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Should the Legal Drinking Age in the US be Lowered?
18th May 2020
Introduction: “Why the legal drinking age should never be lowered to eighteen”  “It is critical that parents, teachers, and mentors educate the youth about underage drinking well in advance...

Importance of Business Internet Regulations
18th May 2020
Introduction: To Tame the Tech Giants, We Need to Secure our Digital Border Associating individuals using social media has established a way to better our society over the different periods in our liv...

Juvenile Sentencing and Policy
18th May 2020
Introduction: Introduction  With regards to talking about the criminal justice system and adolescents, there have been numerous cases that have had a huge effect on the juvenile justice system. T...

Development of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act
18th May 2020
Introduction: Born thirty-five years ago, the Federal Act known as the National Minimum Drinking Age Act or NMDAA is being exploited by the states, as each one has its own legal interpretations of the exceptio...

Identity Politics and Gun Control
18th May 2020
Introduction: Politics Against Humanity  Politics are not for the betterment of humanity. As we have evolved in the political sphere; the effects of banter from our elected officials in office, h...

Social Problem and Policies of Affordable Housing
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Affordable Housing Social Problem The United States has been struggling for years to combat the issue of affordable housing. Affordable housing is defined as “housing for whi...

Impacts of Controlling Population Growth
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: The effects of delaying marriages, medical facilities, women empowerment and the eradication of poverty are controlling the population growth. This essay will talk about why the government should...

An Analysis of the Americans with Disabilities Act
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Abstract  This paper examines the effectiveness of the Americans with Disabilities Act using current and historical data on employment ratios and median income from several governme...

Evaluation of the Welfare State
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Essay – Imagine yourself in an original state behind a veil of ignorance, you know nothing about the family you were born into. What type of welfare state would you prefer and why? ...

Creating an End to Poverty in the United States
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Poverty in the United States is one of the biggest problems that we face today. Despite prevention acts in place, the United States as a whole still suffers from this issue. The rising numbers ar...

Evaluation of the Valor Act
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: Population The Veteran population suffers from rates of PTSD two to four times higher than members of the general population (Richardson, Frueh, & Acierno, 2010). Post-traumatic stre...

Annotated Bibliography: Raising the Minimum Wage
8th Feb 2020
Introduction: THESIS STATEMENT:  The debate for minimum wage increase should focus primarily on America’s multinational corporate employers and not the small business economy because of the threat it wo...