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Music Essays - Concept of Music

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Wordcount: 1088 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Concept of music

Journal Entry for Reading

The given article clearly describes the concept of music and has helped me in understanding the music. According to my perception regarding the article, Music is a kind of art and environment. It is an art of transcription of sounds in time for creating a continuous, integrated and resonant composition with the assistance of melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre. It is a combination of pleasing and harmonious sounds. It helped me in understanding the basic constituents of a musical composition.

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I have become able to understand that it is an eminent part of all the living beings. Music has its presence everywhere, in every creature and in different forms. It provides relaxation to the mind. When I feel very tired and I use to hear music. It provides relaxation and energy to my body. Firstly, I was introduced to music at my school. I learned singing as well as playing harmonium at that time. After that, I learned music at a summer camp. My music teacher was surprised with my understanding of music and the abilities of learning music at a faster pace in comparison to my fellows.

I really love music and want to become a singer in near future. For the achievement of my goal, I am working hard towards learning the skills.

Journal Entry for Music Controversies

The genre of music can be classified into two categories, i.e. good or bad. With the assistance of this, the content of the genre of music can be evaluated. Different kinds of music are present world wide in different cultures. Music differs from one culture to another. The different genres of music act as the web around the culture of the respective country.

The music videos forecasted on different television channels are not according to the ethical standards of the society. The videos show vulgarity, which puts negative impact on the society. The growing multinational companies in music industry, and the utilization of independent record labels for the survival in the market by these companies has negatively impacted the young listeners. The young listeners are tending towards excessive use of drugs and violence after watching such controversial music records of rap, rock n roll, etc (Dalton, 2008).

In the past few years, there is an increase in the listening of rap music by youths in America, which has led to an increase in crimes such as robberies, murders, rapes, etc. The rap music has led to social and political controversies. The critics have suggested proposing laws against such controversial cases and government has implemented security review for warning labels on records.

Tupac was a critic of the system. He revealed the critical situations related to the system in his poetry. His work was mainly focusing on the lifestyles of ghetto and social militant engaged in activism. His lyrics were about the problems existing in the society and the conflicts due to racism.

The listening of music is fine, but the images displayed on the television and copying them by the youths and children are the controversial aspects of music.

Journal Entry for Movies

Music plays a significant role in movies. Whether it is a play, drama, or a movie, all of them are incomplete without musical compositions. We can consider the example of the movie ‘Amadeus’ in which a child has a possession to become a famous composer. The life cycle to become a great composer and the twist in life of the hero are shown with very effective combination of musical tracks. The movie shows the courage of the director towards the life of Mozart and becomes successful in producing curiosity in the viewers towards music (Amadeus, 2008).

In the movie ‘Dearly Beloved’, spiritual music has been composed by the composer and the movie shows a romantic mixture with musical lyrics. Music is present everywhere from the ancient time and it is integrated to nature. The movie ‘Phantom of the Opera’ is composed with classic silent version of the music, which shows a visual percept for the movie. The movie also presents a musical mystery.

The basic requirement of any movie is an effective combination of sound effects with musical compositions. Music composed in the movies is the auditory art form, which can make the movie successful. The creativity of musicians and composers makes the music records successful in the industry.

Journal Entry for Music in Puerto Rico

African and European formation of music has a great influence on the music of Puerto Rico. It is famous world wide and mostly in the Caribbean region. The music of Puerto Rico has different genres, such as native genres: decimal and seis, and folk music genres: salsa, rock, danza, bomba, plena, etc. Each genre produces different and unique pitch and tone. The musical composers utilize different genres for composing music of movies related to love tragedies, and different stories conveying moral lessons.

There are various radio stations in Puerto Rico. Among them, only one radio station carries classical music. The rap and hip hop music genres negatively influence the society. The criminal activities and actions increase in the society. The people will deviate from the cultural values and loose their old traditional roots (Welcome to Puerto Rico, 2008).

The music industry of Puerto Rico must have to concentrate on its native and folk music genres instead of external music genres from different countries. The youth should be motivated towards learning classical music and promoting the original music genres of Puerto Rico world wide.

The culture of Puerto Rico is mainly shaped by the music. The music of Puerto Rico has evolved out of the combination of other cultures with a distinctive tone of music. Thus, the Puerto Rican music should focus on its traditional music to bind the people and the cultural values in the society, as contemporary music has provided many popular stars like Ricky Martin, Olga Tanon, etc. with name and fame in the world of music.


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