Impact of Poverty and Income Inequality on Economics and Demographics

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Introduction: Poverty and Income Inequality are linked in the gaps between worlds of the rich and poor.  Both Poverty and Inequality face challenges in not only polices but how they effect the economies around us. This factor also challenges the policies on the effectiveness of emerging economies.  Growing up in a poverty family and relying on food stamps to feed our family of five helped me chose this global societal issue.  The overall importance of this research is to develop and pursue new options in transforming the way the government handles certain situations.  With each approach and support of higher government, poverty and inequality can be minimunzed but will never really be resolved.  This research allows the opportunity to find new and exsiting soultions in order to maintain and stabilize a well balanced society.  Each day our world struggles with these current issues and it is only with the support of the government that we will be able to create a better opporuntinty for the working person.

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Thesis Statement:  Whereas understanding there is no clear solution for either, both poverty and income inequality have their own impact on the economic and demographic factors.  Although, this given information suggests that poverty and income inequality use a multifaceted approach, it is nessecary to understand the impact on both issues to solve future issues.

Annotation 1:

 Reference: Roy, A. L., Raver, C. C., Masucci, M. D., & DeJoseph, M. (2019). “If they focus on giving us a chance in life we can actually do something in this world”: Poverty, inequality, and youths’ critical consciousness. Developmental Psychology55(3), 550–561.

If they focus on giving us a chance in life we can actually do something in this World’: Poverty, Inequality, and Youths’ Critical Consciousness.

Annotation:  The studies that were in this article gave me a different perspective of how Povery and Inequality hinders a young child’s life.  They are not only affected by both global issues but they have to deal with it themselves.  Children are like sponges and they soak up all of the negative and postivie things around them.  When they are in this environment it puts a hinder in their little brains.  This then proceeds into their adult life and it is never a win win for them in the long run.  Once a person has to deal with these certain issues, it is hard to put it behind them.  It usually starts within the family and more than likely that will lead into the next generation repeating the same scnnerio.  It is within these open ended questions that I was able to dig a little deeper and get a better understaind of the youth’s side.  Once this was indicated more issues arose that dealt with more that just poverty and inequaity.  These transformed into community violence and bullying.  Within each area, adequate information was given to support these details.  Each genre had their own description which then lead into the analytic strategy.  The testing that was provided gave a deeper insight on the youth and I was allowed to gain even more evidence in my research.

Annotation 2: 

Reference: Deacon, B., & Cohen, S. (2011). From the global politics of poverty alleviation to the global politics of social solidarity. Global Social Policy11(2/3), 233–249. https://journals-sagepub-com.proxy

From the global politics of poverty alleviation to the global politics of social solidarity

Annotation:  The evidence in this article gathered information on how we as a society can gain more details in order to prevent poverty.  Poverty is a global wide issue that the world population has to struggle with.  With each step as a society, this research provides a targeted population.  Of cource, with government funding comes a wide range of strategies that can be used to get a better understanding.  This article gives general knowledge of procedures that could be used in order to alleviate this gobal issue. The evidence that is shown in this article is the multiple research topics that are listed and discussed throughout.  The point of the matter is in the text and how these areas are approached within the government agencies.

The information that is discussed gives me the knowledge needed to see the other side and what our government can put into play to help prevent these issues.  This article relates to the topic that I am researching by giving me a wide range perspective from the other side.  It gives me a general knowledge of procedures that we could help put into action if it was approached differently and what an impact it would be to help make it a point to a new begininning.  It article helps support my main focus of poverty and gives examples of global economic development.  This research brought many different ideas to prevent poverty.  Each section contributed to more than the difficulties, but help address a new approache that could help represent or even reduce poverty.

Annotation 3: 

Reference:  Nasir, A. B. M., & Mridha, H. A. (2017). Does income inequality dampen growth effect on poverty? Evidence from the U.S. County Data. Journal of Developing Areas51(4), 167–177.


Annotation:  Both inequality and poverty are on the rise according to this article.  Each element that is listed in this evidence gives me additional facts to add from the dampen of growth on poverty.  Within this article, statistics are verified using multiple and some overwhelming evidence such as charts and tables.  Each section contains information that represents each area with precise information. This information is gathered to benefit the individual and broaden their intial take on the effect of poverty worldwide.   It also verifies and supports findings by using a time frame.  This time frame presents multiple visuals and understanding to acquire the evidence needed to completely understand this issue.  The impact of the world around us is evident in this article and allows to engage in a deeper understating of how these global issues effect the world around us.  Having a visual of these charts and tables gives me  supplementary information neccsary to understand on a deeper level.

Annotation 4: 

Reference:  Hoynes, H. W., & Patel, A. J. (2018). Effective Policy for Reducing Poverty and Inequality? The Earned Income Tax Credit and the Distribution of Income. Journal of Human Resources53(4), 859–890.

Annotation:  This scholary journal gave sufficient evidence on how overtime, neither wages or low earning have changed.  Even though the world is changing everyday, these global issues have either stayed dorminant or not exsiting at all in the governments eyes.  As a society, it is brought to our attention on the proper procdures that need to be completed in order to bring awareness to this current issue.  This evidence is shown through time lines which detailed adequate information that was gathered through different periods of time.  It then leads into multiple data collections to estimate the effect of poverty.  Within these guidelines, both direct and indirect results were found in levels of poverty.  This source allows details to be established to give a better understanding of the information.  This effect on society shared a deeper understanding on how we can benefit from reducing poverty and inequality as a community and government.

Annotation 5: 

Reference:  Park, C.-Y., & Mercado, R., Jr. (2018). Financial Inclusion, Poverty, and Income Inequality. Singapore Economic Review63(1), 185–206.

Financial Inclusion, Poverty and Income Inequality

Annotation:  All three of these current and changing global issues play a factor in the world we live in today.  This article provides evidence of how the financial inclusion brings both poverty and income inequality into a new perspective.  Both poverty and inequality has supporting facts to establish that financial inclusion can be an indicator that aligns both poverty and inequality together.  This evidence then leads into the economic review and their studies on different countries.  Tables are also presented in this research to give a current rank and country to get a broader range of comparison.  Also, financial inclusion is supported with many available serives for families and how they can be provided opportunities for advancement in the income bracket.  Each bracket is broke down into tax rate and taxale income bracket.  Within these brackets, indviduals are assessed on their fincancial inclusion and then they are given a rank in order to be evaluated in the process.  This evidence is crucital when representing and providing evidence for support.


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