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Effects of technology on society

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Today, use of technology is widely available and aggressively promoted throughout society. However; while technology makes life easier for people, it also creates some problems for our society. Nearly every hot technology is created to fulfill people`s need and satisfy. With the evolvement of technology, people live in a world with better conditions. New technologies come out as every second passes and these technologies make our life more comfortable.. Today, society has enjoyed the benefits of having modern technology. However, there is some unnecessary luxuries frequently comes with unexpected and unwelcome consequences. Every solution appears to bring another problem with it. So companies must think about those consequences and side effects of new released technologies on humanity. For example in today word, there are lots of people who are using internet for different purposes. Most of the internet users say that internet makes life easier for people because of the opportunities offered by technology. Some of those people use internet for entertainment and some of them uses it for do their mandatory works. Some of those internet users are aware of those possible dangers waiting for them also their families and their relatives however some of the internet users don`t even have a clue what kind of problems waiting for them. Illegal downloads, internet users abusing the rights of the people who has rights on works and arts, pornography and online games that make people waste time and money can be listed as the main disadvantages that come with the internet technology. One other technology that seems to help make peoples life easier is the use of vehicles. Everyone believe that there lots of benefits of using vehicles in our life like it makes you save time and it helps to deliver important packages to wanted destination in time. However, overuse of vehicles cause serious harm to the environment as well as leading to traffic jams that affect people’s daily lives`. On the other hand, promotion and marketing of unnecessarily luxuries technologies that most of the society can`t afford divides the society into two and it creates discomfort within the society. Furthermore it`s a common belief that technology changes the way people communicate with each other. It`s argued that people became anti-social as a result of their excessive use of online communications. This has lead people to become very materialistic as they have lost their humane feelings. In this paper, we shall discuss what advantages certain technologies bring to the society as well as pointing out the areas and aspects of those technologies that create problems. Through the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of certain technologies, we aim to define a revision on the use of technology in order to have and maintain a happier society. But it doesn’t mean that we must cross out all technology or stop the progress of it.

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        First of all, it is obvious that today there is many people using internet and take advantage of blessings of internet. In general, internet is just a net-work between computers all around the word connected by cable or satellite. According to statics of year 2009, there are 6,767,805,208 internet users on the word. (“World Internet Users and Population Stats” internetworldstats.com. np. Web. 30 Sep. 2009.) People can use internet for their own good for so many different purposes. Student, which studies at any degree of any kind of education can easily find any kind of information on the internet by making quick search on any search web-site or communicate with their teachers without waiting for next day however it also possible to find access inappropriate information and use it for their work. Moreover it is possible to access any kind of entertainment product such as mp3s, movies, games, tutorials without paying any fee for them. A person shares those entertainment products for free and it affects the financial status of owner of these arts. For example The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry stated that 95% of music downloads from internet was illegal according to year 2008. It is equal to US$3.7 billion as a trade value. (“Report claims 95% of Music Downloads Illegal” Slashdot.org. IFPI. Web. 16 Jan. 2009.) They lose their profits because those illegal downloads. So abuse of the right of the people who has rights on works and arts loses their jobs because of companies profit principles. At the end of last century, internet progressively possessed every action of people’s lives and online shopping heeded many people`s attention. Online shopping saves people time to go to the shopping also with world-wide shopping sites people can find their desired products for very logical prices as well. However security exploit of online shopping makes people to hesitate about purchasing good online. There is a well known example about that issue; three years ago, a young hacker (one who illegally breaks into computer systems) gained the data of hundreds of credit cards which is resulted as chaos between banks and victims. We can accept this occasion that technology occurs problems within solutions. Another good point of internet for every age people is online-gaming. According to statics of NPD group 62% of gamers plays their games online and that number is 217.000.000. (“NPD reveals online gaming statics” gamepro.com. NPD Eugene Huang. Web. 7 May. 2007.) Most of those games must be played within some real money and losing money is one of the two chances of those games. As a human nature humans always want to win and they are ambitious creatures. Some of them got beaten by their ambition and spends all their money on those online games which will result like marriage breakdowns and spending their children money to those games. It is same with all MMORPG games. There are lots of web-sites which offer gamers to give power-levelling services or gold in an exchange of real money. Since children don`t know value of money they can easily possessed by those offers. Also there are lots of adultery movies or pictures on internet which will affect young children while they are growing mentally. So how to take advantage of internet or exploit it, is totally decided by people themselves, to resolve problem or misuse it and occur problems. However the certain thing is, technology did not intimidate or affect the quality of life conditions, people may be better to make better use of internet to develop the quality of their life. Because of the reasons I listed above technology creates more problems than it solves so companies which provides those technologies to people must work on those exploits before they release it.

