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Gay As A Deviant Culture Sociology Essay

2261 words (9 pages) Essay in Sociology

5/12/16 Sociology Reference this

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Homosexuality is considered as an emerging issue all over the world. Gay people believe that they are not physically different or incapacitated in any way. They believe that they have every right to be offered the same opportunities, just like everyone else. A while ago this issue could not be spoken out aloud in public. It is unethical and uncouth to think that homosexuality is right.

In today’s Age much of what cultural values entail has changed over time due exposure to a new understanding, inter relation of beliefs, morals, mind-set, connotations, chain of command, religious conviction, concept of time, responsibilities, perceptions of the universe, and material entity s and possessions acquired.

Communities and societies have always had their way of doing things. Most people have at one time or another found that they don’t fit in the societies known culturally and social norms (Cook, 28). Occasionally this happens due to ones understanding, mind-set, connotations, chain of command, religious conviction, responsibilities, and in every community and society homosexuality has affected the social ethics.

A person’s sexuality and preference according to psychologists will normally be easily altered at puberty. Adolescent at times find themselves in a dilemma where they do not actually know to what sex they prefer. Some find themselves in the antagonism of the puberty unpredicted effects like same sex attraction. Somehow when looked at a critical view this kind of preference is not actually a person’s fault, it is the stage in life. With this in mind gay people believe that it is actually not their fault that they are the way they are. Most people in the society will not actually put this into consideration due to so many factors and consequences that are associated when this fact is accepted. In turn, the gay people in the community feel that the only way they can be heard out is by coming together and creating one voice. This has been seen over the past years. Gay people have organized rallies, peaceful demonstrations in different places all over the world in order to have their voices heard (Phelan, 25).

Years down the line this has become one large community with its own cultural standards, values and rights. In every society, there is the agreeable set of rules and norms that guide the people in day to day living. Eighty three to eighty to five percent of people in every other community will always abide to these norms (Burke, 9), but a small percentage becomes deviant to these norms. It is probably a bit difficult to determine whether a deviant person in the community is always wrong, because what determines whether they are wrong or right is what they are deviant to.

Homosexuality is not accepted in so many places around the world (Bamforth, 33), and this has made the gay culture deviant (Stephen, 1). The classical justification of this fact is that a deviant culture will always push the moral boundaries of a society giving alternatives and new options to the status quo and promoting change. Most cultures usually may not always agree on what to do with people who push beyond its acceptable ways in doing things. In fact, norms and accepted social ethics violation that gain enough support may at times become acceptable, a good example being the gay people (Sharon, 1). Thus, the gay culture is deviant because in some places it has made the societies, government constitutions to rethink and redefine the moral boundaries in place. The culture as it is going against so many know defined social ethics rules.

Religious and social liberals point out that being gay is against written work of most inspired men like John the Baptist from the Christian bible. Islam does not allow these acts of relationships at all so does the Hindu (Bamforth, 13). It is a bit different for the catholic dominion because today gay marriages have been joined catholic churches.

The gay culture deviant as it is faced so many threats about its publicity. Gay people have lost jobs, disowned by families and at other times even their lives have been threatened. It is a definite conviction to the gay culture that there is nothing much more significant than any issues that would make any one guilty and endanger their lives or families just because of their opinion, knowledge and preference about their sexual nature. The gay culture attests that the good of humankind is tied up together by the common pursuit through shared experience toward the likelihood of the same gender relationship (Harry, 43). In the past decades talented artists and poets, musicians openly described their sexuality to the public in their writing, art and songs. The gay community associates itself with the past legends and their exceptional work. They have motivated people who have felt demoralized. Gay people are introverts. And psychologists have backed up the fact that hidden desires of sexuality due to their unaccepted nature feed the possibility of sexual lusts which leads to violations of social ethics, desires to fulfill empty cravings.

Gay as a deviant culture suffers from the dominant competitive ethos. This leads to the rise of struggle in interests to gain recognition or control (Harry, 31), and defies the recognition of the accepted social ethical norms and interest which all people have in common.

