Water Scarcity in Egypt

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The purpose of this research paper is to find the question about fresh water and analyze the fresh water data. In this text, first I will introduce the situation of fresh water in Egypt, and second is to tell you the methodology. The third and forth steps are “Findings” and “Discussion” to discuss the water issues in Egypt. Then I will to sum up all above information to write the conclusion. To discuss the problems and solutions of water resources in country Egypt. And analyze the data of the rainfall in every year in Egypt.

1.0 Introduction

The purpose of this research is to find out the problem of fresh water scarcity and analyze the information about fresh water scarcity in Egypt. Fresh water is importance for Egypt because this country is located on desertification region and perennial drought. And about 98% of population lives in the most prosperous place, and they need a large number of fresh water to keep their life. China is also a country with severe water. In China, the ranking of freshwater resources is fourth in the world. However China has lots of population, resulting in the per capita water resources is only a quarter of the world average. And I think the water chemistry that may influence water scarcity is the industrial water. Almost all of the aquatic ecosystems in China are good and have fine environment. And now Chinese are improving the aquatic ecosystems be better. In my opinion, the reasons of lack of water in Egypt are the annual rainfall is less and the local population is more. Resulting in the per capita water consumption is less.

2.0 Methodology

The plan for achieving research purpose is to evidence my hypothesis of fresh water in Egypt. The data that I got usually researched from Internet and some of them were got from news. The best is some of them have the example charts and detailed explanation that I can reference to my essay. I researched them by the key words “fresh water in Egypt”. And those articles needed to have writers, and I could do the detailed notes. Usually news articles are truth and valuable and usable, so they are of good quality for use in an academic report, and make my essay with authenticity.

3.0 Findings

The two key fresh water issues in Egypt are annual precipitation is low and the per capita water resources are less. And every Egyptian cannot excessive use of water. Because these two issues involve the natural weather causes and the population causes. The potential solution of fresh water cannot choose the best one, but I think the solution is local government positive to improve the management of water resource and the family planning program. And Egypt government can try their best to control the number of population. In Egypt, people have different kinds of water for agriculture, such as Nile water, groundwater, precipitation and agricultural wastewater. Nile water is the mail water resources for Egypt country. Egypt government can get about 55.5 billion meters of water, and about 86% of this water be used to agricultural irrigation. On the groundwater, every year the Egypt government extraction of groundwater about 4.6 billion meters of water. On the precipitation, every year the rainfall is about 1.5 billion water, however people cannot use the freshwater over than 50%. Egyptian recycling the agricultural wastewater and through purification the wastewater try to use the water again. But this way is in the test and small area application stage.


4.0 Discussion

In paragraph introduction my hypothesis are annual rainfall is less and the local population is more to make freshwater to be less in Egypt. Based on the findings text, I will discuss the water resources management by Egypt government. On the management way, Egypt government did a good demonstration. They implement the unified management on water resources. On the price of water for residential use, different live place has different price of water. For example the price of water in high-income residential area is higher than the price of water in low-income residential area. To try they best to save the water resources and reduce losses. However the price of water on the agricultural irrigation is free. Almost all of the agricultural wastewater that be recycled is used to the agricultural irrigation, and usually the groundwater is used to the drink and agriculture. Integrated all of the information, my argument is scientifically logical. Because my argument is based on the many articles, all of them think the reasons have the relationship with population and environment issues. After all, these reasons are not artificial, so that they are hardly solved.

5.0 Conclusion and Recommendation

Those evidences that I researched can demonstrate my hypothesis. For example the news data, the data shows Egypt is belong to which climate, and to example why Egypt shortage of water resources. From above text, I got the main reasons for the freshwater shortage in Egypt is population and natural environment. On the solution for fresh water, Egypt government expects recovery the agricultural wastewater and clean is to try to use it again. And they also have another policy for water management. Researchers will detect the quality of the water resources in the fixed time. Resulting in they make the best plan for rational use of water resources. In addition, those scientists are going to expand study on save agricultural irrigation water technology. Thought check the local ecosystem, those scientists try to find the most suitable crop that can live in this harsh environment.

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