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Contribution Of Media In Society Media Essay

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Wordcount: 936 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Media is very important to the society. People are using the media to get the news or information from television, radio and video. For example, television is a source of media that has strong influence on society today. According to the survey, people mostly spend their time on television and internet for getting news and for entertainment. But the impacts of television and computer have both positive and negative. For the advantages of television and internet, we can get the news and information quickly and more convenient. And some time, we also can have some entertainment for relax. We also can keep connect to our friend from other place by internet. Media also can help us keep up with the trend of the society. Most company will use the media to promote their company’s product. With the impact of media, their product will soon be all well known. We also can use media to promote the health awareness to the society to help the people gain the knowledge to know what will affect their health.

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Furthermore, we also can use media to teach the people about the knowledge of self-defenses. For example, we can see the video of self-defenses on television in our home or the small television on the train. The video will teach the female how to protect themselves when they facing a robber. The media play an important role to tell us the truth of everything that happens in our society. Besides that, media is not only delivering the information to us. It also will affect our thinking patterns. For example, if we let our children watch the moral educational program; they will learn some moral value from the program. Furthermore, they also will know what their responsibilities to the society are. Media also will provide some entertainment to the people. When you feel stress, you can go to the internet and find some music to hear or just watching the movie from internet. And the most important thing is we can save the money for go to the cinema to watch a movie.

Media also can help we stay connect with our friends and family. Now have many social media like Facebook and Twitter, we can share our new feeds, photo and video to our friends and family. Some companies also use the social media to communicate to their sponsor or their stakeholder. For another example, we also can use the mobile phone to text messages or make a call to the others. Besides that, the media affect people not only through television. They also use the radio and newspaper to deliver the information of the society to the people. The advertising media is a communication of marketing and used to promote something. This type of media can make the product become more vivid and attractiveness to attract people comes to buy their product. Because of this, this type of media plays an important role to the company. Then, the broadcasting media is a distribution of audio and video content, it usually used for a radio. The radio is using this type of media to send out the information (voice and sound) to the people so the people can get the information when they turn on the radio.

Furthermore, digital media also helps the people doing their computer job. For example, they may save their information in the hard drives for future use, because hard drives also known as a digital media. Then, the electronic media is used for electronic communication, such as television, radio, telephone, desktop computer and more. Next is the hypermedia, it is a generally non-linear medium of information because it was created by graphic, audio, video, plain text and hyperlinks intertwine. There have some computer program are using this media, such as Adobe Player, Adobe Director, Macromedia Authorware and more. Then we will talk about the multimedia. The multimedia is usually used to record and play, and it is a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, or interactivity content form. And the multimedia devices are electronic devices used to store and experience multimedia content.

The mass media is very important to the society also because people mostly get the news or information from the mass media. The mass media is using the broadcast media to transmit their information electronically and comprises television, radio, and firm. Besides that, print media use a physical object as a mean of sending their information, such as newspaper, comic, magazine and more. Other than that, mass media also included in in internet media, due to many mass media services it provides, such as e-mail, websites, blogging and more. By this reason, people also can get the information on the internet. Another example is the outdoor media. The outdoor media is a mass media that comprises billboards, signs, placards placed inside or outside the shopping mall and more. Now the media mostly is digital media so the media become very more important to us already.

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Come to today, media has become as important as food and clothing. There is no denial that the media is playing important roles in our life. With the medium of media whether it is radio, television, newspaper or internet, we are able to connect with the world or a large number of people around us. Especially is the internet, people are using the internet every day to search something or working. If without internet, we may feel missing something in our life. Conclusion, media is playing an important role in our society. With the effect of media, we can get to know the information or the problem that we are facing now in our society, so media has a huge contribution to our society.


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