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Life Without the Sun

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According to scientist the sun is the nearest star to earth the only planet believed to be inhabited by the living creatures. This natural alignment is mysterious and it is hard to explain why the star is placed in such a position. The earth is a planet and it revolves around the sun leading to a series of seasonal changes. Science tells us that the gravity of the sun is the one responsible in holding the earth in its current position. The seasonal changes caused by the revolution of the earth have had tremendous effects in the lives of creatures living on earth as well as the physical terrain of the planet.

Plants on earth which are the primary producers in the food chain rely on the light from the sun to manufacture their own food through the process of photosynthesis. In these case the light from the together with chlorophyll a pigment in green plants undergo a series of some chemical reactions that lead to manufacturing of food by the plants.(Kenneth 2006)

Consumers which are made of various animals and micro organisms rely entirely on plants for food. The sense we get here shows that without plants, it is difficult for consumers to live. Since the sun is the primary source of light that is needed by plants to survive, then it is very important because plants apparently form the basis for life here on earth. Plants which make up forests will attract rainfall that will ensure that human beings survive. Water is a very important requirement to all animals and plants in this world. People need water for both domestic and industrial uses. Without water it will be impossible to cook food, wash bath and drink. Plants need water to grow well and to produce the best yields. Food crops like fruits beans potatoes and corn need water in order to grow well.

Water is also needed for industrial use like generation of hydro electric power, supplying industries that engage in very important activities like manufacturing and processing of various products that we may need in our every day life situation. Water from the rain can also be harvested to be used in irrigating dry lands to produce subsistence food. Animals also need water whether domestic or wild. Pastoral communities rely on livestock as a lively hood and if these animals do not get enough water the live of the pastoral communities in danger.(Kenneth 2006)

Apart from these effects on plants, the sun also has some direct benefits on animals. For instance it provides warmth, source of vitamin D, source of light, source of solar energy, act as a stellar cue to migrating birds and animals. The sun also has let to economic benefits especially in the tropics where tourist allover the world troop to these places to enjoy the warmth provided by the sun. Tourists earns foreign income to a country that will create employment opportunities to the locals of tropical countries.

In conclusion, the sun is has a lot of benefits that if there was no sun then it means that life could not be there. In simple terms the sun is life.


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