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The Soul Does Not Exist Religion Essay

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Wordcount: 1164 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The definition of soul is either in spiritual, psychological or in philosophical terms. The soul is usually part of a person, living thing or object. However, many spiritual systems believe the soul exists in human beings even after death the soul continues to live. Definitely, from religion systems and philosophers description, the soul does exist and hence influences every human being or living thing destiny. The soul is integral and controls a person’s consciousness or personality. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle as philosophers, describe the soul as the quality feature in living things. All Christians’ belief the soul exists and catholic belief is that existence starts at conception. Therefore, from the discussions of philosophers and Christianity whether dead or living every living thing posses.

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The definition of soul is from either philosopher or religious systems. Plato draws the definition of the soul from his teacher Socrates as essence of living things, which decides how they behave, live and it is a separate, immortal occupant of the body (Lavine 156). Aristotle defines the soul as the backbone of living things but it is not part of their physical body. Hillman views the soul as the “self-sustaining and imagining substrate upon which consciousness rests, and which makes meaning possible, events into experiences, is communicated in love”( 112). Christianity view of the soul is according to old and new testaments description. Therefore, Christianity describes the soul as an inner aspect in human beings and other things created by God. However, the soul is distinct from the physical body. According to the Hindu religion, the soul means, the individual Self hence describes a person’s well being. On the other hand, Muslims describe the soul as the will of Allah in human beings. Therefore, when a person’s death is according to Allah, their soul is at rest.

Description of the soul

The soul description is self, life, creature, person, appetite, mind, living being, desire, emotion and passion. Hillman describes that has soul an affinity for negative thoughts and images (113). The philosopher Plato divides the soul in three distinct parts. He describes the soul as logos, thymos and eros. The three distinctive classes mean mind, emotion and desire respectively. The three classes function in a balanced, level and peaceful way. Aristotle describes a living thing’s soul is in its activity. The soul has characteristics, which can be either in religious or philosophical terms. Christians believe the soul determines whether a dead person spends an eternal life in heaven or in hell. God always creates the spiritual and immortal soul and spiritual of a person. Other Christians believe the soul exists, but fall into two major camps, Calvin, believe in the immortality of the soul and conscious existence after death (Helm129). On the other hand, Luther believes in the mortality of the soul and unconscious until the resurrection of the dead (Marius 429). According to religious or non-religious terms, the soul exists in all living creatures. The distinct features of the soul are inability to move, no shape and cannot be located on earth. However, it has eyes and ears hence can make judgments.

Therefore, at least every living thing has a soul for direction and soul is part of God’s creation. The soul does not die hence it is permanently existence. The soul can also define human will, understanding and personality. The soul is part of any living thing personality. The essential properties of the soul are in the mind hence mental status and memory. Hume believed that soul is a divine entity, which is true, but people perceive things as a bundle. Plato thought that because we all share souls, there is no divine entity hence there really is no god because we all have the same soul, but each of our bodies only allow us to access different facets of that soul. Hume also describes a person’s character focusing on the relationship between human and animal nature. The soul also describes living thing’s sprit, desire, masculine, feminine and appetite hence the different way of lives of people. Christianity beliefs on soul, enables human being to respect the soul as a general.

Existence of the soul

The soul is a permanent part living things whether dead or alive. This explains the origin of ghosts. Ghosts are souls of people who did not die a natural death hence come back to earth to avenge their death. Hence, people who kill others experience haunting from the victim’s souls. Due to the existence of soul as a part of human being, I generally respect humanity. This is also a way to avoid the wrath of ghosts. The soul signifies the spirituality of a person hence the innermost aspect of life. According to teachings of Roman Catholic Church on soul, I repent my sins to avoid God’s rejection or going to hell on judgment day after death. The Christianity also teaches about the origin of soul, its fate and God’s expectations. Another characteristic of soul are its ability to be active when one falls asleep and it inactive when one is awake. From the characteristic of the soul as life, person, appetite, mind, desire, emotion and passion describes how I live.

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The ability to learn everything knowable about the human soul by studying the workings of the human brain can describe personal behavior (Bishop 266) every person’s belief, whether religious or not enables an easy understanding of the soul. The belief that the soul exists enables me to determine the characters of different people. Therefore, I choose friends after carefully studying their soul hence their behavioral character. This also affects my interaction with society whether at home, school or in any public place. Due to the belief in the existence of the soul, it determines who I am and my way of life.


Every living thing whether plant, animal or human has a soul that defines its character and personal attributes due to existence of ghosts, people believe that the soul do not die. According to Christianity and philosophy, the soul in living things decides their lives either behavioral, emotional or mentally. On the other hand, the soul continually interacts with the body and mind hence defining people’s behavior and actions. The mind interaction with the soul enables it to understand actions either temporarily or permanently. The existence of soul is spiritual, physical or psychological. Scientifically, the definition of soul is a as a lifeless object that is involved in redefining the world and its destiny. Finally, the soul does exist and describes every living thing way of life and interaction with other living things. The soul in human beings determines each person’s character, way of life, where they live and how they perceive humanity.


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