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Technology and Organizational Behavior Issues

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Organisations
Wordcount: 1313 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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Organizational behavior issues include management and choices made in training, motivation, remuneration, and value system/culture. Coaching is a significant issue in many organizations which has a considerable impact on the company’s work culture. Training and development help determine the level of employee competence as studies show that poorly trained employees output is reduced as they are unable to perform assigned tasks due to lack of proper training. Organizations can facilitate employee training in several different ways through coaching, providing educational opportunities through formal schooling, and also by delivering on job training or outsourcing the training (Atrizadeh, 2015). The main challenge with coaching is that productive time is lost when employees are unavailable as they attend training sessions.

The Culture

Motivation is the driving force for employees completing work-related tasks. The motivation for employees differs as motivation levels are based on many factors, some of which are a positive work environment and attitude towards the job while other factors include a lack of satisfaction in their current role. (Du Plessis, 2011). Departments, where employees are highly motivated, help to create a positive work environment. These departments tend to include employees who have undergone extensive training in understanding their work requirement. Behavioral issues arising with respect motivation include the need to impart skills necessary to not only make employees understand and like their work, but make them satisfied.

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Remuneration is also a major organizational behavior issue. Employees do not receive the same salary. Some employees earn more wages than others. The difference arises from the level of skills and output. Those who are highly skilled and work in specific departments that perform well receive higher wages. However, others working in other departments receive a lower salary which impacts their morale

The Appropriate Systems

Easy availability of a reliable internet connection means that workers are just a text or an email away. Future workplaces will consist of a global melting pot, which will directly impact the work culture of an organization. The most appropriate systems to introduce into the organization include those that facilitate the flow of information within the organization. Informal appraisal systems are directly linked to a cultural shift from a traditional workplace setting Steven Widen Forbes.com.  In particular, systems that appropriate are those that promote knowledge acquisition, knowledge transfer, knowledge sharing, knowledge interpretation, and organization memory.

Knowledge acquisition systems are those systems that help acquire facts, through monitoring of the environment to obtain data stored for other purposes. Business intelligence systems are an excellent example of methods that are used to receive information from the environment (Wheeler and Burt, 2014). These systems perpetually scan the background to collect new data to use data to formulate strategies. Other methods that are appropriate to introduce into the organization are knowledge transfer systems. Knowledge transfer systems are systems that help pass knowledge from one stakeholder to another.

The main stakeholders are employees but might include other external stakeholders such as creditors, suppliers, and partners. For internal stakeholders, a local area network consisting of a few computers connected via the internet or intranet can be used to transfer knowledge from one employee to another (Wheeler and Burt, 2014). Employees utilize the email platform to send and receive communication to their coworkers, immediate supervisors, and managers, as well as to receive important company communication or even other forms of messages to update their colleagues or superiors.

Knowledge transfer occurs between an organization and external stakeholders such as partners through the use of the internet (Atrizadeh, 2015). The medium is used to update partners in a horizontal or vertical arrangement. Knowledge sharing systems are systems which help employees’ access knowledge together. These are systems which facilitate learning as a group. Google learning is one system which creates an environment of a class where one employee can learn with others. The one who knows becomes a lecturer who teaches other employees. Any employee can instruct others hence promote knowledge sharing.

 Finally, knowledge memory is another essential learning system. Knowledge memory enables knowledge gained from the environment to be store; such knowledge is used to create a culture as it helps an organization acquire an identity.

Systems with the Greatest Impact

The systems that which have the most significant impact on an organization include knowledge acquisition, knowledge sharing, and organizational memory. The knowledge acquisition system has one of the most significant effects on an organization. This system helps businesses to continually scan the industry to gain an understanding of new competence areas (Du Plessis, 2011). This system helps our organization to have a competitive advantage by getting to know to change macroeconomic and microeconomic dimensions. For instance, our business intelligence system continually searches for new ideas and also new knowledge which could be of importance to the organization if every employee embraced the ideas. If the plans are adopted and imparted to employees early enough, the organization will motivate employees who like to ahead of others in understanding a concept. These employees respond by doing their work faster and more accurately.

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Organizational memory is the most important outcome of organizational learning. It will help our company to form a pool of ideas, and consequently values. New ideas and perspectives of issues are stored and with time form a part of the organization (Atrizadeh, 2015). This creates a certain culture in the long-run. The formation of a culture and acquisition of identity is vital as it creates a positive behavior. In as much as employees might have different jobs or work in various departments, the most crucial issue is their capacity to have one culture or behavior which helps them to have one goal. An example of systems that facilitate knowledge memory includes databases which use advanced IT technology and logic to store information about an organization over a long period.

Knowledge sharing will also help our organization acquire a culture of understanding concepts together. Under knowledge sharing, different employees can act as instructors of other employees as they learn an idea and share it with others through the use of information systems.



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