To What Extent Is Knowledge of Organisational Behavior Useful to Managers of Businesses?

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To what extent is knowledge of organisational behavior useful to managers of businesses?

     There is greater competition for enterprise in the present framework. Many businesses produce the same product with various trademarks on the market. They are running their business with a vision. For successful vision achievement, they have to achieve their goals. Therefore, they are in a position to run their organization better than their competitors. If the company wants to have a successful workplace, they have to satisfy their employees. Organizational behavior is a tool for effective team management and it helps managers to understand and predict human behavior in a company. It examines how organizations can be more correctly structured and how several occurrences impact organisation externally. It is now more important than in past years as organisations have to master themselves to adapt to the quickly evolving company culture resulting from a competitive market. Organisational behavior is not just about keeping employees satisfied. It is a question of positioning staff according to their personalities and experiences and helping staff to develop in a manner that makes them a more profitable asset for the enterprise. Even though ultilising knowledge of organisational behavior presents many challenges, this essay will clarify the necessity of having knowledge of organizational behavior for managers of companies. First, the definition of organisational behavior will be briefly introduced. After that  challenge of organisational behavior will be described. Then arguments for the usefulness of organisational behavior for motivation, job satisfaction will be provided.

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According to Robin S. (2011, p. 8), organisational behavior is to investigate what people do and how their conduct affects the performance of an organisation. It is essential to understand how individuals function in an organization because the majority of individuals work for an organization, and are favorably and negatively ìnluenced by their experience in it (George & Jones 2012, p. 5). The field of organisational behavior will be very crucial some day as individuals attempt to cope with the specific difficulties of being a manager, someone whose task is to help other people’s work directly (Schermerhorn et al. 2010, p. 14).  With the understanding of organisational behavior, managers can be efficient manager – one whose team, work unit or entire organíation continuously achieves its objectives while employees stay capable, passionate and content in their job (Schermerhorn et al. 2010, p. 14).

It is true that managers are challenged to deal with a diverse workforce by organisational behavior theories. If an organisation or group consists of individuals of the same gender, age, religion, and so on, the attitudes and behavior, its members probably have very comparable attitudes and behavior (George & Jones 2012, p. 17). By contrast, if the members of a group differ in age, ethnicity, and other characteristics, their attitudes, behavior, and responses are likely to differ as well. Managers are challenged to allocate jobs, promotions, and rewards in a fair manner (George & Jones 2012, p. 18). A diverse workforce poses another important challenge to exploit the differences in attitudes and perspectives of people of various ages, sexes or races to improve decision-making and improve organisational performance (Jamieson, D & O’Mara, J 1991, p. 38). However, overall, the knowledge of organisational behavior is very necessary for managers as it helps in motivating employees and creating job satisfaction.

When the managers have knowledge of organizational behavior, they can know how to motivate their employees, which will help in getting their work done pro-actively. According to Pinder (1998, para 11), motivation is a set of energetic forces which both inside and outside of a person’s being are responsible for initating work-related behavior and for determining its form, directions, intensities and duration. In an organization, it is very important to maintain a high motivation level in the employees to enable them to bring out their best at the job. A highly motivated worker is likely to be a happy and productive one (Wilson 2014, p. 128). No strategy works for everyone, each person has a distinct attitude and character and each person should have a distinct motivation (Ben-hur, et al., n.d.). Individually, employees vary in the way they try to meet their requirements and the fairness of ưhat managers try to do for themselves and their working environment (McClelland cited in Schermerhorn 2010, p. 113). The National Business Research Institute (n.d., para 3) says that some workers are motivated by money, while others are motivated by other factors. Different workers are motivated by different things, some by money, others by praise and meaningful work. A key goal for managers is to understand what motivates each of their employees by asking them, listening to them, and observing them. Schaufenbuel K (cited in Napolitano 2016, para 6) says that managers can enhance company efficiency if they know the rationale employees’ behavior and use these outcomes in order to motivate employees. Motivated staff are productive rather than non-motivated staff (Schaufenbuel cited in Napolitano 2016, para 6). Employees want to be a component of the team and make every effort to enhance the company and its output (Heryati n.d., para 5).

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     Understanding organizational behavior can shed light on the factors that can promote or hamper job satisfaction, which can foster higher productivity and reduce turnover. The most-used research definition of job satisfaction is by Locke (cited in Dunnette 1976, p. 1304), who defined it as “. . . a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experiences”. Moreover, job satisfaction represents what they expect to gain from the job meet or exceed their expectation (George & Jones 2012, p. 75). Commonly, employees are generally satisfied when their job provides the things that they value.Manager must respond to the needs or expectations of employees in order to ensure employees are satisfied with their jobs. If the job can not meet the fundamental requirements or other expectations of workers, they can leave the job and work for other businesses that can ofer the thighs (George & Jones 2012, pp. 85-6). This may bring a high rate of staff turnover in that organization. When the turnover rate of staff is high, the company requires to spend more cash recruiting and training fresh staff. On contrary, if employees satisfy about their job, they will do their job in a beneficial manner. It will also enhance their morality and efficiency (Robin, et al. 2011, p. 72). When employees perform well, the organization performance and overall profit will be improved. This show that how importance of employee job satisfaction in the workplace.

      In conclusion the knowledge of organisational behavior is needed for a manager in company. In this essay, it has been argued that motivation and job satisfaction are advatages of having knowledge of organisational behavior. Management teams have to observe their staff and staff’s behavior, the managers are likely to see matters differently than their staff. The last thing manager wants to take the feeling of the employee with regard to any situation. As with any company, in the same situations a group of employees will be acting differently because they are all different. The manager must understand the discrepancies and build a platform that is the same for all employees and the possible situations. The organization behavior will help managers see the employees’ behavior and reform them or to simply remove them and their behavior.


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