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No Art Without Freedom Philosophy Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Philosophy
Wordcount: 1258 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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In this essay great emphasis is put on the Albert Camus Quote, that without freedom, the existence of art is something that is not existence. In that perspective, the term freedom can be defined as the ability to have the will to make individual choices. These choices should be determined by individualism and not affected by any other out ward force. Art is considered to be more spiritual than it is physical science and therefore there is a need for the freedom of the spirit to express itself to the people. It is a mere fact that the more freedom is given to artists, the more they criticize the evils in the society thus creating a positive impact in the society. Artists feel like they are prisoners of their own conscience in the event that they are not given the freedom and the chance creates. Therefore this essay tries to cover the need for freedom in response to determinism, morality, Libertarianism and the free will in regard to the artists.

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Creation is more spiritual and inborn than practical. This mere fact can be emphasized on the fact that artists given the freedom and the free will to express there spiritual beings within themselves. The philosophical art has developed and practiced the term free will into many ways. This is because artist tends to think that when given the will to express themselves, they can come up with better ideologies than when they lack their freedom to express themselves. Without the free will to create, man may have no progress in life. Art is known as a field where man can communicate to themselves without the need to be verbal. Through art a lot of information can be transferred from one age group to the other. For example there ancient work of the earlier artist is still in place and today to be used to transfer information for research about the cultures and the social wellbeing of the ancient people (Honderich 122).

Determinism on the other hand is the concept and ideology that any occurring event is bound by cause and effect. Artists believe that in order for them to come up with practice ideas, these ideas must be caused by something. That is what triggers them to come up with pieces and small ideas in there minds in which they amplify them to have a future work. There must be a causality which lies beyond the free will of their thoughts and the freedom to deliver their art into the society. Take for example an artist who is a singer by career. Before they come up with a new song there is something that triggers there thinking ability and often leads them to writing the song and then delivering it. This thing that causes them to come up with the song is what can be termed as the determinism (Salles 167).

The same applies to when artist does something that is original in their own sense. They are forced to explore that vacuum in a deterministic manner towards an ultimate new outcome. This can be clearly demonstrated by a singer. When a singer has got some new life experiences, they are compelled to come up with new ideas and lines that enable them to come up with an ultimate new and original version of there song. This version is not compelled by their free will to make a choice to come up with the song but the causality will be the events that happened prior to the writing of the song. Therefore the beauty of any form of art can only be realized if there is freedom for the artists to have the free will to conduct there business and this will cause the to come up with magnificent ideologies (Sleinis 178).

According to (Honderich 45), it is a common believe that free will of artist does not coexist where determinism exists. Many artists believe that where free will exists, there is a constraint for the determinism to occur. This argument can be supported by incompatibilists who believe that all the constrained of determinism including the free will exists. They believe that the determinism is hindered by physical constraints like the imprisonment of individuals. The threat of punishment also hinders the ability for the causality of events therefore denying the fact that there is the existence of causality and effect. This is because the arguments for free will have implications in all aspects of life like religion, ethics and science. For example in ethics, it is believed that the actions for individuals have implications which can be accounted for in case of a breach (Turiel 24).

Libertarianism is the concept and the ideology that humans must be given the free will to express their ideas and actions. Researchers believe that liberalization is achieved through the large-scale power decentralization. When artists have been given the power to express themselves, it becomes easier for them to deliver their expressions to the public without any constraint. Philosophers believe that artists have got the right to live life and express their divine spiritual wellbeing without any physical constraints. When people have been enslaved, they are not productive as compared to the people who are not liberated (Salles 123).

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Liberation is important in all forms of the society and art is not left out. The lack of liberalization is a question that should be dealt with effectively to attain the freedom of expression. The free will of artists to come up with exciting commercials is also affected by their ability to express themselves and the ability to generate new ideas which are unique and do not resemble others. The liberation and the free will to act have caused a lot of questions as the philosophers support the free will to the artists. Like when the musicians have been prohibited to talk about some issues, they never interest the public because they display the same ideas that they have been expressing even in the past. This brings the spirit of boredom to the listeners therefore causing exhaustion of their work and ideas.

Morality is the term used to define the norms and the behavior of individuals in the society. Morals are the accepted norms within a society. In art there are norms that should be used. When the artists follow these norms they become obedient to the society and can cause long term changes. There are distinctive codes of conduct that defines how an artist should behave in the business environment. These codes are known ethical rules that define ability for one to perform in their specific duties. They should be respected by any artist

In conclusion, art is known to be more spiritual and this fights the common view that morality that it is a practice field. Many people in the world of art today advocate for the policies whereby they would be free in order for them to deliver effectively. The success of many artists is based on the decisions that are made by the respective governments in the making of their code of ethics. This brings the question that is morality a good measure in art and should it be applied in the art? The answer is definite; every aspect of humanity needs some morals in order for the people to prosper without clashing with the public. Philosophical aspects of morality defines that morals should be used where there is freedom of expression and this will in the long run bring the essence of free will to all the people involved in art. The truth about determinism is also evident in the world of art. The cause and effect of the soft determinism can be evidenced by how the artists become affected in their lives and end up coming with new ideologies and work which is beneficial to them.


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