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What is Personal development plan(PDP)?

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Personal development plan is another name of plan of actions. Which we can use to achieve our future goals. We can make the model of our own choice which we can implement in our life according to our future plans.

We make plans everyday but do not always write them down, PDP allows you to set your own targets and find best way to achieve them.


Personal development plan refers to

The creation of an action plan based on a reflection of your personal, career, and academic objectives.

(Personal developing planning, Wikipedia)

Basic steps

To make the PDP work, it depends on, how much benefits we can derive from

PDP plan before making the PDP we should keep following points in our minds…

• What I am good at

• What I need to work on

• What could help me along

• What might stop me

What I need to do?

What I need to do it is very difficult question in our daily life. We never think about how we establish our life how can be a successful person. That is why we spend whole life as a normal person nobody knows us and we bury in grave.

Who is successful?

Does rich or luck is important in success?

Luck is not important in a successful life. But money plays an important role if person knows how to utilise it. But if person does not have both ingredients he should have passion, energy and enthusiasm to achieve oriented goals. How could compete and manage things in life. One and only key to be successful “Set a goal, Take risk then dive into the situation there is more chances to achieve it”

My plan

“Invest without boundaries within world markets”

Now days it is simple to get good profits with low investments. Trade in international markets and start with low investments. But first of all should have knowledge of markets. How markets could behave? What are factors which can be good or bad in markets? What is the best time to invest and what time is for sale?

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Good time to invest?

It is recession time and share prices falling sharply. It could be the good time for investment. The world economy is a volatile place right now. Stocks markets going downward frequently and it is down almost 40% on the year. Right now stocks low across the board. It could be a buying opportunity for those who have a longer investment plans. Because long time for shares to gain value.


Invest with the plan

Never invest blindly. Always make the plans what you want to achieve for short term or long term. Otherwise it can be disaster. Make plans. Like

• How market is behaving in the start

• A specific company. What are Directors activities?

• What is the target? where need to enter or leave the market

• How is company behaving throughout the year? profit or loss

• Should have maximum information about the company

• Is it time for buy or sale

• Never be greedy always follow the numbers


Investment options

Stocks and shares

Shares are the most common and well known form of investment in the world. In simple terms, buying stocks or equity gives part ownership or a ‘share’ in a business. The more shares buy, the greater stake of the business own, and the more influence can have in how it’s run. In return for investing in the business, receive dividends and share in the growth of the company. And receive loss if share value will shrink. There are two main types of shares: ordinary and preference.

Ordinary shares usually entitle you to vote at shareholder meetings and receive dividends, which are a proportion of the company’s post-tax profits. Preference shares have priority for repayment over ordinary shares when it comes to dividends and entitlement. Remember one more thing shares value can fall as well as rise and should prepared to lose the investments.

Financial spread trading (FST)

Financial Spread Trading (FST), also known as Spread Betting, is a high-risk, high reward activity. It offers a tax efficient way of trading a wide variety of products across the global financial markets. It’s a versatile tool that can help you to profit from both up and downward movements in prices.

FST account you can bet on a variety of instruments including major indices, currencies, commodities and individual equities quoted on leading exchanges.

FST can be traded online or on the phone.

• No direct commission or stamp duty

• Ability to bet on markets going short as well as up

• Leverage deposit only a fraction of the contract value

Contract for difference (CFD)

CFD is a leverage product and provide a way to trade on the price movements of a wide range of assets including equities, indices, currencies and commodities without the need to buy and hold the underlying asset directly. Although they are traded in a similar way to ordinary shares, CFD can be used to speculate on upward or downward price movements, making them a flexible alternative to traditional trading. With CFD trading don’t need to pay the full price of the asset, allowing maximize stake for only a fraction of the capital outlay would need to buy or sell the asset directly.


“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful”

(nytimes.com, by Warren E.)







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