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An Introduction To Mass Media Media Essay

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As shown in An Introduction to Mass Media , newspaper was the first mass media available to deliver news and information from 1690 until the introduction of radio in 1920. Newspaper has already become the only source of information and news to get from during the past century. It was the only way for a large number of people to get the news. Eventually, people relied on newspaper to receive news happens around the world. Until today, newspaper has already cultivated in people’s mind. Even though there are more media were introduced nowadays such as internet which win the most population of usage in young people, there are still the people who were born in the time which internet did not exist in the world yet, they are now still the loyalty media users of newspaper. Eventually, newspaper has a great impact among the people.

The development of knowledge and technology are becoming advance rapidly, the elite group is also getting more and more. Although people are still the loyalty media users of newspaper, it does not mean they are vulnerable on what they receive. Elite group is knowledgeable enough to think critical.

Referring to 1 Malaysia concept, Newspaper Company is using the limited effect theory to reach the audience. According to Hovland, he claims that media is not so influential to convert people away from what they have strongly held beliefs. (Stanley & Dennis, n.d.). It results the same thing in 1 Malaysia concept. Citizens of Malaysia are living under the discrimination of races for an ages, living in their own community group. Newspaper might has the power to influence the citizens of mind but it is not as powerful as mass society theory.

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Other than that, newspaper is also using the Marxist theory to disseminate the 1 Malaysia concept to their audiences. In the Marxist theory, it argued that all the social problems were arise by the hierarchical system and the solution must be solve by the proletariat group. According to Mass Communication theory (2009), proletariat group is the group of working class which is lack of capital and must sell their skill in labor in order to survive. In the 1 Malaysia concept, the social problem such as citizens who did not receive benefits as Bumiputra do, which can receive special treatment from government. The problem was arising among the citizens. Citizens who did not receive the special treatment are known as proletariat group which do not has capital. Therefore, the society can only be balance by having the proletariat group to solve the racial issue.

Media: Television

Due to the advancement technology, there are almost every households own at least one television in home. Television has becoming a very common electronic media in today’s society. Television was appeared in 1907 and it had been called the electric vision. The vision part is the most attractive part for the people as a picture tells a thousand words. People will be more attracted by the pictures compared with words especially for most of the senior citizens who are not educated.

Therefore, I found out that television is one of the media which practicing the mass society theory. As the influential of the visions on television is very powerful, so it is power enough to shape people’s perception and manipulate our behaviors and actions sophisticatedly.

As shown in An Introduction to Mass Media (n.d.), television was first introduced with entertainment and after all, it had expanded to national news. In a case on November 22, 1963, television was affecting the national politics seriously. During that time, television was given credit for successfully united the nation during TV news coverage. In the other hand, it was also blamed for dividing it. From the above mentioned, it shows that the influential of television is very powerful to change people’s mind.

Due to the television is one of the high influential media, government is promoting 1 Malaysia concept through television media. Housewives are the people whom exposed to television at the most of the time, so there are more commercials are targeting to advertise their products to target on housewives. Housewives spend their time on their housework and they do not have much time and chances to socialize. Other than that, if housewives lack of socialize, eventually they are lack of knowledge. When a person who is lack of knowledge, they do not have the power to think twice or think critically. They tend to be more vulnerable. They believe and accept every information and news they receive. Therefore, television was used to target on female first.

Moreover, television is also practicing the mass entertainment theory. Most of the people perceive that watching television is an entertainment and to be relax task for them. Most of the people will be watching television after they have done all the housework and even after come back from their work with hectic job. They treat watching television as an entertainment for them no matter the television is showing the news, drama, documentary shows and etc. People watch it differently as an entertainment purpose.

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Government chosen the television as one of the media to promote 1 Malaysia concept is because people never admitted to watching television is a job or necessity for them. The chances of successfully united the multi-cultures and race of Malaysians is high through the television. Moreover, television did not hurt other people if there is argument, because people watch television in an different way, they treat it just for entertainment purpose and it might be even has slightly educational.

Media: Radio

Radio was the media that launched after television. Radio is accessible everywhere today. People can always listen to radio wherever they go such as bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and etc. Listening to internet radio is also one of the reason why radio is so accessible nowadays. Radio has almost become a necessity in people’s life. Moreover, by having radio in today’s society, it enables the process of sending messages and receiving messages becoming faster compared to the previous time. Radio send the signals through the air which enables the information to spread rapidly throughout the country. Today, the discovery of radio also brought to the development of radio broadcasting.

Radio is not only disseminate news, it also created a new kind of collective national experience such as entertainment, culture, public service and etc. ( An Introduction to Mass Media, n.d.) . It became powerful in cultural and political force in the early 1930s, because it provides the low cost source of information and news to the audiences. Regarding to 1 Malaysia concept, government has made good use of radio to introduce the 1 Malaysia concept. Government not only using radio to introduce 1 Malaysia concept but also put a high expectation of radio on successfully united the multi-culture and various races of Malaysian.

In the radio industry, it is practicing the developmental media theory in handling the government and politics news. The government and the radio industry work in partnership to ensure that the messages of 1 Malaysia that they disseminate to the public is in the planned of beneficial the development of the country. Both government and radio industry are in the planned of, by introducing the 1 Malaysia concept to unite all citizens of Malaysians. Radio is also in supporting government developmental efforts, by uniting the citizens of Malaysia to help the society to create a harmony and peaceful country in achieving the Vision 2020.

Radio has generalized the attention about the role of media in society. It is practicing the limited effects theory. Radio has an indirect effect to the audiences. The indirect effect is filtered through other parts of society such as the family and friends around an individual.

Radio rarely directly influences individuals. About the 1 Malaysia concept, radio did not influence all the individuals at the same time. Most of the teenagers nowadays are tend to ignore from political media and 1 Malaysia concept is one of it. Radio reached the senior citizens more than young people. Moreover, radio is hardly to change audience’s minds and attitudes. Therefore, young people will look for advice and critical interpretation from the elders. The elders will also influence their youngest by what they have listened and interpret within their own thinking and advising their youngest.


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