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      June 29, 2022

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Benefits of Third Sector Organisations

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Organisations
Wordcount: 2969 words Published: 18th May 2020

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Third Sector Organisations:


Thirdx sectorx organisationsx isx a termx usedx to describex organisationsx that are neitherx publicx sectorx nor privatex sector. It includesx voluntaryx and communityx organisations. Somex examplesx canx be bothx registered charitiesx and otherx organisationsx such asx associations, self-helpx groups andx communityx groups, socialx enterprises, mutualx andx co-operatives. The growth of a third party during the 20th century and modifications will be implemented over time and public sector policies with the voluntary and private industries will be introduced by the government.

Thirdx sector organisationsx also shortlyx called TSOsx generally:

•          “are independentx of government. Thisx is also anx importantx partx of the historyx and culturex ofx the sector;

•          are ‘value-driven’. Thisx means theyx are motivatedx by the desirex to achievex social goalsx (forx example, improvingx public welfare, xthe environmentx or economicx well-being) ratherx thanx thex desirex to distributex profit;

•          reinvestx anyx surplusesx generatedx in the pursuitx of theirx goals. Forx this reason, TSOsx arex sometimesx calledx ‘not-for-profitx organisations. Inx manyx cases, TSOsx needx to makex profit tox be financiallyx sustainable.” (National Audit Office, 2010)

Types of Third Sector Organisations:

•          Not-For-Profits (Volunteer Organizations)

•          Trade, xTechnical, xProfessional xAssoc.

•          xAcademia

•          xFoundations

•          xConsortiums/Councils

•          xNew England xUKs E-quake xConsortium

•          xWestern xUKs Seismic xPolicy xCouncil

Recent historical context of third sector involvment with the public sector:

Third sector is mainly used to address the range of companies not in the public sector or private sector. Voluntary organizations and community organizations with social businesses are included in the third sector. Better access for more customers and manufacturers is developed by the third industry.

Third sector organizations do participate in the community, support marginal communities, the connection of the budget constraints and many other things. As seen above, third industry organizations have an important role in managing the community and promoting governmental sectors and organizations.

The xBoard of xDirectors relationshipx with the xorganisation xUmbrella xenhanced in xa few yearsx the understandingx and marketx of xthird-party affiliation. Servicesx between Newx Marketx and publicx agencyx rights werex given byx the thirdx sector. Thirdx industry xoutlined social xintegration xand thex slowly xgrowing xpopulationx and promotedx human xrights. In thex socialx servicesx industry, thex third sector xplays a significantx role. Duringx the lastx decade, the participationx of the thirdx industry xin social xcare was xincreased xand thex challenges werex addressedx more xeffectively. Thex servicex includes xregular xexperiences xfromx the interview xthat addressedx differentx sourcesx including  social care.

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 Social xcare andx therapy xprocessesx in latestx times arex particularly dependentx on organizations xof thex third xindustry. Theirx roles focusx on thex associationx and interrelationshipx to createx the consultancyx and politicalx controlx created by professionalx developmentx and restorationx planning. For NGOs, reliefx and aidx must bex providedx under thex lawful legalx measures. It canx be usedx to providex the organizationsx of the publicx sector withx activex requirementsx andx considerations. Itx is enough to xchange relationshipsx whichx are essentialx for collaborationx and voluntaryx considerationx in orderx to createx an inter-organizational xconnection. In the contextx of specificx growth of xsocial policy, a mixedx economyx involvingx and borderingx the government, thex voluntaryx and privatex sectors. The voluntaryx and governmentx partnershipx is crucial xto creating horizontal xand local xexploration xrelationships. The socialx and health xcare environment xis important tox address the xanalytical gap betweenx statutory, healthx and socialx industries.

The Role of third sector organisation in the society


Public xservices xcan xgain xa lot xfrom xworking xwith xthird xsector xorganisations. Thex benefitsx vary xacross policyx and xlocal area. Some of the roles of thirds sector organisations in the society can be things such as:

  • Understanding of the needs of service users and communities that the public sector needs to address;
  • Closenessx tox thex peoplex thatx thex publicx sectorx wantsx to reach;
  • Innovationx inx developingx solutions;
  • Performancex inx deliveringx services.

