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How Do We Measure Success In Society?

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Wordcount: 1506 words Published: 8th May 2017

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Successful individual is found in many places now days. Many people say that they are a successful person. For them they are successful with their life and they make people see them being successful also, this makes others call them a successful individual. Someone who has no ambition or any goals can neither be said success nor failure. Life is not a contest therefore there is nothing to be judged. There are many reason or many qualities to justify a person as a successful individual. A successful individual maybe said as someone who is very happy in their life and very contented with their professional or even their career and also with their family or their personal life. A person’s successfulness also can be said because of the money and the fame they have. There are many ways to say that a person is successful. There are many different qualities that make an individual to be said as a successful person. For me, there are a number of qualities that make me justified in calling a person successful.

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The very first quality that I feel justified in calling a person successful is their willingness in doing a work. A person who really wants to be successful is always willing to dig into things deeper and do all the work given to them correctly. A successful person is always willing to do whatever it takes to create the life they want. They are people who make their life successful, they create their own life, they are not the type of people who says that fate is everything, and let the fate do its work. For me, this is the first quality of a successful individual, their willingness.

Secondly, I think that a person with open mind and open thinking is one of the qualities that a successful person should have. Successful people are always open to many new ideas. They always think differently, they always think a new way of doing things, and they never stop thinking what is best for their life, and things that makes their life even better. Successful people don’t close themselves off from information that helps them in their life or career. They are always ready to hear and find out about new things that will be very helpful to their life or maybe it might help a lot for their work.

Other than that, another quality that makes me justify a person is successful is their courageous. Successful person are often risk-takers, which can be said as courageous person. They are vey daring in the things they do. They tap the courage that lives deep into them and use that courage for their successfulness. They try out many new things that give them ideas for their lives. They always put themselves out in front of others to make other see their successfulness and learn for them but this doesn’t mean that they are being proud but they are making others want to be successful also.

Another quality that should be in a person called successful is being committed to their work or to the things they do in their life. A successful person should always be committed in what they are doing and in what they want. People who are committed will stay focused in their goal even if it takes months to achieve it. A successful person who is committed in their work will see the success in a big picture which will be the big gain in their life and that will help them stay focused and keep them motivated in everything. Being committed to something that will take a long time to see the success make a person to be patient and wait for their success. This is what I say a successful individual.

Additionally, being persistent is another quality that makes a successful person. Persistent means being determined. There is no such thing as giving up for a successful person. They never give up on anything that they do. They make sure that they find ways to make a thing that they are doing a success. This is why they are called as a successful person. For a successful person, success is 98% and 2% is their talent. They always say to themselves that they can do it no matter what happens, they seldom give up, and they gather all the things or information they need to make their work a success. This is they quality that should be in a person who says themselves as a successful person.

Furthermore, being adaptable and flexible is another quality that a successful person should have. A successful person should always go with the flow in order to get thing done. Being adaptable with the place we are or the people we are with is a way to success. Take things easy, learn to be with many type of people and learn from them is the smartest way to walk in the road of success for our lives. Other than that, a successful person also should also have the quality of being flexible. Being flexible with their boss or colleagues is another way to climb up the stairs of success. Therefore as for me, a very good quality of a successful person is being adaptable and flexible.

Another quality that makes me feel justified calling a person successful is their creative mind. Having a creative mind is a good way to make work done fast. Successful people who have creative mind know how to solve their problem with creative and innovative thinking. When given a work to do and ask to do it with creative new ideas, a successful person with a good creative mind wouldn’t have a problem doing the work. A lot of new ideas should be given, a successful person always thinks out of the box, look around for new things to be taken foe the work, scroll around there and here to get new things. A successful person should always be creative and does work without fail and submit in right at time.

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More than that, there are still a few more qualities that I feel a person should have in order to call them successful; being spiritual. Being spiritual is another good quality that a successful person should have in order to have a strong spirit. A successful person should have a deep commitment to their spiritual side of their life. Successful person understand their life is more than just a life but is it a deep feeling that come within their life. A successful person let their spirit guide them, but in the right way of course. They follow what is right and they know how much their life important is for them. Our soul is the powerful thing in any life form and it can do wonders.

Another quality that should be in a successful person is patient. Patient is very important for everyone in this world but as a successful person, it is more important for them. That is because patients can even change a good person to a bad person in seconds. That is why a successful person should have a lot of patient. Success takes a lot of time to build. Successful people are people who are happy, but still they have to allow the things they want to come in their own timing. That is where they have to be patient. Other than that, they also have to be more patient when they are in work place, when there are with some personal problems or family problems. When they get to be to patient and solve the entire problem, which is when they really become a successful person. This is why I include patient as a quality to justify a person is successful or not.

In life, we must take responsibility, 100% responsibility. No matter what happens, we must be responsible and think in way that because of us only that incident took place. It is the decision that we made yesterday that lead us to something in our life today. We shouldn’t keep on blaming others for what we did, if we keep on doing that, we will never achieve anything in our life because we are giving away the power to control the situation and when this always happen we will be never called as a successful person. This is why responsibility is very important as a quality in a successful person. A successful person is a person of taking all responsibility because we are given a work with trust of responsibility that we will go it with our best creative ideas and hard work.

In a nutshell, to be a successful person, we must always believe that we can achieve it. Most people don’t believe that they can do it. They don’t believe that they can be rich or successful in their life. This is why the negative thoughts in a human can downgrade them and never make them successful. We must always believe in what we achieve in, this thinking will automatically open our mind and bring a potential within us, everything becomes possible for us and there comes a successful us in our mind and ourselves. Those were all the qualities that make me feel justified in calling a person successful individual. I also want to be called as a successful person, therefore I guess I must make other say that I have all that qualities but then before that I must plant all that qualities in myself and make it grow with enough sunlight, air and water and never forgetting fertilizer to make the plant in me to be more greenish. I am also a successful person.


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