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Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

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Wordcount: 2437 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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Virtual Reality

The technology of virtual reality was popping up to the public recent years; it promotes rapidly and gradually permeates people’s lives. Virtual reality is a technology that can imitate reality. When people put the VR glasses on, they can be placed in any scenes that seem real. The high realistic scenes bring magic energy to human; it gives human the ability to move freely between the warp and weft of time and space. Virtual reality involves a vast number of fields such as games, movies, medicine, design, military training, geography, and education. Virtual reality is more closely related to daily lives;  some of the moral issues and situations are being considered. Virtual reality is a false appearance; it might make people rely on the virtual world to escape from life and more reluctant to believe and accept the fact. The virtual world and the real world have a relationship of sometimes-complex mix-and-match; they influenced each other and mutually penetrate. Thereby, visual reality profoundly impacts and changed human’s life. That significant changing in life is difficultly be distinguished by right and wrong. There is an argument between “virtual reality can be developed technically” or “human need to keep away from the virtual world consciously.” Virtual world becomes an irresistible trend of the world; virtual reality has enriched the choices and the possibilities of life. For the fields of art, medicine, and military training, the virtual reality provides miraculous help. If accepting and developing virtual reality, human civilization will enter a brand-new age.

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Virtual reality creates a virtual world in three dimensions by using the computer simulation; it provides the simulative sense of auditory sense, visual sense and tactile sense. “VR isn’t a single technology, of course, it describes forms of 360-degree video as well as computer generated environments” (Nash, K., 2018).  Virtual reality has different meanings for different groups of people; anything that is not real but feels like it can be called virtual reality. Thus, many electronic or social media can also be branches of virtual reality (VR is hot, but why, 2017). Social network and social media can be the soft infrastructure in the creative cities that enables individuals and institutions to interact effectively to promote creative industries(Hartley, J., Pg 138). Virtual reality can create enormous benefit for a creative city. The potential of the market and the trends of the future development of virtual reality makes the whole world and advanced technology companies attach importance to VR products. Facebook bought Oculus VR for $2 billion in 2014, and Google, HTC, HP, Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft are all developing VR devices. (VR is hot, but why, 2017). Whether the contribution of virtual reality in the cities or the applications in any other aspects, Virtual reality is worth to be developed and be applied in daily life.

Virtual reality is a symbol of aesthetics; the art form no longer is restricted in two dimensions. Although the screen does not disappear, the virtual reality brings illusions to the customers; it is a feeling of being personally on the scene. The Blurring of Boundaries between the Professional and Nonprofessional Artist. All the individuals are creating their own content. “Arts organizations need to catch up!”(Thet S.W., 09 June 2014). Diverse art forms can be made through virtual reality. Virtual reality provides a platform for new art form; for example, virtual reality can be used in interior design and documentary films. Virtual reality is more than just a presentation medium, but it is a design tool. It reflects the thoughts of designers in a visual form; for example, before the interior designer decorates a house, the first thing the decorators need to do is that to think about the structure and shape of the house carefully. To quantify it, a huge amount of drawings sheets are used. However, those drawings sheets can only be understood by insiders; virtual reality can turn the ideas into a visible virtual object and environment so that the traditional design mode can be upgraded to the digital design; it is greatly improving the planning quality and efficiency of the design. Virtual reality also provides opportunities for documentary films in the art field. The documentary based on real life as a creative material. The real people and real events are the performance objects, and then the event is embellished and displayed by art forms. To show the essence of reality, and to use the real form of film or television art can stimulate people to think. The core of the documentary is true. The technology of virtual reality restores the reality to the greatest extent compared to other presentation methods, and it directly pulls the viewer into the real scene. The previous documentary shows the truth, but the VR documentary brings more real feelings. The viewers are no longer recipients of “real,” they are becoming “real” participants. The traditional documentary is guided by the director to feel the truth, while the VR documentary is in which audiences participate in the fact and discover the truth. VR documentary is more attractive; it is a creation of a ‘subjective mode of wandering: observing detail, being open to what appears, being curious about what’s up the hill, or around the corner’ (Nash, K. 2018). The power of virtual reality cannot be underestimated in the art field.

The application of VR in medicine has vital practical significance. In medical colleges, students can perform the process of anatomy and various surgical exercises in a virtual laboratory. The training costs are significantly reduced because the experiment actions are no longer subject to restrictions on specimens and venues. Some virtual reality systems for medical training, internships, and research have a very high degree of simulation, and their superiority and effects are immeasurable and incomparable. For example, eye surgery simulator creates a three-dimensional image based on the eye structure of the human’s eyes with real-time tactile feedback. Students and interns can use the VR simulator to observe and try the whole process of eye surgery. Anesthesia virtual reality systems and oral surgery simulators can also be created by virtual reality. Virtual reality does not only apply to medical training, but it also helps patients reduce pain. During the treatment of oncological problems, the patients often have to experience painful procedures. (Chirico, A., Lucidi, F., De Laurentiis, M., Milanese, C., Napoli, A., & Giordano, A., 2016). The immersive VR can block the noise and sights from outside of the virtual world; virtual reality creates a new scene that can completely separate patients from the surgery scene. Blocking the information from the real sights makes patients Because humans have finite attentional resources, a distraction task that consumes some portion of those resources is believed to leave less cognitive capacity available for processing pain( Chirico, A et al., 2016). Virtual reality has a similar function of the anesthetic, and it causes less damage to the brain. The contribution of virtual reality in the medical field is unimaginable.

Virtual reality technology has played an increasingly essential role in the military field during recent years. Virtual reality provides a different environment of the battlefield. The three dimensions graphics generation system not only can generate realistic and large-scale virtual terrain environment, but it also simulates various flight conditions such as fog, rain, and snowstorm in different natural environments, and its 3D sound synthesis system can also synthesize realistic 3D space sounds such as shooting and the launching trajectory of missiles. Soldiers can adapt to different situations and respond to emergencies at any time in the VR military training. Virtual reality battlefield simulators can give soldiers effective training, reduces the number of casualties in the realistic battleground, and minimizes the cost of training. Virtual reality can also become a simulator for the flying helicopter, parachuting, and scuba diving. The simulator of those extreme sports can fill soldiers’ psychological anticipation; soldiers can gradually move into the real extreme sports training. It reduces the emergency and risk from extreme sports. Virtual reality is also used to treat physical illness and mental disorder in the battleground. Soldiers suffering from battlefield trauma and other psychological conditions can learn how to deal with their symptoms in a ‘safe’ environment (“Virtual Reality in the Military – Virtual Reality Society”, 2018). In the military field, virtual reality protects soldiers’ safety, and it reduces the economic losses of a country.

Many people still think there are many negative influences of virtual reality since it might make people stuck in the illusions. The virtual world is full of pitfalls; some of the users of virtual reality products might escape from real life and gradually move to the edge of the real world. Those concerns are not unreasonable since Potential problems may arise as technology evolves and deepens. Human realizes both perspectives of positive and negative impacts of virtual reality in real life; to accept the development of virtual reality but keep a proper distance from it is the best way to find the balance.

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To sum up, virtual reality can be useful in many fields such as art, medicine and the military. Virtual reality creates convenience and high technology for humans’ life, and it contributes to a creative city. Creative cities have an overwhelming impact on the economies of countries (Zoltan J. Acs et al. 23 Jul 2009). Virtual reality has a huge potential impact on the soft power of countries. Virtual originated from life, it is the demand of reality and also a part of reality. Accepting and developing virtual reality in a right way; embracing the charm and sense of future that is brought by technology and virtual reality.




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