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A Study On Music Videos

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Published: 12th May 2017 in Media

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Music videos have a big impact on how the world is viewed today. Many videos disrespect women and portray them in a negative way. Most videos stereotyped race, women’s body types, and skin color. These videos have influenced the younger generation lives and how they should act. Mainly all music videos teach the youth unhelpful information that they do not need to know in their everyday lives.

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Today individuals minds are twisted with images from songs, melodies, and lyrics in which music videos have influenced and made a big impact on people’s attitude and there lifestyles; these images shape the way people think in their everyday lives. Regardless of what an artist is singing or rapping about in their music video you will always see a sexual hint. Clearly you can see women being portrayed in music videos in sexual way this may not affect how you feel at first, but after seeing this happen over and over in different music videos may makes people treat women with less respect. How women are portrayed in this way comes with many consequences.

Most rap videos today show sexually disapproving and harmful depictions and treatment of women, mainly women of color. Women are stereotyped in music videos because they are often portrayed as hypersexual, selfish, and amoral, examinations of music videos have publicized this. They are also portrayed as non-educated and very getable. By watching music videos people might bring to a close that the world is made up of light skin and white women. Disregarding the massive series of colors in between, a lot of women in music videos today are light skin, white, Asian, and Latina and it could be hard on women and young girls who don’t like this. Their representation frequently overemphasizes their sexualized, physical looks and places them as attractive objects rather than active agents in the music videos.

Most artists nowadays use light skin, Asians, and Latinos in their videos because they think they will lose viewers. These artists that haven’t used other races of women in their videos have already lost a lot of views because there are different races of women all over the world; people don’t want to keep seeing the same thing over and over. Artist try to go with what they think everybody else would like to see instead of what they like. Women bodies today are very important to society. Television shows, movies, music videos, and magazines also play a big part in displaying women bodies in a negative way. These types of sources portray what the media thinks is the ideal of a perfect female body. Most men think that light skin women are the pretties, and that they have the curviest bodies and big behinds. There are also other women that have the same types of bodies, but they are rarely showcased in the videos. America needs to include women with different types of figures. By doing this it would seriously expand the world’s thoughts and definition of what true beauty should look like.

When women go out to clubs, or just out to have a good time men think that they can just walk up to them and grab them and say anything they want. Most women in music videos are always half naked, dancing in an inappropriate manner, and are insulted in different ways. By the women in these videos acting in this way it shows the world that all women are the same and they really are not, because most music videos have the same concept. So many music videos display these kinds of actions, and men don’t realize that these videos are not real and they can’t treat women with disrespect.

The media have affected young girls today on becoming thinner. Half of Americans basic school students between the first and third grades are trying to become thinner. By the age of ten children are scared of being classified as overweight. Most young girls watch music videos and are influence that they are not beautiful, because there are always thin girls in the videos. When music videos showcase thin women all the time it makes young girls feel like they have to look a certain way. Young children shouldn’t have to worry about problems like this at their age but people have forced so much on the youth and they become overwhelmed with these issues.

Most music videos make women feel bad about the way they look, because of how the women look in them. The women in the videos are always skinny, white, Asian, or Latino anything but black, and if they are she is very light. What men fail to realize is that not all women look like this, and that they should put all types of women in their videos so viewers won’t feel bad about their physical appearance. There are all different sizes, shapes, colors, and races of women, and to just limit the videos to certain races and skin color, and one body type makes women look at their self in a different way. It makes them wonder if men think that only women that look like this is beautiful than what about the rest of the women in the world, how do men look at them?

The result that popular music has on children and young people’s behavior and emotions is a big concern today in society. Several of hip-hop’s well-known songs have influenced violence, drugs, alcohol, sex, disrespect for authority, and lack of respect for woman. The view and the result of musicvideomessages are important, as research has reported that it contacts to sexual messages, sexual stereotypes, and use of substances of violence in musicvideos might produce major changes in behaviors and attitudes of young viewers. There is a relationship between violence in music and the youth culture.

