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Understanding Faith And Reason Philosophy Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Philosophy
Wordcount: 1143 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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We all have our reasons for everything, and we all have our some type of faith in us. Reason can be generally as understood as the principles for a practical inquiry, whether intellectual, moral, aesthetic, or religious. Faith, on the other hand, involves a position that some claim that is not, or at least presently, comprehensible by reason. Both faith and reason are sources of authority upon which beliefs can rest upon. As believers we are to put our faith in the Lord, and should have a reason why we do it and a reason why to stay true to it. Some people say that one can even lack faith or deny God’s existence, but yet still find consolation in the practice of religion. Over the years people have had put models on faith and reason; they are, the conflict model, the incompatibility model, the weak compatibility model, and the strong compatibility model. Also there are some reasons why we have faith, which are God makes himself known to us by the innate principles of our nature, also God goes into our reason in its exercise, by proposing such things into its consideration as from whence it may and it cannot conclude in an assent into the truth of what God intends to reveal to us that way. And the last reason because God reveals himself unto our faith.

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The conflict model states that faith and reason seem to be very much the same. Even when they seem to be showing and saying different things this makes a valid opposition. The opposition is between the religious fundamentalist who are on the side of faith over reason, and then you have the scientific naturalists, who are on the side of reason over faith. The religious fundamentalist believe that you should have faith over any reason of the doubt that it is having faith brought you through it all. The scientific naturalists say that you should explain why things happen for a reason, not just because of idea but because it happen because something caused it to happen. With the model it says that faith and reason seem to be much the same, which underlines the fact that if you put your faith in something, and it works out you can prove that you putting your faith is the reason why it had happen. An example of that would be putting your faith in that someone would come back home after they ran away, than after a few days they did, so you can state that your faith of them coming back home was the reason why they did.

The incompatibility model can be understood as to be dissimilar to the other models. Reason mostly gears towards the experiential truth, as religion gears toward Godly truths. With both faith and reason aiming towards truth there is no contention between them. The incompatibility models divides into three different subdivisions. The first subdivision is that some can hold faith as transrational, which is higher than reason. This later strategy has been used by some Christians. Reason only can reform what is already inherent in faith or other practices. The second subdivision that some can hold is that the belief in religious things makes it unreasonable, which is not subject to reasonable evaluation at all. Most people who adopt negative theology usually follow that subdivision, also the manner that assumes that all assumption about God can only be what God is not. The third and final subdivision also includes the theories of belief that claim that religious language is only symbolic in nature. Many of these subdivision and other forms are results in what is customarily known as the assurance that faith should not just be subjected to the labels of balanced explication and or validation.

The weak compatibility model, can be understood as the dialogue is possible with reason and faith, even though both faith and reason had sustain distinctive realms of assessment and simplicity. An example of faith can be used with the involvement of miracles. Which that the reason to include the scientific method of testing the hypothesis, a lot of the people from the reformed model of Christianity takes in this compatibility model. This model can also be understood as faith and reason may be able to come together and not cause such a huge hullabaloo on everything. An example of that could be having faith that your car would start up even if it is very old and it is cold out, the reason may be because you kept it in good shape over the years and it hasn’t let you down or it might just be the reason of having faith that it would start.

The strong compatibility model is understood that faith and reason have a natural relation, and maybe even have some equality. One of the common forms of this model is known as natural theology. The articles of faith can be and are verified by reason, either by deductively, which is shared widely by theological grounds or by inductively which is from one’s common experiences. This model can take on two forms, it can either begin with reasonable scientific claims and can supplement them with convincing theological claims that are unavailable to science, or it can start with typical claims with a theological customs and refines them by using scientific thinking. An example of the previous would be the cosmological confirmation of God’s existence. An example would be the argument that science would not be possible unless God’s goodness ensured that the world is comprehensible. Most if not all Roman Catholic philosophers and theologians believe in the possibility of natural theology1. Some of the natural theologians tried attempting to unite faith and reason into a broad metaphysical system. This strong compatibility model has revealed why God decided to disclose Himself overall since we have such admittance to him through reason alone.

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The reason of faith is because God makes himself known to us by the instinctive morality of our nature, into which he had communicated, as a power of apprehending, so an ineffaceable sense of his being, his authority and even his will, so far as our natural confidence on him and moral subjection into him do require. An example of this is “For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them” (Romans 1:19 ESV) this verse is showing that God is known to us because God has shown himself to us. God makes it known to his being and indispensable properties and by the other his monarch ability over all. There are many parts of the Bible that show evidence about God showing himself to man.

God goes into our reason in its exercise, by proposing such things into its consideration as from whence it may and it cannot conclude in an assent into the truth of what God intends to reveal to us that way. God does this by the works of creation and providence, which they present themselves unavoidably into reason in its exercise,


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