        Another great blessing of technology is discovered with invention of wheel and it was B.C. From that time with the evolution of technology, use of wheel spread through branches of transportation and nowadays we use it at our cars, trucks, buses and even on planes. So many people believe that there are lots of gains of using vehicles in our life. They stand behind the idea of use of vehicles in our makes our life easier and with today’s chances there are lots of cargo companies which offer you to carry your letters, packages to any destination in minimum time. They also have different type of delivery services for every budget. Those are the bright face of medallion however we are skipping the other side; the dark side… It`s true that transportation with vehicles have very important role in our everyday life. The car suggests serviceableness to humans. People can easily ride a car to go to their work in a short time, or to go out to have fun from good weather and spend their free-time with their families by taking them anywhere they want. However the accumulating quantity of cars results new difficulties. The amount of air pollution, the jammed traffic road in rush hours. Moreover there are limited park areas for vehicles in cities and that overuse of vehicles disturbs city residents. While we are using vehicles, we also burn gas and fuel. According to research at USA car emissions kill 30.000 people every year. (“Pollution” caruniverse.info. Np. Web. Feb.1998) Same research declares us most of the U.S. more than half of the residents in the U.S. lives in the places which failed to meet minimum air class requirements. It`s also proved that that air pollution threatens people`s life with so many health problems and damages human respiratory system, cardiovascular system and disease on heart and lungs. Since vehicles using petroleum products, after some time those sources will be exhausted too so we will face with the difficulty of finding new sources for heating and gaining energy. As I mentioned above to solve congestion problems governments making new roads to ease traffic on crowded places. They are using free fields which are located at out of the city so those road constructions creates inconvenience situations for the people lives in those areas. So we must evaluate use of vehicles in our life.

        Today in our world, there are many things that gained importance to continue our life with all our desires. People only can make difference if they have some opportunities at the beginning of their lives. Some of them have that chance however some of them not. It`s sad but because of today life conditions rich people gets richer every moment pass and opposite things are acceptable for poor people. In some situations those rich people`s use unnecessary luxuries technologies such as exotic cars, palaces and even islands. Because of the difference between those two kinds of people they divide in to two. Beings jealous is a human feeling so it can count as a normal however this can creates some problems for our society . Robbery and murder attempts will break serenity of public. Main reason behind the robberies is bareness. Those people must find some food for themselves also for their family to survive against hard life conditions.

        Final point for side-effects of technology on society will be behavioral change on humans. Most of the people says that it`s more easy to communicate with our friends if we compare times in past so we are socializing more. It depends on the angle you look from. People socializing with each other on online-environments such as Facebook, MSN or phones. So there is no face to face attraction on these type of communications. Nature of the human is not programmed for it. People must live and work together to socialize. Feelings musn`t be virtual.

People invented technological tools to make life easier for us and more effective- but by creating such tools he made own as a result more and more free of other living entitties.

We can think about invention of the telephone. Inventor of the telephone is Alexander Graham Bell. He probably not invented telephone to replace instead meetings. Nowadays, telephones has technology to show caller`s name. Telephone was supposed to answer incoming calls however with todays technology it`s your choice to answer it or ignore it. So thats one of the reasons of being anti-social. In past times people were taking care of their dailly jobs by going banks, supermarkets. So they were meeting with their neighbours in those social environment. Since they can make exactly same things throught the telephone in these days; people even don`t know who lives their nearby. That problem results as a lack of communication between people. The telephone has made communication faster is causing lesser direct communication. So it also creates loneliness in human race. Another similar example is TV`s. TV`s are amazing boxes which shrinks whole word to that box. We can almost learn whatever we want by just sitting infront of it so it will take place of our intrest to go outside and socialize with people.

Human beings were not intellectually ready to face them.We need each other to understand the . However as a result of these invetions, it makes people to depandent on technology instead of other people which makes a loss of communication between peoples.

So we must run from technology from technology while we are socializing to keep our human feelings towards each other.

        If we take those issues to consideration it is obvious that technology creates more problems than it solves. Technology allways gives harm while providing us something so there must be more researchs on new releases to make it more acceptable for human`s future. It`s better to think twice while using those devices and we must keep ourselves away from technology addiction for our and future peoples good.


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