For many young children and teenagers by listening to this music it creates an atmosphere that is harmful to their lives and education. Does violence in music videos cause violence in the youth culture? Yes it does because teenagers watch these music videos and act upon what they see. Most rappers make songs about using drugs and children look up to them and they imply that it’s okay to use drugs when really is not. Young children and teenagers in today’s society are always looking for a role-model and some type of fashion to copy. A teenager’s favorite types of music could be related to certain behaviors preformed in music videos. Children and teenagers rewinds songs and learn the lyrics. The youth culture will not become better into artists really think about who listens to their music and watches their videos the most, and think about what they are teaching the young people.

When young girls watch music videos and see how women act and are disrespected over and over, most of them will grow up thinking that it is ok to let a men treat them with disrespect. What do boys think when they see these type of things displayed on television how women are portrayed as sex objects. Half of Boys that view music videos will grow up not caring about females feeling or how they treat them because most music videos show lack of respect for women. Children are losing their innocence from watching, listening, reading, and wearing the clothing they see in music videos. Parents shouldn’t want their children studying violence, but with the technology today like headphones, and downloads they are unsure of what is going on. The mass media tells children that the artists in the music videos are not who they portray to be.

African American females that spend more time watching music videos have a higher opportunity of drinking and having several sex partners, and more liable to test positive for marijuana. American teenagers use up about four and a half hours a day listening to music and studying music videos, According to American according to American Medical Association. 48% of Americans say violence in music should be regulated. In popular music parents are tired of suggestive, violent, lyrical content.

There are so many music videos in the hip hop culture that stereotypes women in so many ways. In these videos women expose themselves in ways that you would never imagine. Nas feat. Braveheart Oochie Wally, Ludacris booty poppin, Jadakiss knock yourself out, 50 Cent disco inferno, and Nelly tip drill. Nelly’s video tip drill is the most degrading of women that I ever saw the lyrics and how the women carry themselves.

Nelly’s music video Tip Drill really stereotypes women, in this video he says “I said it must be ya ass cause it ain’t ya faceI need a tipdrill, I need a tipdrill” (Nelly). This stereotypes that if a women has a big beheld than men really don’t take their time to look at her face, they just want to see what her body looks like. A tip drill is another name for running a train on a girl in the video ali verse say “I said it ain’t no fun less we all get some I need a tipdrill, we need a tipdrill” “Now come on girl you know what we came here for Is You a tipdrill, we need a tipdrill” (Ali). The women in this video really don’t care if they are being exposed “You lookin well in them shorts but they look better on the floor Cause yous a tipdrll, cause yous a tipdrill” ( Kyjuan). Women in this video are walking around Naked, letting the touch on them in any kind of way, touch on other women “Now ya see I want to let you ride but the rubber might slide Yous a tipdrill, girl you a tipdrill” (Murphy Lee). “Turn that ass up mama put that dip in ya back And let me tipdrill, just let me tipdrill” this videos degrade women and make other country’s look at us in a negative way. The girls in the video have a part and they say “It must be ya money, cause it ain’t ya faceYou a tipdrill, nigga you a tipdrill” “My apple bottom look right, I know you wanna bite Yous a tipdrill, I heard you was a tipdrill” I got you payin my bills and buyin automobiles Yous a tipdrill, nigga you a tipdrill “I know you a trick go spend that shit You old tipdrill, you monkeyass tipdrill “. These videos degrade women and make other country’s look at us in a negative way; it makes men feel like they have power over women.

Music videos in today’s society have misled people to how the American culture should be viewed. Women are stereotyped all the time because other women want to expose their self in a negative way in music videos. If society try to put a stop to what going on in these videos there will be less valence, and abuse. If artist try to make music videos that are more positive, and stop putting stereotypes of women in their videos children would have someone to look up to.

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