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Globalisation Effects on Trade

836 words (3 pages) Essay in Sociology

30/06/17 Sociology Reference this

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Globalisation is a real phenomenon of the new world system which has a powerful force in determining the world future image. Its dimensions vary from economic, political, social, and cultural applications. The term can be defined as a transforming process that converts local transactions and deals into global ones. This conversion results in increasing cross border trade, investment, tourism and cultural exchange. By applying principles of globalisation, several positive and negative effects have arisen today. This essay will discuss three means of globalisation, where the first two have mainly positive aspects and the next one has negative aspects. Then, the essay will evaluate these aspects that accompany globalisation.

The first mean is that the multinational companies and organisations of rich countries are brought to poor and developed countries. This movement provides countries with extra employment opportunities for both genders and contributes the governmental efforts in fighting unemployment. In addition, it has liberated people from the strong bond to their own customs that refuse coping with other nationalities through exporting jobs and business deals. In other words, the enhancement of multiculturalism in global village makes women’s work necessary for all countries. Surprisingly, females were struggling with their entire lives to have equality with men especially in closed environments where Saudi Arabia is a case of point. Nowadays, Saudi women make up a large volume in the labour force of the country and share the development of Saudi Arabia. The equality between sexes in jobs opportunities resulted from multinational companies has been expanded for higher payments, job satisfaction, self confidence and independence. As a result, some individuals become able to establish families and have their own house at the end of the age twenties. With more freedoms and opportunities, people can receive more income and improve their standard of living.

In addition, presence of global goods over the shelves in the marketplace next to local ones shows the differences between products in terms of quality, price, size and shape. Today, most countries can export and import products in the global village. Manufacturers are motivated to produce the best merchandises with good quality and reasonable price. Moreover, global trade creates competitive environment between companies. Customers become more convenient and well satisfied with cross border services. They can share interests and brands of other nations. For instance, Egyptians can enjoy eating McDonald meals and drive Mercedes cars as similar to Americans and Germans. According to Buckley (1998) Global trade can strengthens the relations between nations and makes wars less likely to occur. To sum up, global brands seem to unit nations and make them dependant upon each other.

According to the first two means, globalisation promotes business movement and global trade which both carry enormous benefits to societies. But on the other hand, TV broadcasting has serious effects on individuals.

The third example of globalisation is the broadcasting of hundreds TV channels to all viewers around the world. TV has abundant amounts of unacceptable levels of sex and violence channels that cause harm to viewers. This content is extremely damaging for youth because they might apply what they have seen and commit crimes. Furthermore, some teenagers become more aggressive and involved in organized crimes. Also, group of adults are encouraged to have sex outside of marriage which has led to social and health problems. For example, it is proven that the cause of auto immune deficiency disease is mainly due to the multi sexual relations outside of marriage. In fact, the erosion in the values of a community will cause greater social problems in the future.

It is obvious that making business in other countries will increase the overall national profits and will bring technologies to the targeted ones. Investments in developed countries have shown radical changes that attract tourists. Dubai city is a vivid example that proves the success of business movement between countries. Global trade of goods and services can cause significant reduction in prices and enable limited income people to buy them. Also, it will take little time to purchase a product from global village. Sharing interests and goods between nations may enhance peace and harmony. On the other hand, if the intensity of violence and sex on TV channels continues, there will be more criminals in societies. Governments may build new prisons to accommodate increasing numbers of offenders.

In conclusion, this essay has discussed the main positive effects of companies’ investments in developed countries and the application of global trade, where the first represents a mean of globalisation that creates benefits such as, new job opportunities, higher payments, job satisfaction and independence. Global trade increases exports and imports between countries and enables people to share brands. It gives customers the freedom to buy favourable products. The essay has discussed negative effects of broadcasting TV channels. Violence and sex content increases crimes in societies. Such practices result in sever diseases and social problems. Some individuals have acquired aggressive behaviours and others become criminals.

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