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Philosophy of Paranormal Activity and Morality

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Haldane says that the universe is not as strange as we imagine, but it is far stranger than we can think it is. Over the years, several people have claimed to have experienced paranormal happenings with most experiences being unproven, believed entirely on word of mouth. There has always been a high debate on the topic of paranormality which may never see an ending. For instance, one of the fundamental reasons that certain phenomena are described as paranormal is that they are unexplainable and, as of yet, unproven. “The term paranormal describes any event that is unexplainable and unexpected based on our current scientific knowledge” [ii] . This means it designates experiences that lie outside “the range of normal experience” or “outside of science’s current ability to explain or measure”. Some of the types of phenomena or occurrences that are typically described as paranormal include Crypto zoology, Clairvoyance, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), Ghosts, Apparitions or Poltergeist, Parapsychology, Precognition and so on. This essay will highlight various aspects of paranormality and how people get influenced by it and how it should be prevented as it is morally wrong.

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Everyone in this world is psychic to some degree. This is sort of inherent in all of us. [iii] Every person has their own personal degree of sixth sense. For example, some people have a relatively poor sixth sense sensation whereas; some people have a considerably high level of sixth sense. In fact, they are able to predict future happenings or they just sense the oncoming of a mishap. “A psychic is sensitive to the electrical, magnetic and other energies emanating from the individual and known as the aura” [iv] . What is aura? “The aura is an energy field- it is our life force. Aura takes two forms -cosmic vibratory energy which is present everywhere in the universe and specific aura which sustains every human body. “In this, you will learn how to use both these sources of energy”. [v] . Psychic readings can be pretty accurate as they contain vital information of a person’s life. Furthermore, a psychic also uses his natural ability to be aware of non-verbal communication that is body language, facial expression, dress sense etc. “ESP or extrasensory perception is perception occurring independently of sight, hearing, or other sensory processes” [vi] . In fact, people who have ESP (extrasensory perception) are said to be psychic. In addition, some think that a lot of people have ESP; others think it is a talent that only some have. ESP in some way; refers to telepathy. Usually, Psychic people are said to be quite convincing; such as in day to day life we have definitely seen people who are able to predict small happenings around the house or maybe the forthcoming of a particular person. Moreover, sometimes people who do posses such abilities begin to practice it on a regular basis, and also experiment it on others. They also try to earn money out of this practice because people who do not know much about physic activity get easily dragged into it. Such practices should strictly be restricted as it can cause social instability. Conning people through this method to earn money is just wrong thus, this practice should be completely banned. It is against normal human behaviour. Another aspect to paranormality is ghosts. There is also a high debate on this matter.

“…hearing is the easiest of the five senses to deceive.” – Milbourne Christopher [vii] 

Ghosts (Poltergeist) in its modern definition are now associated with physical paranormal activity inside homes such as mysterious disturbances, moving of objects etc. The most common type of examples being moving or throwing of small or large furniture, loud noises or shrieks, rain of objects from around the house, odours of which the source cannot be detected etc. They have been known to have caused interference in telephones and electronic equipment, and appliances and lights on and off. They may even become full bodied or half bodied apparition. Hence, it is better to stay away from such entities that are disturbing humans. Clearly, they can be extremely dangerous. Ghosts can also cause harm to humans as they are not at peace. For instance, if we trouble them they are also going to do the same in return. Some people also call ghosts deliberately either for the fun of it or to study them better. Therefore, human beings have no right to disturb those at rest whether they exist or not.

Ghostly experiences usually have an adverse effect on people. In fact, some even go crazy to the extent that they kill people around them, thinking that they are out to get them. There have been many cases of people who commit suicide or get into drugs. Some people deliberately call ghosts using the Ouija board also called planchette. An Ouija board can be a simple piece of paper or a delicate wooden plank with alphabets and numbers written on it. This is used to call ghosts or spirits by a group of people where they all sit around it and try to get in contact with spirits. There is a very low success rate to this. Aside from that, this can also be extremely dangerous and can lead to harmful effects. Sometimes after a successful session when one tries to send the spirit back, it just does not leave and behaves stubborn. Thus, this can be extremely dangerous for people performing this practice. Spirits sometimes do not leave the place at all, just stay there and maybe also harm people. Such practices can disturb everything around you sometimes. Therefore, it is better to stay away from such practices and not perform them as this is taking away the peace of the spirits who are at rest. The debate on the existence of such practices still has not come to a conclusion so far. However, there is a belief that this practice does actually exist. This does prove to some extent that ghosts do exist because some findings actually prove their presence using devices like EVP’s. The existence of these happenings and bodies are even being studied using scientific technology.

Science has progressed so well today and far today that it can accept multi dimensional reality [viii] . The entire scientific community has been shocked by Quantum physics due to its contrary to normally held scientific theories [ix] . There are tests to measure and qualify the ability for ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) that is psychic. Such as, voices of spirits recorded on site of activity are being provided as evidence. This is called Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP’s). This is used to record voices that are made in the presence of ghosts. EVP’s are then used as evidence to prove the presence of ghosts. Shocking and startling facts have been revealed by people who have experienced supernatural bodily experiences. Usually people say that the first sensation of a presence is that the temperature around them drops considerably and it gets really cold. Various different kinds of sensitive machinery have been created by scientists to study this phenomenon. In fact, proofs have even been found in the form of photographs. For example, it is common to see pictures taken in a church or a shabby stairway where you can see a faint figure in the background or just dust in a picture. These faint figures are normally like a hand or maybe someone’s face or a whole entire body. Such an instance usually has an adverse affect on the person experiencing it and also in rare cases it affects the person seeing it.

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As stated earlier, we see that psychic people who posses Extrasensory Perception and ghosts do exist. It is evident that ghosts actually exist as if they did not, there would not be much controversy and high debate about them. EVP’s and video recordings that are genuine do prove the existence of ghosts. In some cases, these stories definitely cannot justify their existence. The proof is not enough. But, according to me the process of calling of ghosts should not be practised. This is morally wrong and also unethical at the same time. Spirits should be left at peace as we have no right to disturb them. To conclude, I feel that this practice should be banned and be conducted at all. There should be some legal action taken against the practice of the Ouija board. This might reduce instances of paranormal activity in the future.

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