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Factors for Succesful Weight Loss

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Any person who wishes to learn about what is obesity and what are treatment available to loss those extra pounds.

 Obesity is a condition in which the body carries excessive and unhealthy amounts of fat tissue, leading the individual to weigh in excess of 20 percent more than his or her ideal weight (DeAngelo L PhD, Kalumuck KE PhD and Adlin EV MD).  Obesity can and should be prevented. Prevention is the key to any health issue. Obesity occurs when more calories are ingested than those burned. The balance between calorie intake and calories lost is different in each person. Factors that can affect your weight include genetic constitution, excess food, consumption of fatty foods and lack of physical activity. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and certain cancers.               The goal of obesity treatment is to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

 Obese people may have to work with a health professional like dietitian, behavioral counselor or an obesity specialist so they can help you understand and change your eating and physical activity habits. The initial goal of treatment is usually a moderate weight loss. However, the more weight you lose the greater the benefits in the long run.

 All weight loss programs require to make changes in your eating habits and an increase in physical activity. The appropriate treatment methods for weight loos may depend on your degree of obesity, your general health and you desire to use needed weight loss plan. The following are treatment tools: Dietary changes, Exercise and physical activity, Behavioral changes, Prescription weight loss medications, Weight loss surgery, Dietary changes like Reducing calories and adopting healthier eating habits is essential to overcome obesity.

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 Although you can lose weight quickly at first, slow and steady weight loss in the long term is advised to lose weight and the best way not to gain it again. You need to desist  unrealistic diets,  because they probably won’t help you maintain a low weight in the long run. There is no perfect diet to lose weight. Choose one that includes healthy foods and that you think will work for you. Dietary changes to treat obesity consist of the following: Reduce calories. The key to losing weight is to reduce the number of calories you eat. Together with your health care providers, you can review your food and beverage habits to find out how many calories you normally consume and how you can reduce them. You and the experts can decide how many calories you must eat per day to lose weight.  All foods have a certain number of calories for a certain amount. Some foods such as desserts, sweets, fats and processed foods have a high energy volume. This means that a small volume of that food has many calories. Other foods like fruits and vegetables, have a lower energy volume. These foods allow you to eat larger amounts but fewer calories. By eating larger amounts of foods that have fewer calories, you reduce the feeling of hunger consume fewer calories and feel better with food, which increases the feeling of overall health.

 Choose healthier options. To make your diet healthier, eat more foods like fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates from whole grains. Also, choose lean protein sources such as beans, lentils and soybeans and lean meats. Try to eat fish twice a week. Limit salt and added sugar intakes. Eat and drink low-fat dairy. Eat small amounts of fat and make sure they come from healthy sources, such as olive oils, canola and all types of nuts (almonds, peanuts, cashew & pistachios). Restrict unhealthy foods like fast food restaurants. Certain diets limit the amount of a food group, such as foods that are high in carbohydrates or fat. Ask your doctor/dietitian which diet plans have been proven to be effective and which ones may be helpful for your lifestyle. However, keep in mind that these diets probably don’t teach you to change your overall eating habits.

 Also increasing physical activity or exercise is a important part of obesity treatment. Most people who lose weight and manage to maintain it for more than a year exercise on a daily basis even if it is just walking. Do at least moderate exercise. People who are overweight or obese should do at least 150 minutes per week of balanced intensity physical activity so as not to continue gaining weight or to maintain the loss of a prudent amount of weight. Making simple changes to your day can mean great benefits for example park further from the entrance to the stores, speed up household chores, and use a pedometer to find out how many steps you take during the day.

 A behavior modification program will help you make changes in your lifestyle to lose weight and not regain lost weight. Among the steps to follow, you will have to analyze your actual habits to know what factors, tensions or situations may have help to your obesity. Behavioral therapy may include: Psychological counseling. Therapy and interventions with experts specialized in mental health or others can help you deal with emotional and behavioral problems related to food. Therapy can help you understand why you eat too much and learn healthy ways to deal with anxiety.

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 To lose weight, you need a healthy diet and regular exercise. But in some situations, prescription weight loss medications can help. Keep in mind that these are intended to be used in combination with diet, exercise and behavioral changes and not to replace them.  Your doctor can recommend weight loss medications if other methods have not make you lose weight. 

 In some cases, weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery may be a choice. Weight loss surgery limits the amount of food you can eat easily, reduces the absorption of food and calories, or both. Although weight loss surgery offers the best chance of losing a greater amount of weight, it can involve serious risks.

 It is common to gain weight again regardless of the treatment methods for obesity you try. If you take weight loss medications, you are likely to gain weight again when you stop taking them. You can even get fat again after weight loss surgery if you keep eating too much or if you eat too many foods with a  lot of calories. But that does not mean that efforts to lose weight are in vain. One of the best ways to not gain weight again is to exercise regularly. Try to do 30minutes of activity per day. Keep track of your exercises of physical activity if this helps you stay motivated. As you lose weight and get healthies  talk to your doctor or weight loss expert about what other activities you can do.

 In conclusion, you may always have to keep an eye on your weight. Combining a healthier diet with more physical activity in a practical way is the best way not to gain weight again in the long term. Take the weight loss and maintenance process one day at a time and use family and other support resources to help you ensure goal in short and long terms.

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