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Investigating The Five Second Rule Philosophy Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Philosophy
Wordcount: 1213 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Almost everyone, at one point in there life has dropped food on the floor and still had the crave or wanted to eat it not considering if it had fallen. Most chaps quote the 5-second rule. This is randomly saying about how foodstuff will not be contaminated with germs if you pick it from the floor in less than five seconds. Many people do it not knowing this is it has become part of there human nature some just do it because the rule exist

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The 5-second rule has become attached to our culture and life in day-to-day bases that it forced scientists and myth blasters to test it. They were testing if there is any truth in what was being said but that is just what it was a myth no proof was fond to support the rule nor was there any type of evidence that would prove any facts in the what so called rule. The test did confirm that depending on what type of germs got in your system one would get sick it dose not mater if one picked the food five seconds or five minutes later.

Just to clarify this so-called rule is not a written rule. This is, it is not written in any rule, law or regulation books, it is just a rule that people have come up with and is written in peoples head

When I was young, I always used to drop food all over the floor only to pick it back again citing the five-second rule. I grew up believing that it actually was true germs would take five seconds when food fell on the floor but know I am not so sure is there any truth in this concept ?

Some people say that the five second rule is a rule that make people fill good after eating food from the ground, to them it is but just a mare blind concept that dose not make any perfect sense. To some the five-second rule is just the perfect excuse to eat any thing. Some people actually say that germs run away once they see the food falling down.

However, do imagine this, you have just got off job hungry and tired you have been waiting a whole day for this moment. You walk in to a restaurant and odder you favorite snack then as you are on the verge of putting it in you mouth it falls down and you pick it before five seconds are over what will you do? Will you throw it away because it fell or will you go right ahead and eat up thanking the Lord a five-second rule exists?

Truth be said, people look for very weird rezones to do what they want. Its part of human nature its part of the world. It is why human are human. There is nothing like the five-second rule. Many individuals have done research and companies, people have used a lot of money to try to research on this rule to tray and come to a conclusion of this theory.

The truth is that, for example, an article written recently in New York confirmed what is now turning out to be our worst nightmare yet. After a few test a research in article came to a conclusion that was both disturbing and astonishing. The five-second rule should really, to them, be a zero-second rule. this is because there test show that when food falls on the floor the time it uses to fall on the floor dose not at all change the risk involved in this in the first place.

In fact, another research, which was done by a university here in the stats, showed that 97% of germs are transmitted almost directly. This is within a second of an object being exposed to germs. This is very amusing if ne would think of it. If it is possible for an object food to get that lot of germ per second how much dose it get in the five seconds.

There are two very important aspects that one should think about when one before they pick up food from the floor and go right ahead to eat it this are clean looking surfaces are not inevitably clean and fast as some cases may not be fast enough

This means shiny new clean floors are clean yes to the naked eye and not necessarily to the Microscopic germs that cannot be seen using ones naked eyes people assumer that just because they cannot see the germs they do not exist. There is a saying that says washed surfaces are just as clean as the mop that was used to clean them. Actually if we thought about that for a minute then you will see the sense in it if a mop was used to clean the toilet floors then cleaned the dinning room isn t picking food from the dinning floors the same as picking food from the toilet floors. Think about it is there any big difference and if there is which one?

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If conditions of germs to attach them selves to food are right, then it dose not make any difference how many minutes it is on the floor the germs will still get on the food. No matter how fast one was on picking it. Up in very dimple terms, germs have no taming; they will get to food as fast as they can. However, it is also true to say that the longer the food stays on the floor the more germs it accumulates.

Not all of the germs are harmful. Well they are but not all of them is that bad some are just milled? However, some can drive one to that point of misery or torture some germs for example those that cause diarrhea can make one suffer or even at some extreme situations lead to death. Even if one cannot see the dirt on the food that one has just picked up it dose not mean the food is safe for consumption. One cannot be sure of what type of germs he is about to eat.

Let us assume that a fruit one is having has slipped off one s grip. The safest way is to throw it away. There is another thing to consider even after the five second rule that does not search out the fact that the food might have landed in a place where someone parked his butt.

Yes human binges have this way of turning things around so that they favor them but some of this thing go to far the five second rule should be scraped off completely it dose not make sense as it is how can food that has fallen down be clean. Especially wet food this is for example apples they do attract germs very fast

Yes I do agree with many people that it is wrong to let some of this food go to waste just because it fell down for less than a few seconds but is it worth to get sick just because of some food. The rule is a sham and doses not apply at any level.

Detailed biological research of the five-second rule: the notion that if you pick up a fallen portion of foodstuff before you count up to five, is O.K. to eat it.

We are tolled about microbes on foodstuff every time there is an outburst of diarrhea or salmonella, and each time we examine the stickers on packages of raw beef. However, we do not have much incident to reflect back about the day-to-day practice of getting and consuming dropped portions of foodstuff.

This research therefore concludes that the five-second rule is spurious and just but a belief. What the students proposed is that candy cay does contain a substantial bacterium that is harmful. It is never correct to eat food that has dropped anywhere on the ground. This will help reduce disease and by doing so money spent on buying painkillers or de-wormers can be used elsewhere. So one does not have to be ignorant of the fact that germs are not aware so if you drop food on the ground no matter how sweet it is one should throw it away and by doing this one will be free from many ailments.


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