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The strengths behind KFCs strong brand recognition

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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KFC is the largest and the most popular Fried chicken restaurant chain in the world,there are more than 80 countries open more than 14,000 KFC restaurants in the world, they receive 1,200 million customers every day(KFC 2011).

There are six stores in Nigeria now and will plan to open 20 restaurants during 2011 with the development of economy(How we made it in Africa 2010).

2.The First-class Management System

2.1 Focus on QSCV

2.1.1 Quality

The selected products have very strict standards about weight,quality and so addition, to ensure the quality and taste every chicken absolutely for customer satisfaction, chicken must be sold after fry in the preservation time,or fried chicken must discarded(Baidu wenku 2011).

2.1.2 Service

Making customers feel kind, comfortable and fast in KFC, and meet customers’ requirements. KFC has a receptionist system which receptionist will help customers to order food, bring customers to suitable places and look after children were playing in the playground(Baidu wenku 2011)..

2.1.3 Clean

There is a strict and complete clean health system in KFC,including clean conveniently and clean daily, weekly and monthly regularly so that providing a comfortable and clean environment for customers(Baidu wenku 2011)..

2.1.4 Value

Value not only displayed in delicious products, also is reliable quality,kind polite service and comfortable health dining environment(Baidu wenku 2011)..

3. Professional Training

All these employees in the KFC who are must take part in international training and pass the test to guarantee strict quality control.In addition, all supplies should participate in training and study the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) courses so that all supplies use the global standard set(M2online 2009).

4.Concentrate on safe ,hygeian and nutritive food

4.1 Audit and Test

The company pay more attention to food safety and hygiene. They regularly embark on audits of food safety and hygiene test to suppliers’ facilities. Thereby they can achieve the international standard(M2 online 2009).

4.2 Advocate balanced nutrition

KFC advocated “the balanced nutrition and healthy life” food health policy which eating sensibly with appropriate exercise and KFC offer all kinds of menu items that lower fat ,lower calorie choices(So good 2011).

5.Localized marketing

According to local customers’ eating habits , KFC continuous innovation new products for them and KFC hire local employees for providing better services.


KFC is the most popular Fried chicken restaurant chain in the world is the reason why it has a secret flavor recipe which consist of 11 types of special herbs and change the amount of oil used with chicken being cooked. in addition, cooking chicken need a higher requirements to temperature for the first minute.KFC has a higher demands for raw materials. Especially, they use the best potatoes to ensure taste delicious, therefor to attract more consumers(Baidu Baike 2011)

Organization orientation

Introduction of KFC

KFC originated from the United States, is a world-famous Fried chicken fast food chain enterprises in the world, there are more than 80 countries open more than 14,000 KFC restaurants in the world, including China, Britain, Australia, Korea, Mexico and France, Germany, the Netherlands, etc except the main market America.

They receive 1,200 million customers every day. It was created by Harland Colonel Sanders in 1952. KFC is a membership of yum brands group which is the world’s biggest food group. including KFC, pizza hut, TACO BELL, A&W and Long John Silver ‘s ( LJS) five world famous catering brand, in cooking chicken, pizza, Mexico flavor food and seafood restaurant ranked the first in the world respectively.

Until 2010 at the end of December, KFC has 6 restaurants in Nigeria。It use strictly unified management and clean elegant dining environment to make a good impression in customer heart.The arrival of KFC not only modern fast-food concept is introduced in Nigeria, so that people felt the fundamental difference from food flavor to the dining way , and bring significant influence in the concept of service(KFC 2011).

Market Objective

KFC will become the most influential fast food industry and the most popular restaurant in Nigeria and plans to operate 20 KFC restaurants in Nigeria during 2011 and 300 KFC restaurants in Nigeria by 2020(How we made it in Africa 2010).

KFC will continuous innovation new products According to local customers’ Eating habits and demands.

Marketing orientation

the companies, which pay attention to marketing orientated, always concentrate on customer demands. Variable needs show potential chances in market. Moreover,this kind of changing demands play a pivotal role in marketing direction.

On the other hand,market driven firm always generates the products and services, which meets customer satisfaction in current market,even future market(Jobber 2007:6).



Potential Market



products and services


Figure 1.3 Marketing orientation (Jobber 2007:6)

Marketing strategy

Localized marketing

Localization strategy of KFC tries to blend in target market, to become a member of the target market . It requires the enterprise into local culture, it stressed the enterprise must adapt to local environment to gain greater space for development. KFC will generate various menus of fast food according to Nigeria consumer eating habits , developing new products with the regional characteristic in Nigeria.

Focus on health

Health strategy of KFC is link health with exercise closely, complete “balanced nutrition, health life advocates” brand positioning. And KFC offers a variety of menu items for those that want lower fat, lower calorie choices.

KFC will establish food health consultative committee by industry food, nutrition experts and convene meeting regularly for provide advices for product research and development direction and provide guidance for popularization of healthy diet and nutritional facts.


KFC take franchising models to expand business in Nigeria. The model is a mature KFC restaurants will be transferred to applicant through the overall evaluation of the qualification, and authorized to use KFC brand continue to operate.

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