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The Problem of Global Warming

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Global warming

Global warming raises many fears in our planet Earth. Global warming happens when the temperature of the earth rises. Global warming is a natural phenomenon. The increasing of the temperature happens gradually in resulting to the atmosphere store the amounts of heat which emitting from the sun and the increasing of the concentration of gases such as carbon dioxide. Gases such as carbon- dioxide and other gases take the heat from the sun after that these gases radiates again. Greenhouse gases effects badly on the layer of ozone and this gases rise harmful rays from the sun, which enter easily on our Earth and damage the earth. This operation done in the atmosphere and damages also many people, plants, and animals. There are many problem and fears arising from the Global Warming. It effects badly on human health and on the sea level. There are many ways and solution for reducing the damages of Global Warming like growing trees and using the alternative energy instead of using the fossil energy and cool.

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Global Warming is very dangerous problem in our earth. It is the increasing of the temperature on the earth. The emission of greenhouse like carbon dioxide result to increase the temperature of the earth. These greenhouse gases damage the layer of ozone. Global warming is the principle of changing the weather patterns. Global warming damages many areas and caused many problem such as flood, drought and earthquake.

We face many problem in our time. Global warming one of this problems. Many damages and problem happen behind this phenomena. Global Warming effects badly on our heath. Our ground faced various changes. Most of these changes that damage the earth and our life is the Global warming. In the last years, there are many changes happened by persons not by the nature. Persons do many things helped to Global Warming enter in our earth. People nowadays cut tree. Cutting trees lead to the presence of Global Warming and other things.

There are many effects of Global warming in our world. Our living could be in danger if Global warming remaining. One of the most danger effects of Global warming on our world, it changes the degree of the temperature. The increasing in the temperature of the atmosphere, leads to the increasing in temperature in the summer and severe decreasing temperature in winter. The second effect of Global warming is the rising in sea level. When the sea level caused by the Global warming, Many problem happen and there are many serious problems. These problems are vey difficult to solve. There are many sources said that the world will face crises in water in some areas of the world if Global warming continues. The third effects of Global warming is effecting on the human heath and put them in risk and problems. One of the most diseases arising from the Global Warming is the tropical diseases because when the temperature rises more and more, people infected badly by the tropical diseases.

To reduce the bad problems of Global warming, we can do our best to control the damages of gasses into the environment. We can follow many steps for reducing the problems sever of Global Warming. One of these controlling to face the phenomenon of the Global Warming to save our planet from damaging, the country should put strong laws to face the dangers of the greenhouse gasses and pollution. The second solution to control the Global warming is planting our trees. These trees absorb gases that causes by the Global warming. Trees help to reduce the damages of Global Warming. The third way to prevent the damages of Global Warming is to use the alternative energy like wind, the sun and water for reducing the use of fossil energy and coal.

There are many causing behind the happening of the phenomenon of Global Warming. One of causing is the increasing of gasses such as carbon dioxide, water vapor. These gases make to prevent the temperature from exiting from the atmosphere. This is mean that these gases remain within the atmosphere. The second causes of happening the phenomenon of Global Warming is the cutting of trees because trees help to reduce this phenomenon. Using many gases in purpose of refrigeration and cooling helping to damaging the ozone layer. Building many houses in agricultural areas because of the building homes in these places helped to increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Natural phenomenon also helped to happening the Global warming such as volcanoes, forest fires and Earthquakes.

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Finally, Global Warming is a big problem; we should do our best to prevent this phenomenon. Global Warming damages people, plants and animals. There are many means must be done to reduce Global Warming. Using alternative energy and growing plants help to prevent this ephemeron.  We know that persons play big role in spreading this phenomena by cutting trees and building houses in green lands. People play role in happening global warming by generating electricity. They produce a huge amount of energy by electricity by producing Co2 and atmosphere store heats which coming from the sun, which lead to happening the Global Warming. Global warming caused to make the summer very hot and the winter very cool. Many people, animals and plants died because of the happening of Global warming. Global Warming is a serious problem, we should prevent it to safe our life.


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