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      June 29, 2022

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Analysis of the Creation of a New Centre with Sports and Arts Activities

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Organisations
Wordcount: 5822 words Published: 18th May 2020

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Executive Summary


   This report is based on the creation of a new Sport for All Centres, a project led by Pamela Roberts (Director of the centre). The objective is to investigate the facilities and services necessary to create a new centre, planning different actions to carry out this study.

   The new centre will offer sports and art activities, having a wide variety of services with high demand in the market but insufficient offer.

   The main objective of the new Sport for All Centres is to be able to offer a high-quality service for its instructors and facilities. It is essential to keep the name of the firm with prestige.

   Pamela has proposed investigating market competition, which includes all sports and art places in a distance up to 2 miles from the current centre in Tilehurst, Reading.

   As a result of the investigation, 3 sports centres with activities between 5 and 10 years have been found. In turn, with the initiative of incorporating artistic activities, no place has been found in this area so the search has been extend to 2.5 miles in this case.

   The budget is £5,000.000 and the estimated time for its realization 6 months, the objective is be open between March-April 2020.

   The project carried out by the architect’s studio “Owens Galliver Architects LLP” has a total cost of £4,500,000. This include all the necessary: purchase of land, labour, facilities, materials, payment of taxes, Lawyer, Notary and Registration Expenses.

   It will have 15 large rooms for football, gymnastics, ballet, plastic arts and painting, an office, reception, changing room for the kid’s, changing room for the staff, storage room, coffee shop and 8 toilets (2 for the staff, 2 for girls, 2 boys, 2 for adults and 2 for disabled people).

Outside a parking for 50 cars. Size will be 0,200 arce.

   Subsequently, once the project is created the Report will be delivered to the Reading Borough Council to await confirmation.


Terms of reference

Sport for All Centres is in 20 Rodway Road and has 5 years in the market offering sports activities for girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 10. These activities are carried out by qualified professionals with experience of 3 or more years with children in sports activities.

In the present the company is running successfully, and its members are satisfied with the service offered. It has 120 active members, children between 5 and 10 years old who practice gymnastics, soccer and ballet in 3 different categories: basic, medium and advanced. In the period from January to May 2019, the centre has had a notable increase in the demand for places for sports activities. Pamela Roberts has registered 150 new applications for registrations, which represents a higher number than the current number of members. Unfortunately, due to the lack of infrastructure, only 20 of these applications have been accepted, remaining 130 pending. This implies a problem for children and parents, since offer of sports for children in the area is limited. Many parents pick up their children and go directly to the sport centre, without no time frame to move to other areas.

In May 2019, Pamela contacted Victoria O’Neill (Manager for Sport for All Centres) to investigate everything related to the creation of a new sports centre in the area, to later create the project and report that will need to be submitted to the Reading Borough Council.

The available budget for the new centre is £5,000,000.


  Objective of this report:

  1. Know the current interest of parents who have applied for sports spaces between January-May 2019.
  2. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the current centre, this being a reference for the future cent as it works successfully in the present.

3. Obtain information from the current team of teachers to know the infrastructure needs according to the type of activity.

4. Investigate the competition of sports and artistic activities for children between 5 and 10 years, located in a distance up to 2 miles from Sport for all.

5. Search lands for sale near the “Sport for All Centres”, up to 2 miles.

6. Make a design of the final project with an architect’s studio.

7. Submit the final Report to Reading Borough Council, organism trained to admit or reject the future project.


1. Although 150 questionnaires will be sent to all parents who requested a place in Sport for All Centres in the period January to May 2019, there is a disadvantage because after the time interest or current circumstances of these parents may have changed.

2. All the competence in the market will be study, this include sport and art centres with activities for children between 5 and 10 years, in a maximum range of 2 miles from Sport for All.

 3. The same distance will have the study of the land for sale for the work. This limits the report and investigation to a very specific area, as requested by Pamela Roberts.

4. The available budget is 5,000,000, which is a fair budget for the type of design and infrastructure to be carried out. There is no possibility of more budget if necessary.




1. In June 2019, Pamela Roberts asked Victoria O’Neill to gather information to make this report. The information was collected between June and August 2019.

