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Impact Of The Game Revolution On Society Media Essay

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Wordcount: 1384 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Introduction: In the assignment I am going to talk about impact of the game revolution on society and I am going to write about advantage and disadvantages of impact of the game revolution on society. I am also going explain about 10 different types of computer games and also write about psychological effects of computer gaming.

Impact of computer games on society

Advantage of impact of the game revolution on society.

The advantage of effect of the game revolution on society is that it is a very good tool for relaxing having fun with friends or family and other games like brain training are very important for your brain. The result of computer games on children can also be confident with the improvement of game that also challenge children sharply and also consoles like Nintendo wii which also build up a self-confident of physical activity. Children’s computer games can be good-natured, sharply challenging and fun.

The benefits of video games are that they are a non-threatening and it is fun way to bring in children to computers. In some games children may also help to develop by getting better children’s by playing tic-tac-toe, number and alphabetical games, cube maze and brain- training games etc, which can improve hand -eye-skills and brain.

Some of the studies even show that as little as one month of training with a language based computer game and it can help a child to develop their own skills by reading, maths and problem solving and language skills.

Disadvantage of impact of the game revolution on society.

The disadvantage of impact game has on society is that it is not good for your health, brain and eyes. The computer games are as much a part of childhood as skipping ropes and teddy bears. Nowadays children spent too much time on computer games or in consoles and it can be bad for child development. This is a habit to complaint from modern lifestyles for a lot and including limited common skills. In the modern generation when a child plays computer games it is really bad for them.

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Children spend many hours in front on the monitor and not going out enough could also matter general problems and they become shy person. The children become distract from more important thing like social activities and homework. The game develop nowadays become a more mad to the games and also have a weakness to lose control and become more crazy.

There many complaints were found among children playing in computer for long time and they doesn’t go to sleep and play till night and also doesn’t eat properly for example, children play shooting, fighting and racing which can effect on body for example, they can have eyes injury, wrist, neck and back pains, headache and nerve and muscle damages.

There are different effects that children and children’s development. If they violent game they can increased disturbing thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The research also seems to make that much of the effect of computer games on children are affected by the parents and they also fights without reason in school and playing with friends in park.

If you want your child grow up with a healthy body, they stop playing shooting and fighting games in computer for not more than one hour. They should go out and they play outdoor games, help your mom to clean house and go with her shopping to carry some heavy bags.

Describe different types of computer game

There are many different types of computer games for example, action, adventure, shooting, puzzle, educational, sports, racing, simulations, combat, role- playing and strategy games. I am going to describe about 10 different types of games.

Strategy games- Strategy game is about the war games and you can play in different ways.

Role- playing games- A role-playing game (RPG) is a broad family of games in which players think the roles of characters in a made up setting. Even you can play one player or two player games.

Combat games – Combat games is about battle and tank game.

Simulations games- Simulation games is about to make something.

Action games: Action game is video game types that maintain physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction-time. The variety includes different games such as fighting games and shooter games.

Adventure games: An adventure game is a computer-based game in which the player accepts the role of character in an interactive story driven by searching and puzzle-solving in its place of physical challenge.

Educational games: Educational games are games that have been specifically designed to teach people about a certain subject.

Sports games: A sport game is a computer or video games that act the playing of classic sports. Generally sports have been recreated with a game, including team sports, athletics and extreme sports.

Racing games: Racing games is a competition with any type land, air or sea vehicles.

Puzzle games: Puzzle games are a type of video games that highlight puzzle solving. The types of puzzles to be solved can test many problem solving skills including logic and words.

What is the psychological effect of games on individuals?

We have all played computer games, but most of them sit in the computer for long time and they never moved for longer hour. The maker of impact games is having effects on our society. Most of the people are quite unfair on computer games effect by choosing one of the them can be also positive and negative. Computer games can also have large limits of effect in our society. Most of the games effects can be treated as good and bad.

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Violence is one of the main effects of games in society. Nowadays the teenagers have started to put the game violence in real life. The games have affected gamers so badly that now they are unaware of their surroundings and have effects their physical state. Games have impacted gamers mentally and physically in a negative way, as they play games they get obsessed with them, which makes them lazy as they hardly move. The main effect is when gamers keep looking at the screen their eye sight becomes weaker. The gamers are so into the games that when they go out, they try things in real which they did in game.

The growing improvement in skill sound and graphics, gaming has become far more lifelike in bringing together to what it used to be. When graphics were poor, violence such as shooting, kicking, punching did not seem intelligent and therefore it was harder to relate to what was happening on screen. Nowadays more games look and sound more lifelike, and address useful themes such as drug dealing, gangsters, wars becomes easier for more individuals to relate to these games. This practical issue can likely lead to an increase in violent thought and maybe even violent behaviour, as negative behaviour becomes more expected and accepted. Children who played a violent video game displayed a higher level of anger than children who played a nonviolent game. If a violent game is played by an individual for too long, they may become sensitive to the violence they are faced with, and this may direct to them believing that violence.

The gaming can also have positive psychological effects on the gamer. It is often argued that gaming is better than watching television, as there is more communication with gaming. This communication may promote things like problem solving, planning, testing and opinion when playing the game. These factors could increase positive behaviour, such as problem solving and reasonable skills. The one simple psychological effect that gaming has on the individual that plays it. The background and the context of every gamer will mean that everyone is achieve differently. A connection between violent games and violent behaviour is quite visible.

The psychological effects show that gaming has entirely personal to the individual question, and it is difficult to decide right that what affects and individual psychology. Since game alone is not to be responsible for factors such as violence or logical success. It is an improvement, one-sided to every individual.


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