So many factors have led to the rise of this deviant culture. Some of this factors when looked in to, are quite justifiable to those who consider respecting human rights. For instance, a factor that leads to the gay culture becoming so publicized and famous was that some large corporations and organization simply fired and never employed people with this kind of sexual preference i.e. gay. The authorities left no room for gay people. In the United States of America, gay people have come together from so many states and joined hands in so many ways in order to be heard.

The 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution which is a protection clause necessitate states and governments to treat people in an equal manner but the fact that the equal protection clause, in the United States Constitution is not absolute and that a government has gotten the right to treat people differently and discriminate against one group if it sees that as a requirement to the interest of the majority. This fact makes the gay culture even more deviant because if it does not publicize its ways well enough then it is just a period of time and it might be considered wrong (Harry, 11).

Living requires that each and everyone makes the right moral choices in order to prevent a culture from dissolving into chaos (Harry, 11). Everyone must have a stand over certain behaviors and attitudes over others. In most communities having a stand that does not violate the accepted norms is quite acceptable. In this context violation means that which goes against. Gay preference will have so many views from different people in a society and because of the huge gap in the point of agreement whether it should be accepted or not it leaves a particularly large room for those directly affected to justify why this topic should be considered acceptable just like any other.

Some theories that might try to give more details in this topic have ruled out that sometimes being deviant is not wrong, and sometimes it just happens due to one perspective in regard to what information they are exposed to. When it comes to explaining deviance, there are a couple theories try to explain one of them is Merton’s strain theory. He was one of the first sociologists in America and his theory generally assumes that societies give both culturally-valued goals and culturally-valued means (Peter, 21)?

Theoretically the gay culture argues that this culturally valued goals and cultural valued means do not at all address issues and matters pertaining to the same gender relationship. These have led to the idea of creating a suitable environment by gay people whereby they will be able to associate with the community without any stigmatization.

Gay people share so many things in common, they relate to one another than straight people in an exceedingly significant way. If we consider gay to be a community of people with common social interests and sexual preference and behavior then this becomes a culture. Gay people are considered to be more conservative with refined talent compared to straight people, and while this is just an observation by few psychologists they further explain that because gay people will probably have an associative feminine behavior, they tend to be keener in what they do, like what they dress and the way they talk. A good example would be the comparison of two magnificent artists who have different gender preference i.e. a straight artist and a gay artist; studies have shown that gay artists will want to capture every detail in their work compared to the latter. While this does not suggest that gay people are better than straight people it just gives a stronger base of argument as to why the gay culture is deviant.

Gay theorists and activists have tried through vigorous efforts, to seek public support community in formal civil rights . The legal status of the gay community largely remains unequal and unprotected. In most governments there are no courts of appeal that look closely into hearing sexual; preference based equal protection claims. High courts have avoided in coming to a decision (Sharon, 1) as to whether this kind of cases should be looked in to in a much closer scrutiny. But due to the deviant nature of this culture it has somehow managed to be heard in some states, and these states have enacted laws prohibiting government and private discrimination on the pedestal of sexual orientation.


In conclusion, the fact that gay people are deviant is not entirely wrong because if they do not stand in what they know and believe in, then they will have no place in the society and as earlier mentioned, gay people are people that are not physically incapacitated due to their sexual orientation. They cannot be considered as criminals due to the fact that they are gay. Arguably the failure or success of the attempts to achieve legal equality for gays will in a tremendous way depend on how activists in this field address this deviant unprotected gay culture’s needs (Peter, 55). Gay as a deviant culture is an issue that is being addressed to day all over the world today. Religion and denominations are against gay practices. Activists and scholars will have to address churches and different denominations if at all they want to be heard.

Every society and community must accept that we are all equal. Discrimination is immoral and no one should be subjected to it. If s society wants to have a healthy and peaceful living, it must accept everybody regardless of their sexual orientation. It this does not happen, gay people will continue to be deviant. Gay people are said to be deviant but there is nothing wrong in that (Peter, 17). On the other hand gay people should be patient with the society every time they come out publicly to push for their rights; they should not have an ego. The gay culture has been observed to stick together because this allows them to be heard as one voice (Peter, 22).

The ruling of this issue of gay as a deviant culture will entirely fall on a host of ideological, political and legal variables and at some time when the request has been fully addressed by law, the society and religion than gay culture will probably change from being deviant to a positive mindset accepted community.

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