2. Victoria has obtained 130 applications from parents requesting a place for their kids in Sport for All Centres that could not be accepted between January and May 2019.

3. She has made a questionnaire (see Appendix A), which has served to know the current interest of these parents to register their children in sports activities, the acceptance of a new centre in the area, which are the most demanded sports and interest in artistic activities (music, drawing, plastic arts, etc.). Although these artistic activities are not currently carried out in Sport for All Centres, it is a new proposal that Victoria has considered could be successful.

4. Louise Williams (Marketing Assistant) has been responsible for sending this questionnaire to these 130 parents by print and email. In total 120 questionnaires have been returned complete and classified by age and gender, being subsequently delivered to Victoria.

5. Victoria has asked Louise to investigate the sports and art centres for children between 5 and 10 years, located at up to 2 miles from Sport for All. This has meant obtaining information on their activities, schedules, prices and visiting the facilities to see their infrastructure. This will allow to have a full knowledge of the market and obtain ideas that can be implemented in the new centre.

7. Similarly, he was commissioned to investigate available lands for sale located near Sport for All Centres, in a distance up to 2 miles.

  1. Once all the necessary information has been obtained, Pamela has contacted the architect´s studio to work together in the design of the project.
  2. With all the information collected and a clear idea of ​​the project, the architect’s studio “Owens Galliver Architects LLP” has been the responsible to perform the design and budget of the project.
  3. Once the final report has been made, it has been submitted to the Reading Borough Council for authorization.



  1. In total, 130 questionnaires have been sent to the parents by written and email on June 2019 and responses have been collected since 04-29/07/19 (See Appendix A).
  1. Feedback: 85 have been completed and sent in by writing, 35 have been answered via email and the remaining 10 have not been answered (See Appendix B).
  1. In reference of a new centre for kids near Sport for All; 109 are interested, 6 are satisfied with the current centre chosen and they will not change it, 2 for various reasons cannot currently include their children in sports activities and 3 do not have any interest (See Appendix C).
  1. Sports activity of main interest (See Appendix D)

   40 Football

   35 Gymnastics

   25 Ballet

   12 Basketball

   8Rugby

  1.  A total of 85 fathers would send their children to weekly painting, music and plastic arts workshops if the new centre has these activities. Another 25 are not interested and 15 believe it is a good possibility to analyse (See appendix E)
  1. Interest in an specific art activity (See Appendix F)

   55 Plastic Arts

   42 Drawing

   14 Music

   9 Craft

  1. Parking: 75 consider parking necessary, 10 consider it an advantage and 35 do not need it (See Appendix G).
  1. If the centre has initial promotions for family members (brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.) 65 parents would be interested in taking advantage of these promotions, 45 are not interested and 10 should analyse the schedules of the activities. (See Appendix H).

I. In total 75 parents consider it necessary to have a coffee station with refreshments and food, 22 believes that it is indifferent and 23 that it is not necessary. (See Appendix I)



Louise has researched nearby sports venues and academies that offer plastic arts, drawing and music workshops. All these centres with activities for children between the ages of 5 and 10 and at up to 2 miles from Sport for All. The investigation has resulted in:

Sports Centres

1.Allenova School of Dancing

2.Swim Kidz

3.Cotswold Sports Centre

1. Allenova School of Dancing

Location: St Mary Magdalen Hall, Rodway Road, Tilehurst, RG30 6EX.

Distance from Sport for All: 0.1 miles.

This dance academy specializes in ballet.

Price: The registration fee is £45 and the price of individual classes depends on the schedule and level varying between £20-£25 per hour.

Classes: Offers classes for all ages from 5 years and opens from Monday to Saturday. Schedule: during the week it offers classes in the afternoon. On Saturday only in the morning from 9:00 a.m.

Facilities: They offer a personalized quality service and have important recognition in the market. Its structure and equipment are of the latest design, very modern and sophisticated. The instructors have more than 10 years of experience in teaching dance centres recognized in Reading and London, which makes this centre stand out from the competition.

Social media: On its Facebook page, it has an excellent score from customers rated 5/5. Excellent comments as well con Google with an average of 4.2/5.

Structure: The size is 1000 m2, it has a small free parking for members, with a capacity of 20 cars and it is also possible to park on the street.

