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Views On Science And Religion Philosophy Essay

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“Modern western empirical has surely been the most impressive intellectual development since the 16th century [1]”. Science is the systematic observation of natural events and based on the analysis of evidence [2]. On the other hand religion is “A strong belief on supernatural power or powers that control the human destiny” [3]. Science and religion have confronted each other views about the nature, human life, creation of universe and many others debate.

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Albert Einstein described the science and religion in his paper; he said that “Science is the century-old endeavor to bring together by means of systematic thought the perceptible phenomena of this world into as thoroughgoing an association as possible” [6]. Science also deals to tell the truth based on some observation and evidence, but some time science theories and inventions may be not fulfill all the requirements that anyone strongly believe on that and it will always create reasoning upon these theories and inventions.


On the other hand religion has defined all the aspects and necessary points of human life and teaches the mankind to spend their lives on specific rules and regulations which religion has. Religion is about belief, and it teaches to human being that believe on facts what it has and religion don’t believe on evidence.

Views of some philosophers and scientists about science and religion:

Some philosophers are not agree with “conflict” between religion and science, one of them is Swami Vivekananda he claims that there is no difference between science and religion he said that both have same claim for growing the humanity in order to spend their lives in a better way [4]. On the other hand Finoghentov Valery said that the relationship between science and religion is complex, because these both are defined the most important sectors of human culture and today the world most human cultures are collide with each other he also stated that another reason is the misunderstanding and accusation and in present time there is need of more clarification and there is contradiction in the place and the role of religion and science on the human life and outlook for the future, and he also stated that the only religion provide the truth to the human about the Nature, creation of universe and all other aspects of human life but some people believe that the science is not outside of our culture they believe that science is the central part of cultures but some great philosopher believe that science deals with a specific set of tasks and you can’t trust it and it cannot deal with any sector of culture and science is failed to define the world most problems like the meaning of life etc that there is frustration [5]. Albert Einstein stated in his paper that if I ask myself that what is religion then I cannot answer this question easily, he further said that religion is the old endeavor of mankind and help human being to become clearly conscious about their objectives and goals. He said that according to these definitions the conflict between religion and science is very complex to resolve and he used the word “to be appear impossible”. He also stated that a religious community believes on the truth on the statement in the Bible, so Einstein said that church has struggled against the Galileo and Darwin doctrines and this arise conflict between religion and science. Einstein further stated that “On the other hand, representatives of science have often made an attempt to arrive at fundamental judgments with respect to values and ends on the basis of scientific method, and in this way have set themselves in opposition to religion. These conflicts have all sprung from fatal errors”[6]. Einstein also stated that religion and science both have strong reciprocal relationship and dependencies and religion defined the goal and objectives for the mankind and science never helped religion to define its goal which it has, and science created by those who trying to bring the things towards the truth and understanding. Einstein believed that there is faith involves in this situation and he further said that a scientist not called genuine if he/she doesn’t has faith [6].

Conflict between science and religion:

Science has concord in some places and also has some conflict with religion. A person who has religious believe, so no one can say that I am blindly believe on this religion, but his/her believe is totally depended on faith and he/she has some religious evidence to prove that I am not blindly believe on this specific religion. Some other researchers thank that religion lead’s the way to science and they believe that some inventions of science already existed in the religion so they both have also similarity and also have conflict, Some time the theory or invention can be change or to add further modifications to the existing one, it means that science have no limit it should be cross the limit which may helpful for the mankind and may be some time harm to the mankind. Some great scientists have religious believe which means that science has proved something that already exist in a specific religion. Some philosophers or scientist believes that religion and science both are related and also have conflict but my point of view religion can help science to achieve its goals and objectives.

Another view about the relationship between science and religion is that there is no conflict between them, because science trying to explain that how the human life was created and how the earth created means study of nature. But on the other hand religion describe supernatural and meaning of human life and has a specific set of rules and regulations on which one can spend his/her life to do right, in this paper the author said that science and religion both have no conflict, because they both have different domain and he also stated that there is no conflict between faith and evolution. He also stated that some scientists have religious believe and some have trust on only science, he stated that “scientific evidence for evolution is vest and thoroughly tested” [7].

Some other people believe “mathematics is seen as the language of science and has been referred to as the queen of the sciences” [8], and they claim that through mathematics science has proved the existence of God. They claim mathematics play role in the discussion of science and religion. So it means that science has not totally conflict with religion they both are agreed on the nature [8].

Most of the science inventions and scientific theories came up with such a truth that these truth already a religion has, I mean that science not always conflict with religion for example about the creation of universe and creation of human life both almost agreed with each other, but today there are many religions in the world may be science has conflict with such a religion but may be another religion agree with science about certain theories and inventions. Some philosophers are agreed that there is no such thing conflict between science and religion, and science is related to religion but some philosophers say that these both have different objectives and aim of life.

