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Are Zoos Cruel To Wild Animals?

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Philosophy
Wordcount: 897 words Published: 18th Jul 2017

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For the question that “Are our zoos cruel to wild animals” I am agree with this statement up to some extent. Zoo is the place where animals are kept within enclosures be displayed to the visitors for the awareness about wild animals. Zoo is like the second home of the animals. Zoos are considered a great teaching center about the animals and their behavior. We cannot imagine our society and environment if we destroy the animals that are our ecosystem. Animals are the important part of our ecofriendly nature and ecosystem. Each and every creature is dependent on each other. A man is a social animal. They depend upon other loving creature made by the god. The San Diego Zoo has a center called “CRES” the Center for Research Endangered Species. It is the largest zoo based center. Their main aim to improve the health of both wild animal and the animals which are captured in the zoos through sharing the problems and research with the other countries and to maintain the genetic knowledge and their resources so they can support in their conservation. A country can only be good and known by the way that how they behave or treat with animals.

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Is it cruel? Just think if anyone take us and keep us behind the bars, don’t allow us to do what we want, don’t allow us to eat according to our wish. As we all like eating pizza, burger, etc. and any one comes stop us from eating all these things not only this, stop us from doing all those things which we want to do according to our wish. How we feel? We surely feel very bad. we even can’t think of living like this that is we even can’t think of living in anybody’s foundation and we only keep those poor animals behind the bars. Is it not cruel for them? As we have feelings, wishes. Animals also have some feelings. They also feel very bad. They also want to live freely. They also want to spend their life according to their wish as we do. They also want freedom. They also want to eat according to their wish. And I think we human are the biggest hindrance in the life of those poor animals. We only keep them behind the bars and given name to that place where we keep those poor animals as ZOO but I am not going to call that place a ZOO. I will call it a PRISON. According to us PRISON is that place where criminals, anybody who have done any mistake are kept behind the bars. So we should not call that place a ZOO we should call that a “PRISON OF ANIMALS”. The place where animals are kept behind the bars without any mistake.

Why we keep those poor animals behind the bars? WHAT IS THEIR MISTAKE? Is there any answer for this question? I know no one can answer this. But I can give you the answer. The answer is we keep those poor animals just for our pleasure. We all have visited the zoo. Remember that time when we were small, we went to the zoo with so much of excitement. We see so many type of animal there. We use to make lots of fun of them. But no one ever tried to think about those poor animals that how they feel. Don’t they feel bad? They also have feelings they too feel bad. We keep those poor animals behind the bars for the sake of saving them but are we really saving them. NO, we are not saving them actually we are exploiting them. We all know that so many animals die every day in the zoo and we give reason that may be the environment doesn’t suit to that animal. But no one bothered to find the actual problem. Did anyone ever thought that why these animals are dyeing so frequent? It is so not only because of the change of environment. There is any other reason also and the reason is that they don’t like that boundation. They are habitual to live freely in the forest. There they can do anything whatever they want. Their they do hunting according to their wish. They can run anywhere as they wish they can play as they want but no w they are taken to that place where they can’t play freely. This is the reason that most of the animal die in the zoo. Most of them become lazy. This is all only because of we human being. we are the biggest culprit of the wildlife. For our pleaser we have kept those poor animals behind the bars. I think those should be punished who do this. Who had opened this so called zoo? Who hunt those poor animals and keep them behind the bars. Zoo is not the correct place to keep the animals. Forest is the home of the wild animals and that is only the correct place for the wild animals. So they should allow living there only.

If we really want to save the wild life we should disturb them from their natural living. I mean we should not migrate them to such a prison. Let them live their life as they want. Let them live in the forest only.

There are so many sanctuaries and national parks are organized by the government to save those wild animals. Their they get the environment as same as that of the forest so let them live there. Why these zoos are made which are of no use? It is just for the pleasure of the common people and just to earn some money. It is just to exploit the animals. So it’s my humble request to the government officer that they should pass some order to close all these zoos so that the wild animal can live their life freely.



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