love is present in most


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In Monzó's “El perquè de tot plegat” the topic of love is present in most, if not all, of the 30 stories. However, it is represented in different ways and this is what I want to look more closely at. I have chosen the topic of love because it is interesting, intriguing, fascinating, and applies to everyone in the world.

Love can be very different- for example impersonal, interpersonal, familial and platonic, romantic and even religious. Nevertheless, the type of love I want to focus on and the type of love that Monzó describes in his book is mostly interpersonal and romantic. However, before starting to analyse Monzó's conception of love I would like to clarify what is meant by interpersonal and romantic love.

Love in general is a mixture of emotions which we feel when we have a strong affection and attachment to something or someone, and it can be used to describe any feeling ranging from general pleasure to a deep attraction between people.  Interpersonal love stands for the love between human beings and it is a much stronger feeling than just liking someone, and romantic love obviously refers to passionate desire and intimacy. The general conception of love is that it is something very complex and is difficult to define because there are many different feelings and emotions involved. However, different people have different views on love and I will talk about Monzó's conceptions of love and the way he sees it. I will firstly investigate the existence of a perfect relationship and whether it can actually exist, and then I will look into why relationships end, because I think that Monzó's conception of love is based mainly on these two points.

After reading “El perquè de tot plegat” I got an impression that Monzó is quite critical of love and talks of it in a sarcastic way. All of his stories are about real people and real-life situations, but they are very exaggerated and I doubt that these situations can happen in the exact same way as he describes them in his book. Also, from Monzó's stories we get an idea that love is never perfect and that there is always something lacking. It is as if people are never satisfied with what they have, and strive for more without realising how much they have already got. Sometimes, it even goes as far as trying to change the other person although this is not the best decision. Monzó demonstrates this in his story “Pigmalió” where the narrator tries to make the girl a perfect lover. Although he succeeds in this, it only brings him unhappiness as he realises that he has created a slut, and not someone he can love. This story is a very good example of why infidelity happens, as it proves that when people are bored in a relationship, they start thinking about cheating. In this case, it is the girl who wants to experiment and try something new with other people, so the narrator has to throw her out at the end because he cannot imagine her with any other man and he does not want her to be with anyone but him.

In addition, Monzó seems to believe that love cannot be pure and that something always has to be proven, given or justified. A very good example of this can be seen in “La Fe” where the female character wants her boyfriend to prove to her that he loves her. She cannot just accept this fact; she has to have a proof that he is telling her the truth.

After reading Monzó's stories, it became evident that infidelity is one of the main ideas that he uses to define love. It seems as if for him, love cannot exist if there

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