellowship, taking into account social networking. Around those that were propelled included LunarStorm, six degrees, cyworld, ryze, and Wikipedia. In 2001, fotolog, sky online journal and Friendster were propelled, and in 2003, MySpace, LinkedIn, last FM, tribe.net, Hi5 and so forth. In 2004, prominent names like Facebook Harvard, Dogster and Mixi developed. Throughout 2005, enormous names like Yahoo!360, YouTube, cyword, and Black planet all developed (Junco, R, Heibergert, G, & Loken, E, 2011)


Facebook is a social networking website propelled in February 2004, and it is secretly worked by Facebook, Inc. Facebook was established by Mark ZuckerBerg and others when he was an understudy at Harvard; however when the site was at first propelled, it was limited to Harvard people just. Later the benefit was reached out to secondary school people and later to everybody that is 13 years or more established (Boyd, 2007).

Starting July 2010, Facebook has more than 500 million dynamic clients. In January 2009, Facebook was positioned as the most utilized social system around the world. Additionally, in May 2010, Google advertised that more individuals went to Facebook than whatever possible website on the planet. It announces that this was uncovered from discoveries on 1,000 sites over the world (TIMES, 2010).

Clients may make an individual profile; include different clients as companions, and trade messages, including programmed warnings, photographs and remarks when they overhaul their profile. Furthermore, Facebook clients may join basic investment client aggregations, composed by work environment, school, school, or different aspects. Facebook permits any individual who is no less than 13 years of age to turn into an enrolled client of the website. Once a day, activity to Facebook system is on the ascent. Facebook likewise turned into the top social system over eight unique markets in Asia, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Vietnam. On October 24, 2007, Microsoft reported that it had acquired a 1.6% offer of Facebook for $240 million, giving Facebook an aggregate intimated worth of around $15 billion. Microsoft’s buy included rights to place global ads on Facebook; different organizations have similarly stuck to this same pattern (STONE, 2007)

The overall status of Facebook


With 16 million clients, Egypt is positioned first around the Arab locale nations that utilization Facebook, and seventeenth worldwide regarding crowd size, as stated by an as of late issued report. This speaks to 1.4% of worldwide Facebook clients (DailyNews Egypt, 2013 ).

As stated by the e-marketing Egypt Online Competitiveness Intelligence report, Egypt’s Facebook group saw something like 41% development contrasted with a year ago, the amount of clients in 21 July 2012 being 11.3 million. This implies that the current number of clients is 18.84% of Egypt’s populace.

Starting 21 July 2013, there are 61 million Facebook clients in the Arab world, 26% them are Egyptian. The report read: “48.11% of web clients in Egypt are Facebook clients.”

The report, distributed in August 2013, expressed that 12 million of Egyptian Facebook clients are underneath 30 years of age. The sex dispersion Facebook clients in Egypt has demonstrated that female clients are of much more youthful ages, with females under 30 years of age speaking to 81% of aggregate female clients in Egypt. The amount of male clients is something like 10 million, speaking to about 63% of aggregate clients (DailyNews Egypt, 2013 ).

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Hong Kong:

Another review has uncovered that Hong kongers are investing more of a chance perusing and composing online journals, and on social media sites, for example, Facebook and YouTube, than different markets around the globe, including the US. Whether over a home broadband administration or a cell phone Hong kongers are investing an expanding measure of time viewing feature, gaming, shopping and offering on the web (Ketchum, 2011)

On a week by week groundwork, 77% of Hong kongers studied were perusing websites, 52% were composing websites and 92% were locked in on Facebook demonstrating a fundamentally more elevated amount of online cooperation than different markets studied around the globe.

Social media is assuming a part in tending to tests to work-life adjust in Hong Kong a spot well known for its buckle down play hard lifestyle. 68% of those overviewed invest the same or more of an opportunity with companions online than they do in individual. Social networking sites are likewise as powerful on acquiring choices as universal media. Half of respondents had made a buy dependent upon web journal suggestions (Ketchum, 2011).


The report gauges 243 million web clients in the nation by June 2014, overwhelming the US as the world’s second biggest web base after China (Times of India, 2013).

Indians principally utilize the web for correspondence, generally as email; social media is likewise a vital driver of web use in India. This aspect of the IMAI report might be authenticated with information from different sources, for example, Facebook, as stated by which India had 82 million month to month dynamic clients by June 30, 2013, the second biggest land district for Facebook after the US and Canada. Facebook does not work in China.

Web infiltration in India is determined to a great extent by cell telephones, with a portion of the least expensive and most essential hand-sets today offering access to the web. India has 110 million portable web clients of which 25 million are in rustic India. The development of web infiltration in provincial India is determined to a great extent by the cellular telephone; 70% of country India’s animated web populace get to the web by means of cell telephones (Times of India, 2013)


Overall status of Facebook in Ukraine can be judged from the protests happened throughout in Ukraine. The principal eminent pattern is that Facebook is, no doubt utilized considerably more eagerly than Twitter. The authority EuroMaidan Facebook page, began on Nov. 21, now has in excess of 126,000 preferences. Very nearly the sum of the data on this page is in Ukrainian, proposing that the data is outfitted to locals instead of the universal group, and there is confirmation of vibrant association. A gander at the most prevalent Facebook posts on this page affirm this instinct: numerous posts give news redesigns that create serious dialogs; however the page is additionally used to give paramount logistical data to protestors. There are, for instance, posts with maps of spots to get free tea and access to warm spaces, exhortation on the best way to abstain from being incited by government executors, flyers to print and disseminate around the city, and also data on where dissidents will be assembling (Barbera & Metzger, 2013).

Strategy for Facebook going forward

Considering the above situations in selected countries it can be concluded that Facebook is very famous and its user are increasing day by day. By looking into the situation of Egypt and Ukraine, it can be noticed that Facebook played a vital role in revolutions and movements. Strategy for these two countries should be made very carefully, so that Facebook Inc. may not get involved in any political matter. However strategy for India and Hong Kong may be the same. In both countries this social website is providing services for business and social need in positive way. All these countries are very populated and number of users is large so Facebook can make a handsome profit by ad displaying business. Its strategy for mobile users is a real issue for Facebook. Large number of users is due to mobile and internet facility on mobiles, but problem is format of display is different in different mobiles hence there is problem in ad displaying (Cho, 2013 ).


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