• The third chapter given a variety of different statutory institutions including non-statutory bodies and social assistance as the main budgetary role.

• The function of the third is to ensure social security for the elderly, for kids and for people with disabilities at stake.

• Part of the economy and social services to clients and society were included in the service.

• The third industry included care for those who needed more assistance and security.

• Community enhancement and social inclusion necessary for social mobility development.

TSOsx also speakx outx forx peoplex andx theirx needsx tox thex publicx sectorx and tox widerx society. Suchx activityx mayx bex based xon a xlocal, xdrop-inx advice xservice forx people withx unmanageable debt, rightx througxh to a xcharity’s nationalx communicationsx campaign (on xchild cruelty, xfor example).  Suchx work xdovetails xwith TSOs’ servicesx to thex public. (National Audit Office, 2010)

People xneed xto be supportedx in theirx community, in theirx own homex or closex to theirx homex and familyx with localx personalizedx servicesx thatx meetx theirx needs. Communityx servicesx areax large partx of NHSx activity. Aroundx 100 millionx communityx contactsx takex placex eachx year, rangingx fromx universalx public healthx functionsx suchx as healthx visiting and school nursing to targeted specialist interventions in muscle-skeletal services, chronic diseasex managementx and intensive rehabilitation. Examplesx of how communities’ servicesx can transformx from The King’sx Fund ideasx thatx changex the healthx care.

•          Communityx servicesx alsox needx to reachx outx intox communitiesx more xeffectively. Thex opportunityx to harnessx the powerx of thex widerx communityx to supportx peoplex in theirx ownx homes, combatx social;

•          Isolation;

•          Newx waysx tox contractx andx payx forx thesex servicesx arex needed. Thisx willx alsox requirex changesx inx primaryx carex andx hospitalx contractualx arrangementsx andx inx thex infrastructurex tox supportx thex model;

•          Significantx numbersx oxf patientsx occupyingx hospitalx bedsx couldx bex cared xforx in otherx settingsx butx onlyx ifx suitablex servicesx arex availablex andx canx bex accessedx easily.

•          These xservicesx needx to bex capable xof a veryx rapidx responsex andx to workx withx hospitalsx tox speedx upx discharge. Accessx tox communityx orx nursingx homex bedsx for xshortx stays canx makex an ixmportantx difference. 


Outline, define and compare types of public services:

NSPCC xstands forx the xNational Societyx for the xPrevention xof Crueltyx to Children. NSPCCx is thex leadingx children’sx charityx in the UK. Thisx organisationx is specialised xin child xprotection and xdedicated xto the xfight xfor everyx childhood. Thisx organisationx is thex only UKx children’s charityx with statutory xpowers and that meansx they canx take action xto safeguard xchildren xat risk of abuse. (NSPCC, 2019)

OXFAM: Oxfamx is an xinternational xconfederation of 19 xorganisations xworking xtogether xwith partnersx and xlocal xcommunities in xmore than x90 countries. Oxfamx works to xfind practical, innovativex waysx for peoplex to liftx themselvesx outx of povertyx and thrive. Theyx savex livesx and xhelp rebuildx livelihoods whenx crisis xstrikes. They campaignx so thatx the xvoices of thex poor influencex the localx and globalx decisionsx that affect them. (Oxfam, 2019)


The differences between NSPCC and OXFAM:

As we can see from above, the main purpose of NSPCC is to prevent the cruelty to children. On the other hand, OXFAM’s duty is to help people from countries that suffer from crisis strikes, wars and many other things. OXFAM helps them by having a better life. OXFAM helps these people with innovative ways to lift them out of poverty and thrive.

Another difference between and NSPCC and OXFAM are that NSPCC acts in UK, while OXFAM works in more than 90 countries.


Partnership working:

NHS and St. John Ambulance:

Workingx withx the NHS. Theyx respondx to 999 callsx to givex assistancex beforex the NHSx ambulancex arrives, andx St. Johnx Ambulancex providesx back-upx to thex ambulancex service, eitherx to supportx emergencyx operationsx or tox providex patientx transport.

