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Digital Camera Technology Advances

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Technology surrounds every single individual and is effecting both work and leisure activities of human life. The information which is in Technology educate people and influence their mind in good and bad ways where in it allows to share information which otherwise not be able to attain. Technology is the principle driving force of the future as many numbers of new Technologies have been found and released into the market. Technology has been improving in a very fast and effective way that it has changed the daily lives of the mankind in many aspects like their healthcare, education, jobs, and even in their leisure activities. People have always seen for a better ways to meet their needs and to satisfy their expectations and Technology has made it done for them.

One such aspect of these Technologies we are talking about in this part is about the Digital Camera.

The first digital camera that has recorded images as a computerized file was Fuji DS-1P in 1988 and the first commercially available digital camera of this generation is Dycam Model1 which was introduced in 1990 this has used the CCD image sensor, connected with the computers and stored the images digitally. In 1991 Kodak DCS-100 was introduced which designed photography in a professional way and was also used in film bodies. The movement of turning into digital happened with the formation of the JPEG, MPEG standards in 1988 which allowed image and video files to be compressed for storage. The first camera which has the ability to record and store video clips was Ricoh RDC-1 in 1995. In 1997 the first megapixel camera has been introduced in the market for consumers.

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Digital cameras are better than the usual Camera’s in many aspects such like digital camera can display image immediately after it is recorded, can store any number of images depending on the memory card in it, we can record sound along with the video and can also delete the images if necessary. Some digital cameras have got better functions like they can crop the picture and can perform reasonable image editing. Basically they operate similar to that of a movie camera where it uses lens with different diaphragm to focus light onto the image pickup device. The shutter mechanism and the right diaphragm are used to capture the right amount of light to the image. The only difference between this is that a digital camera use to pickup device electronically rather than in chemical way.

Many digital cameras are comparable to a 35 mm camera in price without the extra added cost of buying or developing film. A digital camera is similar in nature to a Polaroid camera in which the picture is instantly available for viewing and use by the photographer

A digital camera helps its users to download the images onto their PC with special software which would be included with the camera where in other normal camera’s

We need to store the images in a floppy or a disk and then have to insert that into a PC and then store them. The Images can be edited using special software, can be sent to loved one’s, can be printed, faxed and etc.

It makes the Computer users to make the photographs or the images digitally rather than keeping or storing them on traditional film.

Digital Images are far better than that of the Film images. The reason is that the image once captured will by default be in a format which can be shared and used easily. For example we can insert the images into a word processing documents, print them or send them by e-mail or post them on web sites. With most digital cameras we can see our images immediately on the small LCD screen behind the camera or we can also connect the camera to our TV and can make a slide show of it.

From a Professional point of view Digital photography is the future of photography. The benefits a digital camera produce are many. This is due to the overwhelming popularity of technology and its advancement as well as the speed of advancement to mention here are a few:

By going in a digital way we can save money in terms of long run since we need not buy the rolls of film and need not pay for developing them.

Nowadays Time plays a major factor on everyone’s life. By going digital way we can save a lot of time as we need not go to the lab to drop the films and pick the photographs.

We can see our images instantly without much delay and if the images are good its fine or if they are bad we can delete the image and take a new one instead of getting disappointed when we got to know that the photographs taken came bad.

Digital cameras do not use toxic chemicals which often end up in flowing down the drains and into lakes from there.

There are three steps of Digital Photography:

1) Capturing

  • The first step in digital photography is to get a digital image and there is more than one way to do this.
  • Digital still cameras capture photographs in a digital format.
  • Film cameras capture photographs on slides, negatives, or prints which you can then scan to convert them to digital photographs.
  • Video cameras capture images in a video format. You can then use a frame grabber to isolate out individual frames and save them as still images.
  • Digital video cameras sometimes are able to capture still images just like a digital still camera. You can also use a video-editing program to extract individual frames from the digital video.

2) Editing

  • Crop the photograph to emphasize the key part.
  • Reduce the size of the photograph to make it smaller for posting on the Web or e-mailing.
  • Use filters to sharpen it or even make it look like a watercolor or oil painting.
  • Stitch together multiple frames to create panoramas.
  • Merge two images to create a 3D stereo effect or an animated image for display on the Web.
  • Change brightness and contrast or expand the tonal range to improve the image.
  • Cut and paste parts of one image into another to create a photo montage.
  • Convert the photograph to another format

3) Sharing

  • Print the image on a color printer.
  • Insert the photograph into a word processing or desktop publishing document.
  • Post the photograph on a photo sharing Web site or a blog.
  • E-mail the photograph to friends or family members.
  • Send the photo to a service on the Web for prints, or to have the images printed as a bound book or onto T-shirts, posters, key rings, mouse pads, even cakes and cookies.
  • Store the photograph on your system for later use.
  • Create slide shows that play on a DVD player connected to the TV or a DVD drives in a computer.


Social Applications of using a Digital camera:

Digital photography has given a new way of design for shopping that is people can buy their requirements by browsing the web sites and by viewing their desired products which are digitally photographed and loaded into the sites. They can simply browse through hundreds of pictures on the Internet and pick and choose from the ones that really interest them. By this people can save their time instead going through to find the right place and price for their desired products.

  • Create insurance records:

Digital cameras are very much useful when it comes to the visual inventory of insurances. using digital camera’s enable us to create not only the overall view of the objects but gives a detailed view as well while creating visual references of collections and any important physical assets.

  • Create Graphics for Web sites:

Digital camera’s capture images electronically which allows us to take our own images and graphics for our web site or blogs if we have one.

  • Create Digital Photographic Art:

People can get creative and make their own screen savers, photo montages, wall papers etc when they combine their digital images with a renowned photo editing softwares (like: Adobe Photoshop).

  • Record an Event or Meeting

We can record an event or an important meeting using a digital camera.

Nowadays most of the Businesses take Photography as their best way to create an Impact on their Customers. Digital Camera’s have made Photography easier and are used almost in every Business in today’s world to mention a few:

Because of their convenience and affordability, digital cameras have a wide range of uses as an instructional tool as it allows teachers to evaluate other teachers in the field through the use of digital cameras and provide relevant lessons to hearing impaired students

  • Realtors:

Realtors use digital photography as their major strategy to advertise houses, properties and apartments to attract the Customers.

  • Artists:

Professional artists can capture images for their promotional stuff and also for web distribution.

  • Journalists:

A Journalists duty is to collect information. Through digital camera a Journalist can not only collect but can also capture information in a more effective way.

  • Tour Guides:

Tour guides can attract more customers and can present their place in a better way by taking Images of the locations nearby and pasting them in their broachers’ or web sites which is a way of effective communication.

  • Interior Designers:

Interior designers can reflect their work and attract more customers by capturing good images of their work, and can also provide different other views for their customers.

  • Medical:

In the context of the healthcare field you can imagine how a 12 mega pixel Digital Camera can create photos where clarity of x-rays, ultra-sounds and other images are critical.

In the context of the military or field engineers, they ability to see clear satellite images of objects on the ground is very important.

Lastly Digital cameras are very easy to use without much use of the Computers. These are some of the features and the ability to share the images instantly with anyone, anywhere in this world makes digital photography so attractive.


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