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Negative Effects of Cell Phones on Society

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Cell phones have become an extremely common electronic gadget for many people who may prefer their use as opposed to the house phones which has since been overtaken in the industry. The growth in the utilization of the cell phones is based on their ability to become technologically advanced since most of them can take a send photos and videos and connect to the internet of web surfing. Undoubtedly, this is the main reason why so many students in the school will always have their heads down, their headphones on and their phones to their ears. Surprisingly, most children including the kindergarten kids have always since been cell phone owners if they can respond to the calls. There are endless showing things which can be done by these implements. Typically, the use of cell phones has helped many users to communicate over long distance through the communication network. Therefore, there are multiple benefits of the use of mobile phones both for school going children and in promoting efficient business operations that will ensure the productivity and sustainability of many businesses. There is need to determine the unfavorable the effects of the use of cell phones in our society.


The usage of mobile phones can result in a significant threat to the health of the users. Many concerns have been raised on the cell phone radiation that causes other severe health hazards in the human beings. Categorically, the use of mobile phones facilitates the emission of low levels of radiofrequency energy (RF) that has an adverse biological impact to the health of human beings. Besides, the low levels of the radiofrequency energy the mobile phones emit while in use are in the microwave frequency variety. Moreover, they also emit the radio frequency energy at a substantially minimized time intervals when in the mode of standby. Similarly, the high degree of RF can produce significant health problems or effects through heating of tissues, exposure to low level of radiofrequency energy that ca not produce the heat impacts which can cause the unknown adverse health effects. Moreover, a significant level of electromagnetic energy, for instance, those found in the X-rays and the gamma rays can ionize the biological tissues. Also, a substantial amount of the radio-frequency energy can increase the body temperature and influence the damage of the tissues (Cell Phones – Health Issues).

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Other notable short term and long term effects of cell phones on health include the impacts on emotions as the presence of mobile phones can influence the relationship of the human being as they may develop negative feelings towards people having their devices visible. The levels of stress can also be increased with the greater use of the cell phones. For instance, the frequenting ringing, vibrating alerts and the constant reminders can put the user on a frustrating edge. Besides, the use of mobile phones can cause depression, stress and sleep disturbances on the adults. Similarly, there is increased risk of illness in the immune system with the constant use of the cell phones. The risks of chronic pain can also be influenced using cell phones. Therefore, there is no doubt that the use of mobile phones can significantly contribute to the adverse health of the users.

The use of cell phones can also have great disadvantages to the school going students in their academic journey. Specifically, cheating using mobile phones has become a tremendous challenge in various educational institutions. For instance, using internet search engines, students can use the cell phones to get answers to the provided test questions. The students are reportedly distracted from their studies and other important events by the utilization of the mobile phones. Evidently, the students put much focus on attention in texting or talking with their peers or friends (Solway, 2010).

Nonetheless, the use of cell phones can also hamper the real human interaction as people are usually glued to their phones while ignoring the regular interactions with the people around them. There is a possibility of a big problem in the future considering the much concentration placed on the phones as opposed to the usual socializing which is integral in the human social developments. Moreover, the use of cell phones has become instruments for constant interruptions in the business and social environment. For instance, the ringing of a phone during strategic meeting sessions may interrupt the smooth and regular business of the meeting (Solway, 2010).

It is a naked fact that the use of mobile phones carries the privacy risks and the security breaches to the users. For instance, there are high chances of the private messages, financial information, photographs, the online networking accounts and other applications being leaked to a third party when one’s phone is stolen, or one has mistakenly left it on office desks or the public sofa.

One of the most pressing disadvantages of the frequent use of the mobile phones is the increased chances of getting into traffic accidents. Typically, the distractions from using the cell phones not only prevent people from productive interaction with others but also cost lives of both the user and nonuser in case the accident has occurred. For instance, the drivers have always been notorious for ignoring the traffic rules through engaging in texting, and checking the social media platforms hence cause loss of control of their which leads to accidents. Besides, texting or using the mobile phones by pedestrians have also proved to be the leading cause of many accidents which have resulted in losing of lives (Want, 2006).

Sexting, sending the sexual messages or photos to another person is an issue all parents should consider before buying a cell phone for their kids. Particularly, the kids are prone to receive sexually explicit messages or information through the use of mobile phones. Besides, through the internet, children are likely to check the sites which are banned for the children’s view. Therefore, cell phones can significantly influence the child’s social and psychological developments (Want, 2006).

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Evidently, cell phones are always expensive considering the regular upgrades of various gadgets and devices from the specific companies. Many mobile users will always want to upgrade to new devices as long as new updates are available in the market. This is because people are usually fascinated with the various types of cell phones such as the BlackBerry Bold and the Second-Generation iPhone.


Although there are multiple benefits of using cell phones in the various social environments, there is also the greater disadvantage of the utilization of the devices. The adverse effects of the use of mobile phones effects may be felt on the peoples’ health, the children’s’ development and education, socialization and interactions of individuals in the society among other significant influence on the business and social environment.


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