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Currently as Marketing major, I plan on going into the business world upon graduation. From the skills I’ve learn in college I will be prepare to jump into the marketing world, my goal is to obtain a career that I will enjoy; I would like to go become a product/brand manager. Product/Brand managers are in charge of the marketing and the development of products. Some of these products include items such as consumer products, automotive, high-tech, pharmaceutical, financial and other services. The main goal of a Product/Brand manager is to strengthening and manages the brands, because their decision affects the success of the business.

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Product managers most have strategic and tactical skills. They need to have Strategic skills so that they can assess the competition, market the product to consumers as well as plan the future of the product or brand. They need to have tactical skills to help develop promotion campaigns for the product so that they know what the customer wants and thinks about the product as well as keeping track of sales and talking to reps about the products.

Personal Assessment

I am a very hard working young woman. I will be obtaining my bachelors degree in marketing next year. I have had some work experience in my career path. I’ve worked four years in the restaurant industry and from that I have obtain skills in suggestive selling, talking to people and the ability to asses a guest needs and wants. I’ve worked as a brand ambassador and spokes model, so I understand the promotion aspect of brand awareness. I’ve worked for the America Red Cross where I gain experience in talking to local business owners as well as doing some of the financials and billing As a brand manager you must have some insight into industry’s current and past trends, consumer demands, and understand world of marketing. You have to be very creative and be able to think analytical. You must be able to pay attention to small details as well as be able to focus on big and small ideas. brand managers often function within a team, So you must be able to work in a team and brainstorm as well as be able to communicate your ideas clearly so other can understand. With my extensive classroom experience and life experiences, I am convinced that I will be a very successful and beneficial to a company.

Throughout my education in the Eastern Michigan University marketing department, I have gained considerable experience that could aid me in an entry level position . In many of my classes, we have created Marketing plans for real-life companies to enhance product distribution and placement and product Image. As you know, a company that is effectively positioned will have a great response along with, in all of my of my work experience has been geared toward selling and serving customers. As a Server at a Ruby Tuesday and an intern at the American Red cross, for example, I have effectively interacted with people and learned to handle everything from complaints to compliments. I am confident that through my work experience and interpersonal skills, I can meet both the company’s and consumers’ needs. I also offer strong computer skills and I am confident that I will make a significant contribution.

Career Planning

Early Career

In my early career I will obtain a job as a assistant ran ambassador for a large firm, , an assistant brand manager may be appointed to optimize the success of the company. The assistant brand manager performs many of the same functions of the brand manager, the ability to multitask is extremely important in the position. An assistant brand manager can be working with multiple departments doing a variety of task within them; they also help the brand manager in making decisions that will contribute to the success of the brand’s competitiveness so you must have knowledge in production, marketing and distribution.

In order to make it to the next position As a Brand Manager, I will have to be to have been working as an assistant brand manager for about three to five years, during this time I will have to go back to school to get my MBA. I feel like it will be very difficult trying to balance working long hours at work trying to show I can do the job with going to school. During this time at work I should be able to determine the needs of the brand and be able to create promotional campaigns. I will have to show my skills in the following areas interpersonal, management, and financial .As well as the ability to handle more responsibility, being able to work under pressure, and make smart business decisions. Classes, seminars, and workshops in marketing, market research, branding, advertising, and related areas will help me develop my skills as well as help me make important contacts.

Mid Career

As a Brand Managers will be working with various departments within the company which include the marketing, advertising, public relations, and art departments. I will be creating different types of campaigns to increase customers’ awareness of the brand as well as maximizing promotion. This includes broadcast and/or print advertising, point of purchase displays, public relations, promotions, sweepstakes and contests, Web promotion, e-mail blasts. I will be in charge of determining how monies the company uses its money to help increase sales. I will be in charge of deciding on if we should spend money on more research or advertising or changing packaging. The Brand Manager is in charge of the success of a brand. The decisions I make will decide if the brand succeeds or fails.

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The next stage of my career I will work my way up to senior brand managers. In order to accomplished this I will need at least 5 years of experience sand sometimes up to 10 years. I will have to have done a lot of work in advertising and have experience in leading a team.

Advanced Career

A senior brand manager is responsible for development of sales of the product and marketing of the product. I will need to have at least five years of brand management experience. I will be in charge of the future success of the brand. I will be responsible for completely marketing a product or service, everything from research and development through sales. I will be in charge of the advertisement, marketing research and distribution. I will supervise everything related to the brand and know everything about the brand and on competitive products. II will be responsible for the success of the brand. A senior product manager has a lot of responsibilities: the ability to work independently and to make decisions that will affect others and the future of the brand is a must. You will also need to be comfortable making public presentations as well as the ability to interact with everyone within the organization.


I will have a lot of obstacle in my career. I will be learning constantly, attending seminars, performing research and continuing my education. I will be working long hours to ensure that the product/brand is a success. Hard work and dedication will help guide me in my career, and I look forward to the challenges and obstacles that I will have to face. Hard work really does pays off. References

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