Transport access: Access by car (A329 and Oxford Road/A329 or Via Tilehurst). The bus Nº 17 stops the passenger within 30 minutes walking from the centre, in “The Victoria” station.


2. Swim Kidz

Location: 1 Copse Cl, Reading RG31 6RH.

Distance of Sport for All: 0.8 miles.

It is a sports centre that offers only swimming lessons for children’s, babies and pregnant mothers.

Price: monthly membership of £25 with the right to a weekly hour of classes. In case of individual classes, the price is £10 per session.

Classes: Classes are both in the morning and in the afternoon from Monday to Saturday. Depending on the activity there are different levels. It does not offer any other sport, since it is specialized in the swimming sector for children, babies and pregnant women.

Facilities: Its structure is modern and the place is very clean and tidy. It has 2 large swimming pools, one for adults and children and one for babies. As well, it has one big change room and toilets for children and adults.

Social media: It has excellent comments and scores in Facebook and Google (5/5 score). Their customers are very grateful to the service.

Structure: The size is 2,500 m2 including a free parking with a capacity of 30 cars.

Transport access: Access by car (A329 and Oxford Road/A329 or Via Tilehurst). The bus Nº 17 stops the passenger within 30 minutes walking from the centre, in “The Victoria” station.

3.Cotswold Sports Centre

Location: Downs Way, Reading RG31 6SL

Distance from Sport for All: 1.1 miles.

It is part of the renowned Leisure Centre group and offers activities for children’s and adults.

Price: The price of the monthly membership for children is £40, which includes 4 monthly hours of any kind of activity. Individual classes have different prices depending on activity and level.

Classes: For children they offer Swimming, Swimming Club, Ballet, Cheerleading, Dance, Tap and Musical Theatre. The centre also offers various activities for adults and babies: Badminton,

Tennis, Adult & Baby Swimming Lessons. Aqua Jog, Diving Lessons, Aqua Zumba, Aqua Babies, Aqua Swim, Aqua Aerobics, swimming pool access for the whole family on certain days and times.

Facilities: It is a very large sport centre, which has modern facilities for all kinds of sports activities for adults and children. Last remodelling has been 3 years ago, it is in excellent condition.

Social media: In general, good comments on Facebook and Google, although there are several clients talking about the lack of professionalism of their team. Score with an average 3.8 / 5.

Structure: The size is 12,000 m2 and there is a public parking lot very close to its facilities (distance of 1 mile) with capacity for 50 cars.

Transport access: Access by car (A329 and Oxford Road/A329 or Via Tilehurst Road). The bus Nº 17 stops the passenger within 30 minutes walking from the centre, in “The Victoria” station.


No painting, craft, or music centre was found in a distance up to 2 miles from Sport for All Centres. For this reason, an exception has been made extending the search up to 2.5 miles. As a result, a musical centre has been found.

Musical Centre / Berkshire Maestros

Location: Stoneham Court, 100 Cockney Hill, Reading RG30 4EZ

Distance of Sports for All: 2.0 miles


Berkshire Teachers is part of the renowned Berkshire Music Hub organization and offers high education at the level of singing and instrumental covering various instruments; metal, guitar,

keyboard, percussion, strings, woodwind and voice, in a wide range of styles and genres, including composition and music technology.

Classes: from 0 years and has no age limit. The schedules vary according to age and activity, both during the week and Saturdays, in the morning and afternoon hours.

Customers feedback: Overall very good opinions in Google and various social networks, with an average of 4.5 / 5.

Transport access: Access by car (via A4155 and Bath Rd/A4, A329 and Oxford Road/A329 or Via Tilehurst Road). Bus N.33 Royal Blue and 15 Sky blue, with a duration of 24-30 minutes, the stop is Honey End Line. The stop is 10 minutes walking from the place.

Drawing and plastic arts centres

Louise has not found plastic art, drawing or craft activities in 2.5-miles from Sports for All Centres.

Lands for Sale

Louise has found 2 lots for sale in a distance up to 2 miles from Sport for All.

Land No 1

Location: 950 oxford road Reading, RG30 1HF

Price: £100,000. Managed by Liberty Estates.

Distance from Sports for All: 0.6 miles.

Characteristics: The property size is approximately 0.119 acres and it suitable for a variety of uses (subject to obtaining all necessary consents).

