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Self-Reflection for Personal and Academic Achievement

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Personal Development
Wordcount: 1115 words Published: 18th May 2020

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Initial Statement of Intent



The main purpose of this document is to provide with a self-reflection analysis based on my previous education, work experience, professional goals and aspirations. This document describes my own understanding of modern business, my personal educational path, and future milestones. The document is supported by strong theoretical and practical knowledge.


The main link in the chain of my professional development is knowledge of the modern business. When it comes to my own understanding of business, I would define it as a collection of activities driven by a goal of providing products and services to consumers in order to generate profit. I have created my own perception of business by analysing great authors such as William Pride, who defined business as the organised effort of individuals to produce and sell, for a profit, the goods and services that satisfy society’s needs (Pride & Kapoor, 2017). 

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Since my early days, I have been very interested in Economics. I have been driven by a desire to discover how a modern economy functions and affects the global picture. With this in mind, I strongly believe that this course is going to help me to gather new knowledge and develop my personal and professional skills related to the economy. The course is led by some of the leading Australian experts in the field of economy, hence, highly educated and knowledgeable people will help me to find answers and gain the required knowledge. At the end, I would like to use those skills to make a better living environment for myself and my family.

My active participation and learning about economy started several years ago. My passion for this area allowed me to successfully complete a Bachelor Degree in Economy a few years ago. Upon graduation, I started working as a bookkeeper and an accountant. This was a great opportunity for me to further “sharpen” my theoretical knowledge in a real-life environment. My previous employments in Macedonia allowed me to work with clients and provide all sorts of administrative work and financial consulting services. Driven by the early success in my professional career, I came to Australia, where I started working for an accounting company.

The overall academic knowledge and work experience provided me with a strong foundation. I have learnt the structural concept of Economy and its use in modern business. My intention is to use my skills in order to complete the course and elevate myself to a higher level. Realistically speaking, I am fully aware of the fact that I have got some much more room to advance and learn.

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During the path of my professional and academic development, I need to ensure the required outcomes of the course are met. In order to do so, I intend to build upon my previous skillset and invest hard work and determination to learn more. My intention is to attend theoretical classes and consolation sessions with my tutors. I am willing to be guided by more knowledgeable and experienced people. Only this way, I can make sure that all the course requirements are met.

In order to manage and monitor my studies to a successful conclusion, I need to put maximum effort into the development of my academic assignments. This would require additional reading, learning about Economy, attending webinars, conferences and similar events. By seeking advice and guidelines from my tutors, I believe that I would manage to meet all the requirements of the course. The monitoring process will be based on tracking down my grades and using self-reflection techniques to identify potential areas for improvements. Importance of self-reflection was defined by Mr Peter F. Drucker. In his book, “The Drucker Foundation Self-Assessment Tool”, he defined the importance of self-reflection asfollowing effective action with quiet reflection, from the quiet reflection will come even more effective action (Drucker, 1998).

Focusing on your own individual personal development plan enhances the qualities you hold within you and makes your dreams and aspirations turn into a reality (Shervington, 2012). I view this course as a personal development opportunity. I believe that my studies will have a very significant impact on my professional career. The main idea that I am driven by is based on utilising my knowledge and skills and opening up a new accounting company in my home country, Macedonia. I am convinced in the fact that my studies are going to give me a competitive edge over the accounting companies in Europe. I would be able to use my academic knowledge and work experience to display a new level of quality of accounting and economic services.   

When it comes to goals that I would like to set for myself regarding the course, they are based on both short and long term outcomes. My short-term goals are related to developing my own self-reflection mechanisms, gaining a deeper understanding of business complexity, developing my hard and soft skills. I would like to use this course to gain a better understanding of business principles and other key elements that I would be able to use in practise.

By looking at the situation from the long-term perspective, I would like to obtain sufficient business skills needed to start up my own business. Furthermore, I would like to gather enough theoretical and practical knowledge through this course to work independently in the modern business environment. This would mean gaining knowledge about different leadership styles, decision-making mechanisms, development of my own emotional intelligence, communication, and social dynamic skills. All those elements are going to be very beneficial for accomplishing my long term goals and having a successful business one day.  

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