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Developing Instruction Strategies and Curriculum

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Apply Curriculum and Instruction Approaches

When educators are planning their lesson plans it is a task that may consist of many instructions approach and decision-making based on their students needs. The decision making require student’s needs, their engagement and interest and assessment data. The decision process is nothing to be taking lightly. It should be considered with a purpose in mind. Instruction approaches also will embrace all approaches. Educators will engage student to become involved in their learning process and active learners. This is by driven to help meet classroom expectation for student success.

Apply theories of curriculum to PK-12 instructional practices

Applying curriculum and instructional approach allow educators to appreciate techniques that will merge everything all together in the subject matter and learning objective. When educators us this method they are taking in accountability. This approach provides educators with choices to incorporate in their lesson plans. This will allow students to become independent and successful in the classrooms. Applying curriculum and instructional approaches offers support to educators that will allow them to use guidelines and set goals. Know matter what students are the center of when creating curriculum. It is the educator that will make sure students are meeting all expectations concerning the content objectives. Therefore, applying curriculum provides and using different approaches will promote success. This will also give students the understanding as facilities. This is why educators are able to attend trainings. Every educator ought to be prepared to meet needs to allow students to be involved in a deeper understanding.

Analyze curriculum models supporting differentiated PK-12 instructional practices.

Analyzing and breaking down the curriculum models means setting the standards for students’ success. The curriculum models are to help educators plan accordingly so they are able to equip students to prepare for the real world. Examining the curriculum models introduces PK-12 students with a quality of education. Educators differentiate their lesson plans to meet the needs of students. This ensure that students will gain the knowledge to succeed in the classrooms. The curriculum model support and meet PK-12 content objectives.

Evaluate technology supporting differentiated PK-12 instructional practices.

Educators use different strategies in order to meet the needs of their students. Technology plays a major role in the opportunity of differentiation in the classroom. According to (Oliva, & Gordon, 2013), it is important that school districts supply technology for their students to use in the classrooms. Technology in the classroom is design to make teaching and learning easy for educators and for students. Students learn better with tools that are engaging and meaningful. Technology prepares students for the real world and teaches them how to become critical thinkers (McQuarrie, 2010).

Determine current educational issues and trends and the impact on PK-12 curriculum.

Any educational issues in the school may affect students in many ways. Every year educators are allowing the take on some sort of training that impact the way student are learning in the classroom. It may impact students the daily routines that will allow students to be more focused during instructional times. Educational issues and educational trends will help prepare students to with the techniques of applying test taking skills during assessments. 

The issues and trends help keep students for the No Child Left Behind Rule.

The NCLB act has the ability to make certain that all students are receiving the right to learn. There are actual laws such as the NCLB act that would prevent certain issues and trends from interfering in the classrooms. This act also provides excellent learning is taking place in the classrooms. According to the (NCLB, 2020) it is an act that makes sure that students and educators or held accountable for what take in the classroom. With its ensuring to making every account for their part in the learning process will allow students to become successful in the classrooms. Whatever the students are need students will benefit from the No Child Left Behind Act.

Relate PK-12 curriculum processes to standards supporting current educational requirements

School districts, educators and state support students in so many ways. Students support are required from every stakeholder. In the support to the current requirements schools have revised the standards in order to support students academically (Tomlinson, 2000). In the past, schools or district was not very effectively in supporting students with the right materials to help students with resources. The process requires a full plan that includes student’s data to be viewed. This will give student the ability to improve overtime.


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