Transport access: Taking as a reference Reading Center, access by car (A329 and Portman Road). By bus:Line 15 Sky Blue or Line 17 Purple/15 Sky Blue.


Land Nº 2

Location: 975 Oxford Road, Reading, RG31 6TN.

Situated on the North East side of Oxford Road opposite its junctions with Carlisle Road.

Price: £ 300,000. Managed by Liberty Estate Agency.

Distance from Sports for All: 1.4 miles.

The entrance to Tilehurst rail station is just a few meters away. Suitable for a variety of uses (subject to obtaining all necessary consents).

Characteristics: The property size is approximately 0.300 acres.

Transport access: taking as a reference Reading Center, access by car (Portman Rd y Oxford Rd/A329). By bus: there is no option of bus with a stop station next to the land. It is possible to take the bus 17 Purple and after 17 Sky Blue making a combination, but the nearest stop station is 10 minutes walking from the land.



Location: The new Sport for All Centres will be located at 950 Oxford Road, Reading, RG30 1HF. This is the land chosen to carry out the construction of the property which has an estimated

Construction time of 6 months. The centre must be operational by March-April 2020.

Market: As a result of the questionnaire answered by parents who have applied for a place in Sport for All Centre and the market research carried out by Louise, it has been confirmed that the creation of a centre with sports and artistic activities in Tilerhust, Reading is necessary. This new offer will have multiple benefits for society, since in addition to offering sports for children, it will have artistic activities. Although it is a demanded area for children, there is no offer of artistic activities in Tilherhust, Reading.

Questionnaire: The results of the questionnaire have confirmed that a new centre with sports and artistic activities is necessary in Tilherhust, Reading.

In all the forms requesting a place between January and May 2019, a very high percentage of parents continue to be interested in enrolling their children in a place that develops the desired activities.

Activities: The 2 favourite sports activities among the respondents are football and gymnastics, while plastic arts and drawing are preferred for to art. This allows to have a guide of which are the activities that will have greater flexibility of days and schedules since the demand and will be very high.

Research: The research conducted by Louise, has been able to detect 3 sports centres with activities for children between 5 and 10 years that imply a competition in the area;

1. Allenova School of Dancing: He specializes only in ballet. It has no other activity and its price is higher than the average in the market due to the recognition of its instructors and infrastructure. This school is designed specifically for those who have a real interest in surpassing themselves in ballet and is aimed at a middle and upper middle-class audience. Although it represents a competition for Sport for All Centres because both offer sports activities for children, it does not focus on the same market. The public in Sport for All Centres are children who practice various types of sports recreationally, even if there are 3 levels (basic, medium and advanced) where children could improve themselves but not to be trained for a sport career.

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2. Swim Kidz: specializes only in swimming lessons for children, babies and pregnant women. It does not have any other type of sport or artistic activity, therefore, it does not imply direct competition in the same discipline. The new Sport for All Centres will not have a sports pool nor is the possibility evaluated. This would imply another type of project, infrastructure, marketing plan and the budget is limited.

3. Cotswold Sports Centre: This place represents the main current competition for the new Sport for All Centre. It offers various activities for children and adults, highlighting swimming and dance classes in children. Does not offer artistic activities for children.

Parking: For the parents surveyed, it is very important that the establishment has its own parking. The reason is that many parents pick up their children from school (during regular time and after school hours) and go directly from the school to the activities. In turn in winter it is an important factor and a necessary comfort.

   It is of great importance for parents, that the centre has an area where they can enjoy refreshments and food. A recreational area for parents and children where they can spend time before or after children’s activities, or for parents to wait there while their children are in class.

   2 lands have been found in the established area, within the available budget and with the possibility of being chosen to build the new Sport for All Centres.

Although both have comfortable access by car and are in a good traffic area, the land number 2 does not have a bus stop near, since the nearest leaves the passenger 10 minutes walking.

   While the current Sport for All centre does not have a cafeteria, this is a factor of great importance for parents.




   It is recommended that the new Sport for All be operational between March and April 2020, taking time to make themselves known during this period and have an important enrolment of students by summer 2020. In the months that there is no school, the centre It can offer summer activities, achieving greater profitability.

