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Nursing Personal Philosophy

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Wordcount: 1863 words Published: 28th Jul 2021

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Who am I? Having to evaluate yourself is a tough task for just about anyone because as a person there are so many different things that make you who you are. Currently, I am attending school at Becker College as a student with extreme motivation and passion to practice nursing for my career. Personally, I find it very hard to describe myself as an individual, but I think that also has a lot to do with my personality. I tend to be very hard on myself, but it also makes me a hard and determined person. I am a very friendly and bubbly person, I love being positive and surrounding myself with other optimistic people. I live in Bourne, Massachusetts with my parents and four siblings. For me, family is the most important aspect in my life, nothing comes before family. Being the youngest of five, I’ve learned to be patient but also very ambitious, whether that would be beating my brother in a game or being the last one in line to get the remains of dinner. From a young age I knew I wanted to be involved in the medical field. Moreover, I would like to point out that my desire to help people and make a difference in their lives is what pushed me into nursing.The great part about the nursing profession is the broad spectrum of where you can work, whether that be location or the field. For me, I have always wanted to work at Boston Children’s Hospital in the trauma unit or psychiatric ward. When I was younger, I was at Boston Children’s hospital for over a month and I remember being amazed at how incredible everyone that worked there was. In all honesty, I would enjoy working just about anywhere, if I am helping others and making a difference in my field, I will be my happiest self.  

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Definition of Nursing

Nursing is such a broad and advanced career that governs so many different aspects of what is required to allow you to be a nurse. An aspect of nursing is being an advocate for prevention and care of diseases among individuals and families within a particular geographical group. As a nurse, you are entitled to govern personal interventions, which involve the advising of care provided by other healthcare professionals. Nursing is the promotion, protection, and optimization of health and abilities of the human body with the motive of preventing an injury or illness. (American Nurses Association, 2016). An aspect of nursing is being an advocate for prevention and care of diseases among individuals and families within a particular geographical group. As a nurse, you are entitled to govern personal interventions, which involve the advising of care provided by other healthcare professionals. Nursing is an advanced career, which requires you to illustrate appropriate communication skills. This will improve their likelihood of deciphering certain patient information correctly, which will  reinforce the progression of treatment. As a nurse you are guaranteed a secure and rapidly changing job, where you are able to practice your profession with positivity and free will.

What are your underlying assumptions & beliefs about Nursing?

Most jobs have many different assumptions and beliefs that come with their profession. For nursing my main assumption has been driven in me because of the amount of health professionals I have in my family. I assume that all nurses have a deep passion for caring and wish nothing but the best for their patients. I also believe that nurses are more interested in the care they give their clients rather than how much they are being paid. From my perspective I see how my aunts carry themselves as nurses and it inspires me to be just like them. They aren’t in it for the money, they believe that helping others is more rewarding than the income they receive. Another assumption about nursing that I have is that they continue to learn throughout their careers, whether that might be doing research or even the experience they go through. The nursing environment, as well as practices that come with nursing, can determine the type of patients that you have reporting to a particular health facility. Another assumption is that it is assumed that in nursing the environment is any in any situation the nurse influences or is influenced by the patient. Some examples of influence might be  of religion, psychology, economy, or society. For patients it is assumed that some of them may have off days which may contribute to their negative attitudes and it is the nurses job to not judge them or take it personally. Sometimes it is assumed that nurse and patients relationships can be very negative depending on how to nurse reacts to the patients actions. I believe that if the nurse acts in a professional manner the relationship between the client will go smoothly and everyone will be happy. When it comes to communities I assume it is important to adapt to adversity in a professional manner. Every community is different in their own way, it is so important to not reflect bias or stereotypes towards them. To provide the best possible care for the community it is crucial to understand that each community has different sets of values and goals.

Define the major domains of Nursing and provide examples

There are four major domains of nursing which enhance the provision of competent and compassionate healthcare to the community and national levels in the society.

  1. Person

Remarkably, this domain revolves around the high valuation put on human life by nursing professionals. Importantly, nurses recognize each patient as an integral part of his or her environment as well as family. It is worth acknowledging the responsibility played by this domain in ensuring that individual clients participate and interact with the ever-changing healthcare environment. Besides, this domain enhances respect for the customer’s rights of self-responsibility, determination, as well as confidentiality.

  1. Environment

This domain focuses on the setting under which a patient receives healthcare and their free will to participate and adapt to changes in the healthcare environment. For instance, this domain clarifies that clients may expect a safe and secure environment under which vigilant valuation and assessment of their health condition accompanied by timely reporting of the results.

  1. Health

In nursing, a particular illness or health condition is experienced uniquely and individually by an individual patient. As a domain, health revolves around focusing on an illness as a state of health but not condition. 

The Connection between the Four Domains

Importantly, it is worth noting that these nursing domains are interconnected, hence dependent on each other. For instance, nursing as a domain directly benefits from a person, since without that nurses would lack clients to attend to. On the other hand, environment and health directly depend on each other, for health is only provided within a conducive and favorable environment. On overall terms, all domains contribute to the existence of each other, which in turn leads to the successful existence of nursing. 

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What is your vision of Nursing for the future?

Over the recent past, nursing has undergone numerous changes, an aspect that has contributed to its current face. Undeniably, it is evident that nursing will continue to experience such changes in the future, for the better of healthcare. My vision for the future of nursing is changes in demographics, shortage of nurses, as well as advances in nursing technology. It is worth acknowledging that if nurses and stakeholders in the healthcare system do not prepare for these changes, the nursing fraternity will have trouble in the future. It is my vision that shortly, nurses will take the challenge and advance their nursing knowledge to meet the requirements if the changing dynamics in nursing. On an intense note, it is worth acknowledging that the shortage of healthcare professionals will likely lead to more responsibilities on the current nursing professionals, prompting them to broaden their scope of practice. Importantly because of changes within the population, nurses will be forced to change their roles to suit specific needs. Regarding nursing education, more emphasis will be put on the importance of updated skills and knowledge. On a different note, in hospitals and health care institutions, there will be a need to update nurses regarding the latest research and technology.  

What are the challenges that you will face as a Nurse?

Undeniably, the greatest motivation for nurses is receiving favorable compensation for the services offered. However, according to the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses organization, some nurses in some regions of the United States of America are paid more than their counterparts in other places (Gooch, 2016). Secondly, nurses have exposure to workplace violence inform of mistreatment by co-workers or patients. Thirdly, nurses are always exposed to putting in more work than the compensation due to a shortage of nurses. Lastly, as a nurse, one is exposed to workplace hazards as well as working for long hours due to the state of their clients. With hazards, nurses are under the risk of contracting germs from their patients or even blood borne pathogens.

What are your goals for professional development?

As an aspiring nurse, I will engage in productive and continuous learning to update my knowledge on nursing. I will mainly focus on nursing areas where I have some difficulties to enhance my chances of adapting to the changing aspects of the nursing career. It is worth acknowledging that I will plan effectively to facilitate easy and efficient learning. As an aspiring nurse, I will ensure I expose myself to nursing materials while interacting with nurses to further my knowledge. After school, I will apply to a hospital to start my nursing career, a long process that will be accompanied by continuous learning as well as a change in technology.


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