St John Ambulance:

  •  „Owns hundreds of trained Community First Responders (CFRs).
  • Operate from their own home using their own transport in local communities, and are dispatched by the NHS Ambulance Trust in response to 999 calls from the Emergency Operating Centres at the same time as an ambulance.
  • As they live in the community, in many cases they arrive first and can manage the situation, often preventing the patient from deteriorating and speeding their recovery.
  • Where they arrive at the same time or just after an ambulance, they are another pair of trained hands on scene.” (St John Ambulance, 2015)

Sexual Health:

FPA: Is an organisation that champions people’s right to sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing. This organisation does this through education, information, advocacy and campaigning for a healthier society. As mentioned before, this organisation helps people make positive choices about their own sexual health and wellbeing. (Fpa, 2019)


RNLI: The royal National Lifeboat Institution is a volunteer lifeboat crew that provides a 24-hour service rescue in the UK AND Ireland. On the seasonal periods of the year like summer, seasonal lifeguards look after people on busy beaches. Here is also a flood rescue team that helps those affected by floods. (RNLI, 2019)

Compare services delivered by third sector using real world examples.

Food Banks:

Theyx supportx a nationwidex network ofx food banksx and together. Theyx also providex emergencyx foodx and supportx to peoplex locked inx poverty, illness, family xbreakdown, lost job, xdisabled, andx campaignx forx changex to endx the needx for foodx banksx in thex UK.

Therex are over 1,200x food bankx centres in UK. xThe servicesx providedx by food xbanks xmayx vary from xarea to areax as theyx reactx to the needsx of theirx communityx to providex help andx support tox local peoplex in crisis. 

Food donations

Non-perishablex in-datex foodx is donatedx byx thex publicx atx a rangex of places, xsuch xas xschools, churchesx andx business, as xwellx asx supermarketx collectionx points. Itx isx thenx sortedx intox emergencyx food parcels by more than 40,000 volunteers, tox be givenx to peoplex in need.

Food vouchers

Carex professionalsx suchx as healthx visitors, schoolsx andx socialx workersx identifyx peoplex in crisisx andx issuex themx withx a food xbank voucher. Thisx meansx peoplex canx receivex a foodx bankx parcelx of threex daysx fromx theirx localx foodx bank.

More than food

UK’sx food xbank xnetworkx helpsx peoplex break freex fromx povertyx byx providingx additional xsupport tox helpx peoplex resolvex the crisesx thatx they face. Food xbanksx relyx on thex supportx of localx communities to help end hunger.

Explain and analyse the benefits and barriers of third sector organisations working in partnership with the public service

Thex advantagesx of thex thirdx industryx are definedx as offeringx policies forx localx partnershipsx whichx provide ax structurex that improvesx organizationalx efficiency. Inx the regenerationx of economicx and socialx variables, the xthird sectorx is xresponsible. Improvedx communitiesx and improvedx social organizationx were xincluded.

The xthirdx sector comprisesx the servicex which identifiesx consumer needsx and providesx services accordingx to publicx sector needs. It allowsx efficientx policies, withx a fairx and rapidx assessmentx for thex public. Thex servicex is includedx to contributex to the xcreative solutionx and providesx high-qualityx health servicesx to helpx the socialx industry. 

Thex government sectorx obstacles werex recognizedx in the interviewx with xstakeholders. Thex obstaclesx linked tox partnershipsx reduce thex third sectorx organization’s efficiency. Thex developmentx of confidencex in the publicx sector, as alsox of economicx obstaclesx and governancex obstacles, isx due to duex diligence andx trust or morex casualx operations. The obstaclesx includex the handling of xcomplex xdecision-making xon publicx healthx and culturalx problemsx suchx as priorityx problems that xdiscourage suggestionsx of restrictedx publicx healthx impact. 


In conclusion third sector organisation bring lots of positives to the local communities. As mentioned in the essay third sector organisation help people with disability, people that suffer from mental health, family breakdown, lost of job and many other problems. As it can be seen from lots of reports third sector organisation from UK also help people from other countries that suffer from hunger, sexual violence, and poverty.  


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