It is estimated that by the end of the year 2020 the number of members can be 250, so it is important that the facilities are planned in this magnitude.

It is recommended that has quality facilities and is competent in the market. The idea of ​​the new sports centre is to follow the existing model but with certain variations to make a difference in the market and competition.

To carry out the creation of the project, it is necessary to have clear:

   Estimate number of members in the present and the future

  • Type of infrastructure (number of rooms, space of the same, number of bathrooms, changing rooms, cafeteria, parking, etc.)
  • construction quality
  • materials
  • activities to develop
  • The centre needs to think in all type of kids and people, it would be necessarily have disabled access and disable parking space as well.

   It is recommended that the opinion and suggestions of the staff currently working in Sport for All be considered, as this will allow a full understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the centre with a more solid base.


Time:. An estimated period of 6 months is established for the creation of the centre. A period should be established in which this project should be carried out, its start and end date. This is already essential to organize material and human factors, as well as marketing strategies.

Marketing: The marketing department will work in parallel with the progress of the project, as it will oversee making the place known and establishing the best strategies to stand out in the market. It is advisable to promote the new centre in a period of 3-4 months prior to its opening, since this will allow to offer promotions and to have registrations before starting to operate.

Architects: Although the architects’ studio is already known by the company because they have worked together in the construction of the current Sport for All centre, it is necessary that there be a rigorous control of the work and that everything is being built as agreed.

Activities: It is necessary to consider that the focus of the project will be sports. While it is important to have art activities, this will work as a supplement. Having this point clear will prevent offering too many activities in the beginnings. It is more effective to start with fewer activities and after when the company have more control of the situation, can plan an expansion.

Staff: The staff in the new centre needs to be qualified and have more than 3 years of experience working with kids in schools and sport environments. It is essential to have qualified personnel to teach professionally and be prepared for any emergency or unforeseen.

Catering: Parents are looking for comfort in sports facilities. It is advisable to build a coffee/snacks station, with a basic service of drinks and some meals or snacks. This is very functional for kids to eat before or after their activities and for fathers as well. The current Sport for All Centre does not have this service, but thanks to the questionnaire it has been deduced that it is highly valued.


Sports Centres:

.Allenova School of Dancing: https://www.allenova.co.uk/

Swim Kidz: https://www.swimkidz.co.uk/

Cotswold Sports Centre: http://www.leisurecentre.com/Centre/Find

Music Centre:

Berkshire Maestros:  https://www.berkshiremaestros.org.uk/

Lands for Sale

Land 1: https://www.primelocation.com/forsale/details/49299050?search_identifier=2579356c5026e91dc53dcf4ba12b07f8#CDpvg62Dp8odAKwj.97

Land 2:



Sport for All

Analysing the creation of a new centre

Dear customer,

We appreciate the trust placed in our services.

Thank to this, the demand for places in Sport for All has had a notable increase and we are researching the possibility of opening another centre in the area.

Due to our constant improvement in search of offering an excellent service and know the interest in a new centre, we send you this questionnaire.

Please, if this can be complete and send back to the company by post or email this information will be important for us.

The questionnaire is private and confidential, being used only for internal purposes.


1. In the present, are you interested in sending your son/daughter to a new sports centre in Tilherhust?


☐ NO


2. In case your previous answer is YES, please select in these options the sport activity of preference (can be more than 1)

☐ Football

☐ Ballet

☐ Gymnastics

☐ Rugby

☐ Basketball

3. If the last answer is NO or IT DEPENDS, could you explain to us the reasons

4. If the centre offer artistic activities (plastic arts, drawing, music, craft) would you be interested in any of these options?




5. Please select the option of interest (it can be more than 1)

☐ Plastic Arts

☐ Drawing

☐ Music

☐ Craft

6. Do you consider necessary a parking in the centre?


☐ NO


7. If the last answer is NO or IT DEPENDS, could you explain to us the reasons

8. Should the new centre have special promotions for family members (siblings, cousins, etc.), would you be interested in taking advantage of these discounts?


☐ NO


  1. If the last answer is IT DEPENDS, could you explain to us the reasons?
  1.      Do you consider necessary a hospitality space in the centre?


☐ NO


Many thanks for your time.

Sport for All Centres.











































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