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Defining the Student-Teacher Relationship

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Defining The Relationship

        In this article the author worked as being a college professor for 30 years. He wanted to redefine the relationship between students and teachers because they are not best friends because it will ruin the work or class environment. The students think they don’t have to really listen to the teachers and get mad when things don’t go their way, so they call their parents that’s when things go downhill. The professors have one job and that’s to make sure the student are prepared for the real world or when they leave college to work. You have access to the teachers at the palm of your hands and the student don’t take full advantage of it. Only time they’ll go to a professor is when they really need to make good passing grade like a C or better.  Besides, you can also email them when your having trouble with an assignment or before you are failing. Most student don’t take this into consideration that the professor have a life outside of their work which includes wife,  kids and other things. The relationship should be neutral like balancing a  scale. Throughout the article the author use authority, experience and emotion to show how the student and teacher relationship should be when their in class or outside of it.

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         This relationship has been going on like this for more than 30 years but there’s two-sides of every situation that’s been created. The Generation of young adults attending college in the 2000’s want the easiest route, they wanna try to get on the teacher good side and become close friends that way the teacher will give them slap on the risk when they aren’t performing too well. The teacher is trying to ensure that you succeed in the rest of your courses and out in the real world.  You all can bring the professor joy knowing that  he is doing his job correctly that your getting something out of his class, but the students want things handed to them instead of working or studying for it. “What you get out of this relationship is that you’ll be better equipped to succeed in this and other college courses, and life in general. What I get out of the article is great deal of professional and personal satisfaction.”( jenkins 3) demonstrates that the teacher has a job to make sure you perform to a high standard and the knowledge your gaining from the class can be used outside of it especially in other class and when you enter the workplace. The professor can brag to his wife or kids that he’s helping students reach goals they probably never imagine in themselves, which brings them happiness and makes them love their job even more. The student will thank the college professor for their help cause they know how to use what they’ve been taught in a real life scenario and you’ll see the big difference in your work .

       However, the students will get their parents involved when they’re frustrated or mad at the teacher because of what the they said or didn’t say because in the students head they didn’t do anything that will benefit them. In all of the authors years of teaching young adults, it taught him how to handle certain situations when it involves a parent. The college professor isn’t your parent they aren’t there to baby you like high school teachers did who didn’t prepare you for college, but soon as you get to college your gonna do the work or not it’s not gonna affect the teacher cause they’ve already received their degrees it’s just going to reflect on the student progress. “Like student services, that have some parental-like obligation to students. But as a Professor, I don’t. And what that means, more than anything else, is that I’m not going to treat you like a child.” (Jenkins 5) “Those teachers did their best did their best to prepare you for college and tell what to expect. Unfortunately, some of their information was outdated or just plain wrong.” (Jenkins 7) demonstrates that students want the teachers to play a parent role in the classroom, but the professors are not going to baby you throughout the course of the class or try to be like your parents, also the high schools across America didn’t really get you ready for college courses. You hear people that’s in college that its hard. The assignments in college is a high standard education wise so you go to put in hours of studying to learn the knowledge of what the teacher is talking about in the lesson.College students that come in as freshman they are in shock of what they’re learning and can see the major difference with their broad range of knowledge that they can apply it outside of the class.

      The author is frustrated that the relationship between students and professor has to stay cordial cause when he first started teaching he was a couple years older than the student, so there was a struggle occasionally to be professional space from students. He is disappointed that he can’t be friends with students even though they try to follow professor on social media but they can’t follow back because they need privacy and don’t want student see what they’re doing outside of class. “ do not “friend” or “follow’’ students on your personal social media accounts! Implement a rule that you can only follow or befriend a professor only after they graduate.”(Rachel 2) implicates that why the school can’t follow the student on social media. The school don’t want the student to follow the professors on social media because they will be in their business and it will ruin the work environment, but they will have the ability to follow them when they are no longer students at the university or college.

     In conclusion, the author grasped the relationship of student-professor should have through experience, emotion alongside with authority on how it should stay neutral between a professor and student inside the classroom as well as outside of the classroom.

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