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Analysis Of Mere Christianity By CS Lewis Religion Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Religion
Wordcount: 1549 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The book Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis was a very interesting. As I first started reading the book from the preface I found out that before C.S. Lewis published the book he read them or gave them to someone to read aloud over the radio it was said to have been published into three separate parts the first one being named” Broadcast talks ” which was aired in the year 1942. The second one that was given on the air was “Christian Behavior “which aired one year after in 1943.The last part to the three part series was called “Beyond Personality ” which aired in 1944. The first chapter in the book was mainly about the Universal Law of Nature and what certain cultures find wrong and what certain right and how some cultures differ in beliefs. One of the many examples used in this chapter was that about marriage and how certain cultures allow men to have more than one wife to that of those who only allow only one wife. Another thing the Lewis mentions in this chapter is that of how a culture would be “strange” if it didn’t follow its own laws. In book one chapter 3 he explains how the only way we know our laws is our reactions to it and how we understand it. In chapter 4 Lewis discusses how greediness and spirits are too conflicting habits to interpret life which have been talked about and conflicted over eternally in view of the fact that thoughts natives begin thinking how the world came upon to be. The authors explain greediness in the books typical common sense, the world as we know it have until the end of time be, and numerical main beliefs of possibility, as well as well-known as chance, bring on the subject of humanity. Lying on the additional put forward, and dovetail with the authors principle about the commandment of the natural world, the spiritual world maintain that a awareness bring the creation interested in survival by means of a understandable principle of create additional love comparable on the road to its own. Anywhere covetousness does not take for granted awareness on top of the life, everything spiritual does. Lewis uses a small number of additional analogy to construct his casing. The mass of human suppose in the life of one or more gods. Lewis admit to at on its own moment human being an nonbeliever, other than subsequent to accommodating the being of God, he exposed a outward appearance of open-mindedness which permitted each and every one religion to have a quantity of fact to themselves, to a certain extent than irritating to display with the intention of all religion are incorrect in their encouragement of belief. In chapter 2 Lewis discusses the pressure group to generalize Christianity interested in a faith that worships a high-quality as well as presently God. He argue not anything in the world is easy, as a result God can’t survive undemanding also. A preside over possibly will appear to be a straightforward control the discussion, but at what time intimately look at turn elsewhere to exist complete of multifaceted stuff, complete of atom, good thing still bearing in mind the preside over involve reflect brightness finished of things. His peak is with the intention of God, even though high-quality bent great that curved awful. In chapter 5 the starting place of restlessness is, as said by Lewis is, to be bring into being in the whole story he claim to have well-known that the ruling of natural world exists, is that human beings have a hard time following the laws, and that Jesus himself is behind the laws of our world and the human ways are useless unless more things are applied to bring humans more intact with the laws. The things that must be accomplished are to understand and live with the laws and to see, and to see that God himself is very unyielding against it, and we are making it more difficult for us in the future if we think there’s an easier way. This part explains the importance of the 3 most important religions in the modern age. These three concepts are Jewish, catholic and Islamic religions which express the concept of Pantheism which is short abbreviation meaning God is the Universe which is understood by Catholics, Jews, and Islamic people as God creating the universe and by atheist God was never real or existed. From Lewis’s point of view the greatest problem and obstacle about Gods issue is that people believing if God actually existed or if he never did exist. More than half of the humans in the world believe one more than one demonic figure or Gods as said by Lewis. Lewis has also mentioned within the book that at one point of time he was Atheist but after thinking and thinking he came to the conclusion that all religions had some sort of truth to them thus allowing him to have an open mind about all religions including and especially Christianity. He later explains and moves on in this chapter saying that God may have taken sides to people in his decisions. Chapter three starts out talking and explaining the free will of man kind. This part of the story is thought to have given Jesus Christ the power and equal ness to God himself. The part that has come to shock me and many readers within the book is the idea that God came down to us in human being form as Jesus Christ to regain the love and happiness within the world. There was a point within the book where he (Lewis) argues that that all of the humans within his world has their own freedom Because God himself decided that is was mandatory in a way so that all of his followers meaning us would love him with eternal love and compassion. With all that said Lewis latter explains that evil would have developed over time which it has and would lead to the destruction of many of Gods creations. Now to Part 3, in chapter 1 of part 3 it explains the significance of morality, Lewis explains these 3 parts in many different and various ways. The first sort of morality has to do with human to human and the relationships we have together as humans. The second point of morality is within the human himself and how he or she sets them self out. The third and last part of the morality concept is that of the human himself and the creator being God in this case and the relationship they both share as one. Lewis s problem with this concept is he has set in his mind that the only part of the morality that the humans meaning us is we only pay attention to the first part and look at nothing more than just a human to human relationship. Chapter 6 which is a brief but interesting chapter which has to do with the Christian marriages within the church. One of the very first thing Lewis speaks about and relates to is that Catholic marriage is the putting together of two people at the same level of spirituality and love. He also explains that divorce is very bad for the community thus cause it’s the taking away of the two peoples love for one anther thus breaking and tearing apart their spiritual bon with each other. Chapter 9 is based on Lewis views on how the charity can benefit how God forgives us and how the term charity does not basically mean to give or donate to the needy and or poor. Another bright point Lewis makes with in this chapter is that being charitable simply does not mean having feelings for others such as love and compassion but is said to be more than just that and is looked at basically a concern for the well being of others he later gives the example of a mother spoiling and loving her daughter or son as a way of being charitable and making herself and him happy this is considered by Lewis to be the wrong way of being charitable. Lewis also includes in this passage saying that even though charity is not the showing of love for another it is the start in showing love and compassion for people and is much more looked upon than having hate against someone or something. Chapter 1 of book 4 explains the well stated differences between the making of and the begetting of one another. It starts off explaining the begetting by saying begetting is the same thing as being born the same with no differences at all, and the making is closely similar to creation of something or someone after the birth is done. The last chapter I am explaining and summarizing is book 4 chapter 3 because I believe it states a very important part of everyday life to all of us. In this chapter it is briefly explained that time is a part of our everyday life and is a concept of our world as we know it, but as said by Lewis Gods world does not revolve around time and does not exist within Heaven Which means that it is virtually meaningless to God but it is most certainly is important to us. This book was very well written even though I have only read half of this fantastic book iv actually started to find this book to be a very interesting and great story as I was writing my essay and going through the book the reason I find it to be interesting is because I love how it explains and takes you through the many places such as the universe as a whole and into Gods dimension which is considered to be Heaven to me and how it takes us to the physical reality of life, this concludes my essay and I hope that this book is used next year because I found it to be very fascinating.


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