Science and religion both have enable the human about the awareness of the natural process, for this aim they both have different way and in this way they both confronted each other, in science many scientist and philosophers are not agree with the definition of science some says that science is what a scientists do [9]. Science also deals with to explore things which already exist in the universe and the people don’t know about that or the people are confused about the things.

Religion is basically about beliefs, it is mostly related to things which are not related to human five senses, and many issues are there which science cannot define or answer like soul? What is soul, what is the purpose of life? Many beliefs like seven earths and seven heavens, angels, paradise and hell etc, so science and religion is mostly contradicting with each other but in my point of view religion is a high level and science is low level, in fact they are same but science speaks what makes sense with the bases of proofs and calculations, I mentioned science as low level because I believe it has boundaries for defining things which is proof but religion doesn’t look for proof religion teaches to believe without finding proofs, how they are same in fact I will enlighten it in the following section.

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Since the beginning of the universe and mankind, few questions have been the center of thoughts for people, like about the universe we are living in, how this universe come into existence, in my point of view what religion says about something is very true because this is what revealed by the Creator and he obviously what has mentioned is true and religious people who prefer religion to science have stronger belief on what religion says, so what religion says is very true and science is what which searches for the truth of anything, whenever it comes across questions to answer it has to provide reasons and proof, so it has been seen and noticed and pointed out by many religious people that science modifies its statements about something, and this is only because as it discovers more it gets more accurate and gets near to the truth.

Creation of universe in religion and science:

To compare science and religion we have a wide area even in religions to pick up but I will try to make it more specific in order to get a rapid conclusion about their views about something.

As science has been experimenting and concluding for the answer of this universe creation, many theories and concepts have come in front of us and introducing their idea about this issue, like materialism and big bang, but now it has been confirmed and concluded that the theory Big Bang which generally states the creation of this universe from one single point, a point with no volume or in other words nothingness, which can be more simply said it has been created if i pick it with religion point of view, and this is what has been mentioned in the Religion Book of Muslims “Quran” *(surat al-Anbiya, 30) [10]

“Do unbelievers no see that heavens and earth were sewn together, and we unstitched them [10]”

If we enlighten this verse, it is exactly pointing out the origin of this universe as a one single piece or one point, and unstitching is what Bing Bang states as the explosion occurs which results the forming of all the bodies in this universe which includes earth and heavens. And related to the same issue, science has come to know that our universe is not stable but it is expending faster every single second which again has been mentioned in Quran 14 centuries ago

“It is we who have built this universe with power and verily it is we who are steadily expending it [10]” (surat al-Dhariyat, 47)


As I have mentioned above the relationship between science and religion. I have come to this point that almost every religion proved that its objectives and way of human life which it teaches to people is true. Because they have some evidence about nature, creation of universe, heaven, God etc in its Holy Books, for example the Christians and Muslims believe on these things and they can prove that from their Holy Books. And some science inventions or theories also proved some facts, which are already exist in their Holy Books. On the other hand as we know that science always based on evidence and science disagree with the above some mentioned facts which religion has, but may be later science will prove these facts but I think may be the creator of the universe didn’t give the ability to human being to know about these facts because science is created by human beings. My point of view we should keep separate religion and science because I mentioned above that they both have different ways, but they both can help each other for achieving their objectives and goals. I personally believe on religion but also I can’t ignore the science because science also has effect on human life. For example “The both, science and religion enable human being to return to it by awareness of personal responsibility for this world. Each of them performs it in a different way [9]”. And I believe that scientists should keep religion and science side by side to discover many new things and they can’t ignore the views of religious communities about the universe, so that in this way science can discover new things and can get the believes of the religious people, and if we keep continue the conflict between religion and science may be some religious communities don’t believe on the new scientific inventions. I believe that science has no limit and may be scientific inventions are not enough to believe that this is its final point, if scientist do more effort and go deeper to the solution of a problem may be in the last or final point scientist believes will also come to religion and may be they will accept that there is no conflict between religion and science and that we should keep both side by side to reach a final conclusion, because some of scientific inventions proved certain truth or natural awareness on which religion can agree with science. As above I mentioned that on the creation of universe both religion and science agree with each other. Science and religion both affect the way of human life and human culture, if they both come together, so that they can improve more the way of human life. And some philosophers or scientists came to this point that there is no conflict between science and religion, so I believe that after many years may be the discussion about science and religion will reach at the point where they both will agree with each other. As we know that in early stages of science some scientific inventions were improved later, it means that scientist can’t claim that this is the final point of a certain truth about the nature; I believe that there is more effort needed for scientists to improve scientific inventions or theories to help the people according to the discussion about science and religion.


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