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Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen

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Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen

 Thinking about what it truly means to be a Global Citizen, important ideas come to thought. What makes a Global Citizen? Is it the level of understanding and respect of valuing diversity? Or is it the level of empathy and aid that each person is willing to feel and send. Also, what level of responsibility can one person take to be aware of Global Citizenship? Exploring these vital ideas can help begin to establish a foundation of what it means to become a Global Citizen. Furthermore, exploring the dynamics of globalism, as well as globalization, while reflecting on arguments of theorists and personal reflection of what helped me become a Global citizen, can help explore these questions.  


 Globalization is the extension of free trade within the world economy. The idea of taking product and putting funds into the global market. This could look like investing in product in another country, or opening up trade restrictions by increasing exports and opens up to imports with reducing or in some cases eliminates penalty of paying on earnings (Stucke, 2009). On the other hand, another side of globalization is the financial side where the country opens up the doors of investing in foreign markets and or investments which could be the stock market or lending to business opportunity, or even buying land (Stucke, 2009). The line of credit in some cases can affect the country in positive or negative ways.


 Whereas globalism is the understanding of other nations and seek to understand and share ideas feely beyond culture and region. Globalism “attempts to understand all the inter-connections of the modern world — and to highlight patterns that underlie (and explain) them” (Nye, 2002, p. 1). This might look like an understanding of culture and a partnership to share ideas and information between countries that might benefit them.

Theorists Ideas

 The ideas of theories on what global citizenship can vary, one reason might be the focus of topic that the theories are addressing. If the main focus of a person is the level of empathy, or the helping other nations, making changes for the better, and much more. Perhaps the main focus of the theorist is the reason they have disagreed. Otherwise it might be the effectiveness of global citizen ship that is examined in compartmental ideas to the matter. Failing to have clear defining methods of measurement and working with a topic that is so wide might affect the ideas on the subject. It is my thoughts that global citizenship is the combination of all aspects to do with creating a better planet for us all to live on. This idea could mean finding ways to help others, while finding long term solutions for the problem to better the future as it stands. Helping others no matter the religion or background and honoring diversity as beautiful. I feel it is important to take steps to improve the planet for future generations by improving the state of the environment as well as helping the nations in poverty across countries and in our own backyard.

Valuing Diversity

 The world is made up of many cultures, many people, many sets of values. Though one thing is clear, though we all have different backgrounds, we all play a part in the shaping of the future. Future generations should feel free to be themselves, finding pride in self-identity, yet appreciating and learning from various cultures differences, appreciating their self-identity as well. Thinking beyond personal social, emotional, and traditional points of view. Appreciating custom and honoring each cultural background as equal. Placing value in learning from other’s tradition, while celebrating differences, and finding beauty in them. I feel that valuing diversity is an important outcome from global citizenship because the world needs this idea to grow currently, and in the future. Valuing differences, while holding respect for cultures can help the world in many ways. When a mutual form of respect is established communication is easier, and welcomed. Even on a country sized scale, our nation could use more value for each individual, and less negative stereotyping.  

Taking steps to Betterment of this World

 Working towards making a brighter world as a whole is important parts of being a global citizenship. For example, taking into account that the world, and its resources are what can depict the future of the world itself. All factors of the world including the economy, natural resources, state of the pollution, and how nations work towards or against each other, can affect the entire planet. How we treat each other in times of hardship, need, or abundance is an important concept to visit. For me betterment of the world spans through all pieces of ideas on global citizenship, connecting them and setting a positive tone for the future generations to come.

Personal Experience

 Since starting my work in the education system, I have had many great experiences from observing teachers, and learning from them as well as learning from my students. Each family can have different parenting styles and traditions. In addition to taking classes here at Ashford University and previous classes of Foundations of Psychology, Cultural Diversity, and Social Psychology. I feel like parts of each lesson opened ideas on global citizenship for me. Taking a second to understand why people are thinking or acting a certain way and understanding where they are coming from internally, such as feelings on hard topics, or externally dependent of tradition and or parenting styles. Thinking about the needs of each student, as well as demonstrating through positive role modeling has also started my drive to become a global citizen. The effects of a good teacher can make positive changes in the future generations. Education can change perceptions by adjusting the social norms with well placed, well educated teachers (Whiting, Konstantakos, Misiaszek, Simpson, & Carmona, (2018).


In closing, considering personal experience of working towards becoming a global citizen, examining theories on what makes a global citizen. And the differences between globalism and globalization help define my ideas on global citizenship. A conscious and continuous choice to make the world a better place and valuing the diverse people around the world are key points of global citizenship to me. Value, care, and working towards a brighter future.



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