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Organizational Redesign Recommendation for Infiniti HR

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 The following report consists of an organizational redesign recommendation form and key points for the internal review meeting after the past few weeks of class to determine how the company that I work for, can improve their organization design. The information from Infinti HR was from an interview from a colleague to collect information below. This information will aid in the organizational redesign process for this company and this course.

Organizational Redesign Recommendation Form

Strategic mission and goals of client organization

Infiniti HR’s mission is to provide small businesses with exceptional payroll, and benefits, services while gaining their trust and satisfaction. The main goals of Infiniti HR is to provide our clients with the feeling of trust. We listen, we are accountable, customizable, communicate, develop partnerships and represent value.

Strategic gap related to client’s current organization design

The strategic gap related to the current design is the lack of the technology with the services of responding after hours. The goal is to provide outstanding value and exceptional service, but with lacking the automated responses, we are getting a lot of back lash with not being able to get what they need when they are in different time zones.

Strategic goals of recommended organization redesign

The goal of the recommended redesign is to close the gap between their current organizational structure and the strategic goals of automated responses. The goal is to eliminate the wait time of responses.  As well as, eliminating the frustration of the clients by providing quicker responses.

Recommended model for client organization

The model I am recommending for redesign is a virtual organizational structure. This structure involves collaborative organizations which allows the company to fulfill the needs of their audience. They can connect with another company who specializes in automated responses.

Why are other models not appropriate?

Functional structures usually tend to be to resistant to change and divisional structures tend to duplicate effort and lose efficiency. Matrix structures combine the two other structures and can make role responsibilities unclear and complicate the span of control (CITE). Modular structures fit best with manufacturing and product-based industries. The above structures to not fit their currents needs and would not fill the strategic gaps.

What are the risks associated with your recommended model?

The risks include; lack of communication, lack of organizational identification among employees. (Weingarden, 2011). This also includes lack of the clients interest in the company who cannot meet the fulfillment of the services that they are requesting.

Internal Review Meeting Preparation Form

Key descriptive points about your client organization

1. Infiniti HR is a Human Resources company whos other competitors are other human resource companies.

2. Infiniti HR is a small company, only consisting of only 75+ employees.

3. Infiniti HR mainly relies on smaller companies who are seeking payroll, benefits and HR services.

Key points about your client organization’s strategy

1. To provide outstanding trust and great service to our clients who come to us for help.

2. To ensure that we are protecting their identity and accounts.

3. To provide great communication so the clients can reach us when they are in need of getting answers or documents.

Other key points about your client organization

1. Infiniti HR has several different departments to ensure that clients are taken care of; Payroll, taxes, benefits and the service team.

2. Infiniti HR’s main structure is the family oreiented vibe. They want their employees and clients to feel safe.

3. Infiniti HR lacks automation responses and still relies heavily on manual responses.

Your recommendation and how the recommendation links to strategy

1. Focusing on organizational redesign on an automated structure is what Infiniti HR needs to fill the gap between their goals and current structure.

2. Online chats will bring in the technology that they are lacking. This will provide the exceptional service they promise to their members in order to give them answers at all hours of the day.

3. Good motives and collaboration will allow them to have a better head start on succeeding against other competitors.

Key points supporting your recommendation

1. A virtual structure is responsive to the rapidly changing environment (SHRM, 2015).

2. Technology plays an increasingly important role in improving communications, doing administrative work more efficiently, and connecting employees to customers (Ulrich, Younger, Brockbank & Ulrich, 2012).



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